VIDEO Young magician makes homeless man very happy

first_img UlicznaMEANWHILE, IN POLAND… this young street magician borrowed a homeless man’s coffee for a moment.He gave it back with a small difference. Watch the man’s reaction.According to this YouTube commenter, the conversation goes a little something like this:Update: The guy may have been in on it, according to this reveal on how the trick works. Thanks Sean Carmody.Magician: Can I take it for a moment? Listen, watch out, look what happens. We have to focus OK? Focus on the coffee. Watch out.Man: Oh jeez.Magician: It’s for you.Man: How the f*** did you… Holy f***… I live for 55 years and I’ve never seen shit like that. Thanks a lot man! Tell me how did you do that?Magician: Magic. I’m a magician.Man: But how did you even…VIDEO: If you spin a CD really, really fast… you get a surprise>VIDEO: This granny has the dance moves you need tonight>last_img read more