Fibre optic lighting technology offers new solutions for mining and mine safety

first_imgRSL Fibre Systems is breaking new ground with fibre optic remote source lighting solutions. Its award-winning technology – presently used on US Navy warships for safe, rugged deployment in the most demanding environments – offers improved safety, productivity, and mine rescue support. With this technology there is no likelihood of hazardous ignition from the lighting transmission or display system. Because there is no electricity in the fibre optic cable, the danger of shock or electrocution is eliminated. Passive, non-electrical luminaires (light fixtures) virtually eliminate risk of explosion – and luminaires never need maintenance or replacement.Efficient illumination of mine operations is key to productivity – and miner safety. RSL’s durable, low-maintenance non-electrical lighting technology can be incorporated into mining equipment, such as continuous miners, to ensure reliable, high-output illumination of mine working sections with significantly reduced downtime.In the unfortunate event of a mine incident, support systems for mine rescue teams are critical to miner survivability. RSL is working with such teams and with mine rescue system manufacturers to identify ways that rugged, reliable and safe remote source lighting technology can enhance the capabilities of these systems with the goal of improving rates of survivability.Small, cool luminaires and fibre optic cables can be safely deployed to multiple search and rescuetarget zones and reach into the smallest of crevices. Non-EMI/RFI emitting cables and luminaires won’t interfere with radios or electronic equipment. Di-electric fibre optic cable is thin and flexible and can be used in standing water or muddy locations without risk of electric shock. Portable illuminators are quickly and easily deployed and can distribute light over significant distances.last_img read more