Health Morocco Struggles to Cope with Mental Illnesses

Casablanca – Morocco faces major challenges in its attempt to reassure concerned citizens of efforts addressing the need for psychological and medical treatment for those suffering from mental illness.Sanofi, a logistic platform for the distribution of pharmaceutical products along with the World Association for Social Psychiatry have recently organized a Mental Health Forum that aims to develop better programs for the management of mental disorders in needy countries all around the world.Morocco is included in these countries. According to the Moroccan news website, LeMatin, approxamitely 40% of the population at the age of 15 and older suffer, or have suffered, from at least one mental disorder. Most have been ousted from their communities and live on the streets without access to schooling, work or healing. Although many associations provide help in terms of clothing and housing, most suffering from mental illness do not receive enough, if any, professional treatment. The lack of specialized and qualified psychologists in the Kingdom of Morocco is another burden to overcome in order to find concrete solutions.This ongoing phenomenen is partially ignored by Moroccan society. This is why many homeless people suffering from mental illness crawl into their own world and are left with no choice but to try their best to stay alive.In comparison, more than 450 million people worldwide suffer from mental disorders. They represent the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality in developing countries.Professor Tom Craig, president of the World Association for Social Psychiatry said, “About 80% of people with severe mental disorders in less developed countries do not receive treatment.” For this reason, Morocco strives to improve its mental health institutions, as well as provide special training for professionals and to ease mentally ill people back to a life with opportunities. The Professor continued, “However, with appropriate care and appropriate psychosocial support, healing is possible for most of [those suffering from mental illness].”In most developing countries, mental health services lack financial support and suffer from desperate shortages of qualified psychologists. Moreover, the availability of drugs for the treatment of mental disorders is particularly low and if available, often too expensive.The lack of adequate treatment is why most victims of mental illness hurt themselves and cause danger for themselves and others. For the moment, the ongoing and partially hidden issue is back on the scene for discussion and action. It is hoped that the coming years will finally bring about the changes that everyone hopes to see.Edited by Sahar Kian© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more