Demerara Slave Rebellion commemorated

first_img– memorial to be erected at Independence ParkThe Education Ministry’s Department of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with several AfricanPresident David Granger addressing the gathering at the national commemoration ceremony on Saturdaycultural groups in Guyana on Saturday hosted a national commemoration ceremony to remember those who fought in the 1823 rebellion of the Demerara Slaves.The event held at the 1823 Monument located at the Seawall Raod, marks 193 years since the killings of hundreds of Africans, just a couple of days after the revolt had begun.The Demerara Slave Rebellion of August 18, 1823 was the largest in Guyana’s history.It started on Plantation Success, East Coast Demerara, and spread to other estates in the county. The revolt, which saw the involvement of about 10,000 slaves from over 50 plantations, intensified the process that led to the abolition of slavery.Addressing the gathering, President David Granger spoke of the revolt being a turning point in the slave society, noting the importance of remembering the event which is significant in not only Guyana but Caribbean history.He reflected: “The soldiers poured in volley after volley. The slaves returned fire but soon began to run, leaping the trenches into which many tumbled lifeless. Many were shot down on the road and in the cotton fields.  By noon, the roadside was littered with dead bodies.  About two hundred slaves had been killed.”The President thus reiterated the importance of the event to be remembered from year to year.Following his address, Granger announced that the Government will erect a memorial at the Independence Park to commemorate the executions.He stated that future generations must not forget that freedom was bought at the high price of the martyrdom of hundreds of Africans on August 20, 1823.However specific time-frame was not given as to when the construction will commence.Present at the event and speaking to the media, Executive of the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA), Violet Baptiste expressed delight at the president’s announcement of the memorial.last_img read more