By Elena Chirulli Also this month the Youth Sunday

first_imgBy Elena ChirulliAlso this month the Youth Sunday Service took place in Padova. An appointment that, since nine years now, involves young people inspiring them to offer points of reflection and readings so they can be shared with the community. The month of September gave space to the summer activities in which the youth participated. Beatrice Berto by returning from the Top Gun, a workshop held in Korea, involved the present company by telling her summer experience of growth in Cheong  Pyong  together  with  many  other young people of different nationalities. Motivating and stimulating as well was the testimony of Davide Chirulli returning from the STF (Special Task Force), an annual program that allows young people to share precious time abroad, putting themselves at the service of others, through voaluntary activities and fundraising around the  world. He also told the experience of the ODP + in which he participated as a kitchen staff. With the new CARP Leader mission Davide, together with a national team to which he belongs, will commit to involving young people with activities, events, projects that will help grow CARP and make it an active and present reality in the various communities, including also in Padova.Among the various testimonies of the young, there was the Nicolò Vaianella’s with his experience at the ODP + as a participant, with the sharing of some little gem. We also had the opportunity to listen Nausika Celnikasi, and Rebecca Stoica who returned from summer workshops in Italy and Europe, such as Harp workshop, NHT and Aurora’s return from a brief experience in Africa (Nairobi). Finally, a small message was followed by Pastor Angelo Chirulli, who concluded the morning by emphasizing the importance of God in our lives and thanking those present. We celebrated in company, combining a delicious lunch with a moment of discussion and games in which both young people and their parents took part.Youth Sunday Service: Cristina Arcadi Mc: Francesca Calì as been read from the book of Cheon Seong Gyeong; “Does God really exist?When we know that God really exists, all problems will be solved. He is present in every part of the world. But God has been unhappy throughout history, all human beings should have had His bloodline, but Satan  has reduced them to a pitiful state. But because of His benevolent nature that God endured a course of suffering during thousands of years. Isn’t because he is omniscient and omnipotent, but because he took the path of love for his beloved sons and daughters”. A small activity followed to make people feel and see how God felt alone. Afterwards it has been shown up a Sun jin nim’s video and carried out an activity. For lunch the young people stayed to eat together and carried out activities  in the afternoon, both organizing, to open up and for leisure.On September 30th 2018 we met in the center of Milano for our Sunday meeting, organized this time by young people. The meeting was conducted by Daniela. We started with songs to create the right atmosphere and with a prayer. During the morning we had the pleasure of listening to various testimonies of summer experiences. The first to speak were Niccolò and Giulia, who participated in two summer programs for children. They shared their reflections and from both of them emerged that it is really valuable to be in an environment in which we can be authentic and be aware of who we want to be, without being judged for it. Niccolò also talked about how important it is to be true to yourself even with friends at school, without being influenced by their culture. Afterwards Robin told us about his experience in Kenya, together with his girlfriend Aurora. The two of them volunteered in Nairobi in a school for autistic and deaf children. He told the experience from various points of view: the lessons learned from being an educator for those kids, the relationship with Aurora, Kenya in its diversity and the meeting with its Movement. Aurora and Robin also talked about Blessing to the school’s director,  Timothy,  and  on  a Sunday they invited him to join the Sunday service, where he also had a lecture on Divine Principle, which interested him very much. At the end, Godwin told us about a recent event that the UPF held in one of the Senate’s chambers, in which several politicians also took part. “Remembering”last_img read more