Ultra Deep Solutions Scores Charter for DSCV Lichtenstein in GoM

first_imgUltra Deep Solutions has entered into a 3-year charter contract with an undisclosed client for its DSCV Lichtenstein.The charter also has multiple 1-year options.The Lichtenstein will finish a contract in the Middle East and head directly over to the Gulf of Mexico, South America, Caribbean area.The Lichtenstein is an MT Norwegian design and built to DNV GL. The vessel comes with Twin Bell 18 men saturation system 300 msw and Twin 18 men SPHLs. In addition, the 120 meters by 25 meters DSCV has a 140 t AHC crane to 3000 msw, and can accommodate 130 POB.UDS CEO, Shel Hutton, said: “Once again this is great news for Ultra Deep. It again proves our end clients are looking for a quality product in this market. We strive to bring a very fuel efficient vessel to the oil majors. “This was our 3rd major contract award for one of our ships in December. We always knew the end of 2017 was going to be the turning point in the oil down turn. This pretty much solidifies what we were thinking all along. We now look for major signings of new vessels in 2018 to add to our growing fleet.”last_img read more