‘Pusher’ nabbed in Silay buy-bust

first_imgBACOLOD City – He allegedly sold illegaldrugs. The 24-year-old Alexander Martelino wasnabbed in a drug buy-bust operation in Barangay Lantad, Silay City, NegrosOccidental, police said. Charges for violation of Republic Act9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 will be filed againstMartelino./PN Martelino – resident of the village –was caught after he sold suspected shabu to an undercover cop for P500 around 3p.m. on April 24, the police added.When frisked, the suspect yielded five more sachets of suspected illegal drugs. He was detained in the custodialfacility of the Silay City police station.last_img

School Facilities

first_imgI know I am prejudiced when it comes to school facilities for sports, because I spent most of my career coaching.  However, all people in the medical fields keep telling us that our young people are not getting the exercise they need.  With the fact that all school activities are done with computers and almost every student has some type of personal device they carry with them, it is certain that the most exercise a lot of them are getting is with their right and left thumbs.  However, any time a school proposes any additions to their physical plant, a large community group always opposes these plans.If a school is increasing its enrollment, it is inevitable that you will have to add on sometime.  It is a known fact that if you do any type of construction the more you can do at once reduces the overall cost in the long run.  So if you are adding classrooms, it is much easier to add gymnasiums for physical activity and/or auditoriums for the arts while you are adding the classrooms rather than trying to do it at a separate time.We no longer live in a manufacturing society as we did 75 years ago.  Today everything involves technology of some sort, so what we are teaching in the classroom has changed.  Schools are constantly forced to make changes to keep up with these trends.  Let’s keep our kids bodies as healthy as their minds when it comes to adding school facilities.last_img read more

Santa Ana Esports Arena to host finals of NBC and FACEIT Rocket League tournament

first_imgThe Santa Ana Esports Arena has been revealed as the location for the final of the Universal Open Rocket League tournament, a $100,000 (£766k) tournament run by FACEIT and NBC Sports.The Grand Finals will take place in Southern California on August 26th-27th and will feature the top sixteen teams that have made it to the final event. Tickets are already on sale to the event, which cost $15 for a single-day or $25 for the entire weekend. They can be purchased here. Qualification can be achieved through battling through Regionals — which will be hosted at NBC Sports Regional Network studios on August 5th-6th and 12th-13th and will be live-streamed on the NBC Sports app as well as the Telemundo En Vivo app amongst other social media platforms. The final hour of each Regional will be shown live on participating NBC Sports Regional Networks as the company broadens its esports operations. The Grand Finals will also have substantial television coverage. In the UK, Germany, Australia and across multiple countries in Latin America it will be broadcast on Syfy. In the United States the finals will be broadcast on NBCSN and there will also be a plethora of on-demand content available across NBC, NBCSM, Telemundo Deportes as well as FACEIT and Rocket League’s website. The tournament is a deviation from traditional competitive Rocket League. The fast-paced flying car meets soccer game is normally played with three players on each team, yet NBC has chosen a two versus two format. The esports landscape is gradually seeing Rocket League become the go-to title for a mild introduction to the burgeoning esports world, with soccer and flying cars fairly easy to comprehend when compared to the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends which are incredibly complex in their own right. Esports Insider says: A dedicated esports arena for the Grand Finals of NBC’s Rocket League venture seems apt. Here’s hoping the tournament is well received and the best two versus two teams are greeted by a sell-out crowd as they bid for the inaugural championship and the lion’s share of a whopping $100,000.last_img read more

Excellent job by the Opposition

first_imgDear Editor,I am observing with satisfaction the excellent work by Mr Bharrat Jagdeo and PPP members. This country and all its citizens who stand for law and integrity are heartened by this party. Day by day, this extremely corrupted Government is being exposed by the Opposition for the unbelievable and horrible crimes that they all are committing so “freely” it seems. It is truly frightening when your Government, which is supposed to protect you, can be your greatest enemy.I was watching Mr Anil Nandlall’s programme “Issues in the news” and his latest report published on September 4 detailed how the downright false and extremely bloated registration list was obtained by GECOM.Just when you think it’s not possible to mislead the citizens again, this Government manages to do just that and on a more dangerous level than before.Government representatives at GECOM are hell-bent on contaminating the list at all costs! I understand more clearly now after listening to Mr Nandlall why they are pushing so hard to merge the data. They cannot win this election if it is carried out freely and fairly – so the intention now is simply to corrupt the voters’ list and delay the election for as long as possible as Mr Joseph Hamilton hinted earlier on.Ms Susan Rodrigues is sincere and eloquent as usual in her latest delivery published on September 3 too, listing many falsehoods by this Government. On her programme “Making the case” She calmly chooses her words carefully, states her position on issues and events and her perspective is always intelligent.I have new and growing respect also for our Presidential Candidate Mr Ifraan Ali. His interview published on September 1 was very good. He was fluent and confident in pushing the agenda of his party for the future development of our country. These people are experienced professionals as I have said before and their policies, innovations and ideas are brilliant, very practical and simple to follow. All law-abiding and ambitious Guyanese are supporting the PPP Administration in record numbers now.The incumbent regime, on the other hand, which is definitely at the end of the road, is losing support on a daily basis. Only a few shameless “hard-line” core supporters are parading around beating their empty chests to save face – in spite of realistically and silently being aware of the shenanigans of this shameful Government. This is the beginning of the end of the era of the PNC and its associates and they know it.APNU/AFC had a fair and wonderful opportunity to do good for this country. They were lucky to inherit a country with a bristling economy and opportunity for “a good life” for all of its citizens. They could have amply redeemed themselves from their shady and sordid past by protecting the citizens and working towards the development of the country. Sadly, integrity and respect for the rule of law and the Constitution, especially in these last few months, have totally disappeared.Had they been more caring, they probably would have served a second term and left a good healthy chapter in history. Instead, they opted to savagely plunder the country under the leadership of Mr Granger and leave it practically in ruins.Sincerely,Shane Lindielast_img read more