Student gov’t restructures elections

first_imgFollowing a resolution passed by the Student Senate before Thanksgiving break, the Judicial Council is restructuring the Elections Committee, which is responsible for ensuring the fairness of student government and Class Council elections. Judicial Council president Marcelo Perez said the existing committee was less effective due to its large size and the fact that its members were spread across campus. “Two weeks before Thanksgiving break, we had that resolution passed to do away with the previous elections committee that was in place, which consisted of the election commissioner from each of the dorms,” he said. “It was always hard to get them together.” The new election committee, which will be significantly smaller, will assist in approving candidates for student government positions and dealing with accusations that may arise regarding candidates’ fitness to run for office, Perez said. “The newly formed Elections Committee, as outlined in the constitution, will deal with the allegations that come forward during the campaign season and will help the vice president to run the elections,” Perez said. “What we did was make it a smaller group so it might be easier to get them together.” The Judicial Council has sent out multiple solicitations to the student body looking for applicants to the reformed committee. “We want to make sure anyone who wants to apply applies,” he said. “Sometimes if you send one e-mail people may not look at it.” Perez said he hopes more students applying to the committee will result in a wider perspective when handling the campaign issues members face. “You need a committee that’s not too divided but at the same time you don’t want everyone having one single opinion,” he said. “That way, if it comes to an allegation, any interpretation of the constitution is made in a fair way, that it’s not just a one-sided interpretation.” The application to the Judicial Council is only the first step for students hoping to become part of the committee. After the Judicial Council selects applicants, they need approval by the Council of Representatives, Perez said. The election committee falls under the Judicial Council’s responsibility of handling elections, which, paired with assisting students facing disciplinary proceedings, makes up the Council’s objectives as defined by its constitution, he said. “I believe in the constitution it says the role of the Judicial Council is to run the elections as well as to help the student body with a better understanding of the rules as outlined in du Lac,” Perez said.last_img read more

DNA president denies recruiting nurses for ‘finders fee’

first_img 294 Views   4 comments Tweet Share Share Rosie Felix (file photo)President of the Dominica Nurses Association has refuted claims that it is assisting or facilitating recruitment of nurses for regional and international jobs.President of the Association, Nurse Rosie Felix said the executive is also concerned about the manner in which Health Minister, Dr. Kenneth Darroux referred to its leadership during the recent sitting of Parliament.The statement, issued on Saturday 4 August 2018, is as follows;Dominica Nurses Association Press Statement in response to accusatory and unsavory statements made by theHonorable Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Kenneth Darroux and Mr Curtis JohnAugust 4, 2018The Executive of the Dominica Nurses Association (DNA) is disturbed about distasteful and false statements and accusations made about their organization, and more specifically its leadership, by the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Services – Dr Kenneth Darroux, in the Dominica Parliament on July 30, 2018.In his contribution to the Annual National Budget, Dr Darroux accused the leadership of the Association of encouraging nurses to leave Dominica for overseas employment; he questioned the professional status of the DNA leadership stating that ‘their’ minds and hands are idle and went on to suggest what work ‘they’ should be engaged in. This is the second time the Minister has referred to the leadership of the DNA in unsavory and undignified terms.The Association is equally disturbed about the social media statements by one, “Curtis John” on July 28, 2018. The post together with the photograph immediately below it, clearly identifies and accuses the President of the Association of, among other things, “actively recruiting nurses to send them toEngland for a finder’s fee” and of constantly posting adverts “to recruit nurses in a nurses group”.The statements in that post and by the Minister of Health which state or suggest that the DNA President and/or leadership:(i) is recruiting nurses for employment in England or overseas; (ii) doing so for a finder’s fee;(iii) has posted adverts, constantly or at all, to recruit nurses in a nurses group;(iv) is acting in any way that is harmful to the health sector of Dominica;(v) is acting in any way as a traitor to her country;are all false, unsubstantiated and baseless.The DNA Executive, including its President, is shocked and totally denies that these statements or inferences were published at all, as neither the DNA Executive nor its President has had any contact, directly or indirectly, now or in the past, with any recruiting agency. No nurse recruiting agency has made any contact with the Executive or its President with a view to soliciting their assistance in the recruitment of nurses. The DNA President categorically declares that she has never posted any link to any nurse recruiting agency on the Association’s facebook page, in nurses groups or on her personal facebook page.For several years now, the Dominica Nurses Association has been advocating tirelessly for government to reverse the factors that trigger or contribute to nurses leaving the public service and thereby arrest the escalating nurse migration and health sector crisis.Any action or attempt by the leadership of DNA to export or facilitate the export of nurses would not only be contradictory to the Association’s nurse retention efforts but would be a betrayal of our professionalism, patriotism and the citizens of Dominica.In view of the above, the DNA Executive, including its President, requests that the Honourable Minister of Health – Dr Kenneth Darroux, Mr. Curtis John and any other person or group who may have engaged in publishing these or similar statements immediately refrain from further publication of these false, baseless and damaging statements. If these publications continue, the DNA Executive and/or its President will have no reasonable alternative other than to pursue legal action for redress.In closing, our Association wishes to thank the Honourable Minister of Health for honoring his promise of a second 2017 uniform allowance to nurses in lieu of uniforms lost due to Hurricane Maria. The Association must however express its great disappointment that in his contribution to the Budget, the Minister made noreference to salary scale upgrade for nurses. It is time the Minister identifies and calls out the real recruiter of Dominica nurses for overseas employment; it is undoubtedly the unattractive conditions of work, which include very low salaries, workplace bullying, stretched human resource and unsafe and oppressive work environments. These conditions, not unsurprisingly, give our nurses no joy in work and no incentive to stay to care for our citizens. In fact, these conditions drive them away.What is the Honourable Minister of Health and the Government of Dominica willing to do to encourage nurses to stay? Let’s be honest…… Let’s see……. Rosie B Felix MMid, CM, RNPresidentcenter_img HealthLifestyleLocalNewsPolitics DNA president denies recruiting nurses for ‘finders fee’ by: – August 4, 2018 Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

“I grew up not knowing that being a professional footballer was an option”

first_imgVero Boquete is one of the most media players of the moment. Reasons for this are not lacking: the only Spanish woman who has lifted a Champions League, the first active member of the team of FIFA legends … In the midst of this health crisis, the Galician woman answers the call from AS from her home in Utah (USA) ) with the great desire to play again soon in Spain.First, how about everything?All right. The players have to attend to various protocols of both the team and the League and we are serving more confinement than the rest of the population. Utah is still allowed to go outside for walks and sports.Do you take advantage that you can go out to do sports outside?We have work to do at home and other days we go running. I try to go out for the minimum, two days to run and at 7:30 to avoid meeting anyone.They were in preseason, how do you manage the delay of the competition?I am motivated by the fact that there is a date set for training again (May 11) and for the League to start (mid or late June).Leaving the health crisis aside, what stands out the most when you look back?My beginnings, which were not easy. Until I was fifteen I played with children and had to put up with comments that my classmates did not have to put up with. I grew up without female references and without knowing that being a professional footballer was an option. This is what I think of when I look back at my past, though then I think of all that I have accomplished and am truly satisfied.He had no female references, but what about male ones?I started being central and I paid a lot of attention to Ronald Koeman. During my career I have also been inspired by Xavi Hernández or Iniesta, among others.From central to attacking midfielder. What a change … Yes (laughs). I started to play free, then I went to central and to midfield. I have also played on the wing or at the tip, although the position I adapt best to is the attacking midfielder.You’ve been to about 15 clubs (PSG, Bayern …), haven’t you found your place?The reason rather is that women’s football had no stability until recently. To play at the highest level you had to move. The one that was the best league in the world the following year did not come out or what was a team that fought for titles in the following season ran out of sponsors and you had to find your life. My sporting ambition also influenced.Now that the Spanish League is among the best, are you considering your return?With this growth I see it closer. Most of my career I have been abroad and I would like to return to Spain and find the conditions I have had to look for abroad.All the rumors place him close to Real Madrid …They have told me many times, but the one who has to have an interest in signing me is the club and that has not happened.What do you think is missing for Spanish women’s football to be professional?You have to be patient. We cannot pretend to change from 0 to 10 in one day. The signing of an agreement is the first step, but to make the League the best it is necessary to give it stability, time and a great commitment from all the parties involved.Finally, what do you think about the great success of the Women’s Depor this year?I’m delighted. I am very happy that my land finally has a benchmark club in women’s football and above all that they are doing this season so well. Nobody was expecting the newly promoted Depor to get the good results he has signed. I believe that success can only help women’s football in Galicialast_img read more