Hitler bunk tendered to draw tourism

first_imgPoland is planning a $2 million upgrade at Adolf Hitler’s Wolfsschanze aka Wolf’s Lair, to draw in young explorers and more history buffs.Located near Ketzryn in north Poland, Polish forestry office senior official told the AFP that it is looking to organise tenders to inspect the dictator’s former 250 hectare command headquarters in a bid to increase the site’s current 180,000 and 200,000 visitors a year by 20 percent. “The new contract will include clauses obliging the management to draw children, as much as history buffs,” he explained to media. “We don’t want tourists to be coming just for a couple of hours.”Originally used to orchestrate the Nazi attack on Soviet Union in between 1941 to 1944, the site now lies in the midst of an overgrown forest.The base served as his command post for the majority of the war and was also the location of a failed bomb plot orchestrated by members of the German military in 1944. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more