LG develops 55inch TV with 34mm bezel

first_imgEver since flat screen TVs replaced CRTs there has been an ongoing battle between manufacturers to make them bigger and/or thinner. Consumer models now top out at 60-inches, any bigger and you pay thousands more for them. The displays have also got picture frame-thin and much lighter than previous generations making wall-hanging a simple task.So we have huge, thin, lightweight TVs. Where else can manufacturers tighten up the design? It turns out there’s one more area that could be made thinner: the bezel.Samsung impressed us first with its 8000 series TV and a bezel that only measured around 10mm. It’s still noticeable, but that’s more to do with the fact they decided to make it shiny silver rather than a matt or satin finish.At 10mm with the TV on it’s almost as if the bezel isn’t there, but LG has decided to go a step further and has decreased the size of the bezel a lot more. The company’s latest 55-inch display achieves a 3.4mm bezel on its upper and left sides. The lower and right sides are just 1.9mm making this officially the thinnest bezel on a TV (so far).Now a 55-inch display should be big enough for any home, but if you put two of these together the gap in the middle is only going to be 5.3mm. You will still notice it, but I doubt it would ruin your viewing experience.The panel will display 1920 x 1080 resolution and has a brightness rated at 800cd/m2. Understandably, LG is aiming this at the commercial sector for those wanting large digital signage. But I’m sure if you had the space four of these on the wall would be a tempting proposition, although I’d settle for one.Hopefully we’ll get to see images and video footage of the new TV in actions next week. LG is setting up a 3 x 3, 165-inch configuration for the FPD International 2011 show being held October 26-28 in Japan.via Tech-On!last_img read more