Pixel Press lets you create a mobile game on a sheet of

first_imgCreating a game regardless of the platform you are targeting is still a relatively difficult task. One of the easiest ways in is to use software like Scratch, Construct, or GameMaker Studio, but even then there’s some logic or programming required, you need to source or create your artwork and audio, and then build and test the game. For anyone new to game development or who just wants to experiment, it can be quite a daunting task.Robin Rath aims to take the pain out of creating games with his new Kickstarter called Pixel Press. What Pixel Press does is allow you to create a game using nothing more than a pencil and sheet of paper. You draw the game, and the Pixel Press app does the rest and turns it into a full game playable on iOS and Android devices.Pixel Press consists of a pre-drawn grid you print out and draw on. Following a set of simple rules, you can construct levels for a platform game that has fixed and moving platforms, obstacles such as water pits, and even fireballs that shoot up and try and kill the player.All of this in-game action is governed simply by the shapes and marks drawn on the sheet of paper. Once you are happy with your drawn level you use your iOS device’s camera to capture it and feed it into the Pixel Press app. You can then set about choosing color schemes and the overall look of your game before getting to play it, and you can even create and upload your own art assets if you are so inclined.The whole process is super simple going on what the video shows above, and it sounds like a great way to get kids interested in game making. One final feature which is sure to get kids interested is the ability to share your creations with other users, so someone else with an iPad, for example, can download and play your levels.Rath has set a target of $100,000 for the Kickstarter to be successful, and he’s already nearing $30,000 with 24 days still to go.last_img read more