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first_img Short URL Poll Results: What’s it rated? RottenTomatoes: 6.8/10IMDB: 6.5/10T2: Trainspotting Source: New Trailer Buzz/YouTubeWhat we knowThe follow-up to the 90s Danny Boyle classic – expect older characters who are even more disillusioned with life. They’re still willing to have fun, though.What the critics say“What began as a zeitgeisty outlaw romp in the Uncool Britannia of the 1990s is now reborn as a scabrous and brutal black comedy about middle-aged male disappointment and fear of death.” – The Guardian“McGregor and Miller play the shifting dynamics between friends well — especially one who double crossed the other — and their relationship is the driving engine of the story.” – Empire What’s it rated? 14 Comments Thursday 26 Jan 2017, 8:30 PM What’s it rated? 17,209 Views Share Tweet Email Jan 26th 2017, 8:30 PM center_img RottenTomatoes: 6.7/10IMDB:Hacksaw Ridge Source: Lionsgate Movies/YouTubeWhat we knowStarring Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss, this is the true story of conscientious objector Desmond’s role in the Battle of Okinawa – and how he took part without firing a shot. Directed by Mel Gibson.What the critics say“As he did on the films Apocalypto and The Passion of the Christ, Gibson takes his time on establishing the overarching themes and religious implications of Hacksaw Ridge during the movie’s first half – before paying them off with a second half that is relentlessly brutal and gruesome, but impressive all the same.” – Screenrant“Mel Gibson can be accused of many things, but subtlety is not one of them. Even at his worst — I mean as a filmmaker, not a political thinker — he consistently proves to be an able craftsman and a shrewd showman. ” – New York Times Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Hacksaw Ridge (1403) By Aoife Barry T2: Trainspotting (1905) Denial (201) None of them (630) RottenTomatoes: 7.2/10IMDB: 8.5/10Which one would you go see first? PLANNING ON HEADING out to the cinema this weekend?There are a few new movies out, but which is a must-watch, and are there any you should avoid?We take a look.Denial Source: Movieclips Trailers/YouTubeWhat we knowBased on the true story of Deborah Lipstadt, who had to prove the Holocaust occurred in order to win a case against Holocaust denier David Irving.What the critics say“With Irving’s casually poisonous, endlessly self-justified attitudes on display, it’s easy to understand Lipstadt’s fight against his desire to “[make] it respectable to say there are two points of view” on this matter. It’s harder, though, to process Denial’s treatment of that fight as consistently gripping drama.” – AV Club“Lipstadt is written as an impassioned mouthpiece with no internal life, and Weisz does little to humanise her, relying on a broad Queens accent to somehow define the character. It doesn’t help she’s forced to sport a red mop of a wig that’s wholly unconvincing.” – The Guardian DenialT2: TrainspottingHacksaw RidgeNone of themVote Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend? What’s a must-watch, and what’s a miss? We tell you.last_img read more