Geek deals Dell Vostro 330 allinone is 350 cheaper than it was

first_imgMost of us with ‘geek’ cred have probably setup at least one desktop computer for a friend or relative. As long as it was an out of the box machine, we also know we didn’t really have to be there except to make sure the cables got plugged into the right ports. And we also knew not to bother with trying to tell them the cables were color-coded, as we are of course the experts and needed to handle it first hand.These days, it’s not out of the question to recommend said relative an all-in-one PC. These machines combine the computer guts and monitor into one chassis, and most times that chassis is a rather stylish piece of kit. PC makers also go one step further and generally bundle a wireless keyboard and mouse, making computer setup a single step: plug in the power cord. That’s easy enough for even the most tech-phobic relative to handle.AdChoices广告If you’ve got one of said relatives bugging you for help with buying a new computer, pay close attention to our deal here today. Dell’s Vostro 330 is an all-in-one machine, built around a 23-inch 1080p monitor. A Core i3 dual core processors speeds things along, with 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive rounding things out. The other usual goodies like a DVD burner, wireless keyboard/mouse, and WiFi are all included. While this configuration of the Vostro 330 won’t win any world speed records, it will handle all the usual PC duties just fine.Most all-in-one desktops command a bit of a price premium over similar modular desktops, but Dell is taking a massive discount off the Vostro 330. For a limited time you can get a whopping $350 off through a web-use coupon on all models priced at $899 or greater. The nice thing about this is that you can also upgrade the 330 further if you’ve got it in your budget, or stick with the base config that is plenty powerful for most users.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell Vostro 330 all-in-one desktoplast_img read more