Mysterious Glowing Dragon Aurora Spotted Over Iceland

first_imgStay on target A bright green dragon emerging from a spectacular Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) display was captured in a photograph taken in Iceland. NASA shared the image as their Astronomy Picture of the Day on Monday.The intensely glowing green light resembles the entire body of a dragon, which appears to be dramatically expanding its wings to fill the night sky. Purple hues appear to crown the dragon’s head and form a tongue snaking out of its mouth.The giant dragon in the sky developed over Iceland earlier this month, according to NASA.The glowing dragon in the sky developed over Iceland earlier this month. (Photo Credit: Jingyi Zhang & Wang Zheng)“The aurora was caused by a hole in the Sun’s corona that expelled charged particles into a solar wind that followed a changing interplanetary magnetic field to Earth’s magnetosphere,” NASA said in the post. “As some of those particles then struck Earth’s atmosphere, they excited atoms which subsequently emitted light: aurora.”This stunning display was so enthralling that the photographer’s mother actually ran out to see it — she was captured in the foreground of the photograph.According to NASA, no sunspots have appeared on the Sun so far in February, making the multiple days of picturesque auroral activity this month somewhat surprising.Want to spot the spectacular northern lights from the comfort of your own warm couch? You can check out live sky cams from Finland or the Canadian Space Agency’s live aurora cam from Yellowknife in the Canadian Yukon.More on Is What an Aurora Looks Like from SpaceNASA Captures Image of Bright Blue Objects in SpaceUltima Thule Is Flat and Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor last_img read more