I-League 2019-20 Fixtures Announced: Full List of Matches

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The fixtures of the upcoming I-League 2019-20 season were announced on Tuesday by All India Football Federation (AIFF) with the first game on Saturday.Earlier this week, the AIFF had announced DSport as the new broadcasters of the league, a move that was lauded by a number of club officials. “The fixtures have been drawn after consulting our marketing partners FSDL, broadcasters DSport, and all the clubs involved in the competition,” said I-League CEO Sunando Dhar. “This season, we have a lot more flexibility as far as the fixtures are concerned, with the kick-off timings being at 2 PM, 5 PM and 7 PM.””I’m sure this would make all the clubs happy. Like always, we are looking forward to a great season of the I-League. Wishing all the clubs best of luck for the season,” he further added.The I-League 2019-20 kicks off with Aizawl FC hosting Mohun Bagan at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Aizawl, Mizoram, at 2 PM.All the 110 I-League matches will be produced with an 8-camera setup by Instat Limited and will be telecasted on DSport. With DSport taking over the I-League telecast from Star Sports, who also have a stake in the Indian Super League (ISL), the 7PM kick-offs are back from this year.I-LEAGUE FULL SCHEDULE -November 30: Aizawl FC vs Mohun Bagan (2.00PM)November 30: Gokulam Kerala FC vs NEROCA FC (7.00PM)December 1: Churchill Brothers FC Goa vs Punjab FC (5.00PM)December 1: Chennai City FC vs TRAU FC (7.00PM)December 4: East Bengal vs Real Kashmir FC (5.00PM)December 6: NEROCA FC vs Aizawl FC (2.00PM)December 6: Indian Arrows vs Gokulam Kerala FC (5.00PM)December 7: Punjab FC vs East Bengal (2.00PM)December 8: Mohun Bagan vs Churchill Brothers (5.00PM)December 9: Indian Arrows vs Aizawl FC (7.00PM)December 10: NEROCA FC vs East Bengal (2.00PM)December 10: Punjab FC vs Chennai City FC (2.00PM)December 11: Mohun Bagan vs TRAU FC (5.00PM)December 12: Real Kashmir FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC (2.00PM)December 14: East Bengal vs TRAU FC (5.00PM)December 15: Real Kashmir FC vs Churchill Brothers (2.00PM)December 16: Punjab FC vs Indian Arrows (2.00PM)December 16: Mohun Bagan vs Gokulam Kerala FC (5.00PM)December 17: Aizawl FC vs Chennai City FC (2.00PM)December 20: Aizawl FC vs Punjab FC (2.00PM)December 21: Chennai City FC vs NEROCA FC (7.00PM)December 22: TRAU FC vs Real Kashmir FC (2.00PM)December 22: Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal (5.00PM at Salt Lake Stadium)December 26: Real Kashmir FC vs Chennai City FC (2.00PM)December 28: Churchill Brothers vs Indian Arrows (7.00PM)January 4, 2020: TRAU FC vs Punjab FC (2.00PM)January 4: Churchil Brothers vs East Bengal (5.00PM)January 4: Gokulam Kerala FC vs Aizawl FC (7.00PM)January 5: Real Kashmir FC vs Mohun Bagan (2.00PM)January 5: Indian Arrows vs NEROCA FC (5.00PM)January 8: Aizawl FC vs Churchill Brothers (2.00PM)January 8: TRAU FC vs NEROCA FC (5.00PM)January 9: Mohun Bagan vs Indian Arrows (5.00PM)January 9: Gokulam Kerala FC vs Chennai City FC (7.00PM)January 10: Real Kashmir FC vs Punjab FC (2.00PM)January 12: Indian Arrows vs TRAU FC (5.00PM)January 12: Chennai City FC vs Churchill Brothers (7.00PM)January 14: Punjab FC vs Mohun Bagan (2.00PM)January 14: NEROCA FC vs Real Kashmir FC (5.00PM)January 15: East Bengal vs Gokulam Kerala FC (5.00PM)January 17: NEROCA FC vs Mohun Bagan (5.00PM)January 17: Chennai City FC vs Indian Arrows (7.00PM)January 19: Punjab FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC (2.00PM)January 19: Churchill Brothers vs TRAU FC (5.00PM)January 21: East Bengal vs Aizawl FC (5.00PM)January 25: TRAU FC vs Aizawl FC (2.00PM)January 25: Chennai City FC vs East Bengal (5.00PM)January 26: Indian Arrows vs Real Kashmir FC (5.00PM)January 26: Gokulam Kerala FC vs Churchill Brothers (7.00PM)January 29: Punjab FC vs NEROCA FC (2.00PM)January 31: Chennai City FC vs Mohun Bagan (7.00PM)February 1: Aizawl FC vs Real Kashmir FC (2.00PM)February 1: East Bengal vs Indian Arrows (5.00PM)February 2: Churchill Brothers vs NEROCA FC (5.00PM)February 2: Gokulam Kerala FC vs YTRAU FC (7.00PM)February 7: Aizawl FC vs Indian Arrows (2.00PM)February 8: NEROCA FC vs TRAU FC (5.00PM)February 8: Gokulam Kerala FC vs Real Kashmir FC (7.00PM)February 9: Mohun Bagan vs Punjab FC (5.00PM)February 9: Churchill Brothers vs Chennai City FC (7.00PM)February 11: Aizawl FC vs TRAU FC (2.00PM)February 11: NEROCA FC vs Indian Arrows (5.00PM)February 12: Chennai City FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC (7.00PM)February 13: East Bengal vs Punjab FC (5.00PM)February 14: Mohun Bagan vs NEROCA FC (5.00PM)February 15: Churchill Brothers vs Aizawl FC (5.00PM)February 16: Punjab FC vs Real Kashmir FC (2.00PM)February 16: TRAU FC vs Chennai City FC (5.00PM)February 17: Indian Arrows vs East Bengal (7.00PM)February 19: Churchil Brothers vs Real Kashmir FC (5.00PM)February 21: NEROCA FC vs Gokulam Kerala (5.00PM)February 22: Churchill Brothers vs Mohun Bagan (5.00PM)February 23: Real Kashmir FC vs Indian Arrows (2.00PM)February 23: TRAU FC vs East Bengal (5.00PM)February 23: Chennai City FC vs Aizawl FC (7.00PM)February 28: Indian Arrows vs Chennai City FC (5.00PM)February 29: East Bengal vs Churchill Brothers (5.00PM)February 29: Gokulam Kerala FC vs Punjab FC (7.00PM)March 1: Real Kashmir FC vs Aizawl FC (2.00PM)March 1: TRAU FC vs Mohun Bagan (5.00PM)March 3: Indian Arrows vs Punjab FC (5.00PM)March 3: Gokulam Kerala FC vs East Bengal (7.00PM)March 4: Real Kashmir FC vs NEROCA FC (2.00PM)March 4: TRAU FC vs Churchill Brothers (5.00PM)March 5: Mohun Bagan vs Chennai City FC (5.00PM)March 7: Churchill Brothers vs Gokulam Kerala FC (5.00PM)March 8: TRAU FC vs Indian Arrows (2.00PM)March 9: Real Kashmir FC vs East Bengal (2.00PM)March 9: Mohun Bagan vs Aizawl FC (5.00PM)March 10: NEROCA FC vs Punjab FC (5.00PM)March 14: Real Kashmir FC vs TRAU FC (2.00PM)March 14: NEROCA FC vs Chennai City FC (5.00PM)March 15: Punjab FC vs Aizaw; FC (2.00PM)March 15: East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan (5.00PM at Salt Lake Stadium)March 15: Gokulam Kerala FC vs Indian Arrows (7.00PM)March 20: TRAU FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC (5.00PM)March 21: Aizawl FC vs NEROCA FC (2.00PM)March 21: Indian Arrows vs Mohun Bagan (5.00PM)March 22: Punjab FC vs Churchil Brothers (2.00PM)March 22: East Bengal vs Chennai City FC (5.00PM)April 3: Indian Arrows vs Churchill Brothers (7.00PM)April 4: Aizawl FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC (2.00PM)April 4: Mohun Bagan vs Real Kashmir FC (5.00PM)April 5: East Bengal vs NEROCA FC (5.00PM)April 5: Chennai City FC vs Punjab FC (7.00PM) last_img read more