Response To Retired Educator Carolyn Bennett’s Letter To CCO Editor By Anne Ennis

first_imgDr. Smith ended his part of the Sept. 18 meeting, by saying self-teaching and self-regulation “allow all students to develop to their maximum potential.” I would like more information. I would like to see a well functioning self-regulating, self-teaching, group work classroom with a first or second year teacher in a standard middle school classroom. I hope to get it after the election, no matter the result. “LSI was brought in (by EVSC) to help shift in approach to educating students,” Dr. Smith said. After the LSI contract ends, with training being provided to teachers through work-day professional development sessions, “we will be able to continue on without LSI and Mass Insight. We can continue and succeed. This is often not the case” after a contracted consultant company departs, said Dr. Smith. Smith continued, “LSI brings content and delivery improvement. LSI is a perfect fit for SEL (social emotional learning model used throughout EVSC). Students have responsibility to work in groups. … We know that success with executive function skills is the most significant indicator of a student’s future success.” Executive functio includes staying on task, critical thinking, listening, collaboration and delegation. Many are concerned about the Learning Sciences International (LSI) group contracted by EVSC to show our teachers how to help students self-teach. How Are Students Learning and Who Is Leading the Lesson?by Ann M Ennis In substitute teaching this fall for teachers using the self-instruction method, and in this particular week for teachers who were pulled from class for 2 days of training in the LSI method, I am concerned about the ideal versus reality of students self-teaching and self-regulating. Introducing this method at Kindergarten and taking it through to 12th grade — perhaps. But introducing this concept with 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders does not seem to lead to learning. As explained in the September 10 School Board Meeting by Dr. Smith, “LSI was a seminal point in shift to make sure that each student is responsible for his learning. We are going away from the lecture model …. The way every person in this room was taught was with teacher at front of room lecturing and we as students accepting and taking-in the information from the teacher.” … FOOTNOTE: This letter is posted by the CCO without opinion, bias or editing.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Lamont Open 24/7 for Reading Period and Exams

first_imgDuring reading period and final exams, Lamont Library will remain open 24/7 as part of a pilot to explore longer permanent hours for the library at this time each semester, Harvard College Dean Evelynn M. Hammonds and Interim Head of Harvard College Library Susan Fliss announced today. Read Full Storylast_img