Excellent job by the Opposition

first_imgDear Editor,I am observing with satisfaction the excellent work by Mr Bharrat Jagdeo and PPP members. This country and all its citizens who stand for law and integrity are heartened by this party. Day by day, this extremely corrupted Government is being exposed by the Opposition for the unbelievable and horrible crimes that they all are committing so “freely” it seems. It is truly frightening when your Government, which is supposed to protect you, can be your greatest enemy.I was watching Mr Anil Nandlall’s programme “Issues in the news” and his latest report published on September 4 detailed how the downright false and extremely bloated registration list was obtained by GECOM.Just when you think it’s not possible to mislead the citizens again, this Government manages to do just that and on a more dangerous level than before.Government representatives at GECOM are hell-bent on contaminating the list at all costs! I understand more clearly now after listening to Mr Nandlall why they are pushing so hard to merge the data. They cannot win this election if it is carried out freely and fairly – so the intention now is simply to corrupt the voters’ list and delay the election for as long as possible as Mr Joseph Hamilton hinted earlier on.Ms Susan Rodrigues is sincere and eloquent as usual in her latest delivery published on September 3 too, listing many falsehoods by this Government. On her programme “Making the case” She calmly chooses her words carefully, states her position on issues and events and her perspective is always intelligent.I have new and growing respect also for our Presidential Candidate Mr Ifraan Ali. His interview published on September 1 was very good. He was fluent and confident in pushing the agenda of his party for the future development of our country. These people are experienced professionals as I have said before and their policies, innovations and ideas are brilliant, very practical and simple to follow. All law-abiding and ambitious Guyanese are supporting the PPP Administration in record numbers now.The incumbent regime, on the other hand, which is definitely at the end of the road, is losing support on a daily basis. Only a few shameless “hard-line” core supporters are parading around beating their empty chests to save face – in spite of realistically and silently being aware of the shenanigans of this shameful Government. This is the beginning of the end of the era of the PNC and its associates and they know it.APNU/AFC had a fair and wonderful opportunity to do good for this country. They were lucky to inherit a country with a bristling economy and opportunity for “a good life” for all of its citizens. They could have amply redeemed themselves from their shady and sordid past by protecting the citizens and working towards the development of the country. Sadly, integrity and respect for the rule of law and the Constitution, especially in these last few months, have totally disappeared.Had they been more caring, they probably would have served a second term and left a good healthy chapter in history. Instead, they opted to savagely plunder the country under the leadership of Mr Granger and leave it practically in ruins.Sincerely,Shane Lindielast_img read more