Upholding peace and civil rights

first_imgDear Editor,The State embraces and is obligated to abide by this nation’s Constitution. That Constitution addresses almost every aspect regarding the fundamental rights of constituents and the responsibility of those entrusted with upholding Guyana’s Constitution. Those responsibilities ought to transcend personal feelings or partisan political positions, and contribute towards the stability and progressive development of this Cooperative Republic. So I, like many others by way of writing, am exercising one of the constitutional rights. It is our collective expectations that those to whom the matters relate will take responsibility and act towards ensuring that being Guyanese becomes the envy of every other nation on earth. It is not the responsibility of those bestowed with public trust to take umbrage or become unduly defensive when faced with realities by those they are obliged to serve. It is an opportunity for them to improve their competence, trust, and ultimately add to making life livable and a good one in Guyana.Reference is made to a letter captioned “Noise nuisance is killing me” on March 14, 2018 in the local press, which was submitted by “A distraught senior citizen”. The writer still seems to be in a traumatic state and is equally petrified to the point of seeking anonymity. Several posts have also been made over the past year by a gentleman named Malcolm Harripaul regarding a similar situation where he lives in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara). I know how it feels to endure such horrible experiences. I know how much restraint it takes to resist the temptation to respond in similar irresponsible ways. Why aren’t the rights of some of our citizens being respected? Why are a selected few being allowed to continually get away with irresponsible acts at the expense and violation of the rights of other citizens? What will happen if we all decide to violate each other simultaneously because those bestowed with ensuring civility do not act in timely or responsible manners to deter demagogic perpetrators?I invariably attach my name to every missive I post. I am not bothered nor afraid to do so. It is a part of my innate and constitutional right to express myself in a responsible way on matters of concern or contribution to the development of Guyana and preservation of its sovereignty. No other nation on the face of this earth owes me the obligation of protection like Guyana. The same applies to every person born within the jurisdiction of Guyana, and by extension others who have taken the oath to citizenship of this beloved land. Citizens of Guyana have the right to undisturbed peace, and those who abuse their liberties must be made to act responsibly.Sincerely,Orette Cuttinglast_img read more