On To Charlotte NC! By Richard Moss MD

first_imgOn To Charlotte NC!Black Lives Matter, Obama, and the Race IndustryBy Richard Moss MDIt is onto Charlotte and beyond for the ever burgeoning race industry lead by President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats.  They are joined by their associates in the media, the academy, the “civil rights” caucus, and Black Lives Matter, the racist group that promotes cop killing.Indeed, the race business in America is thriving. Under our first black President, it has expanded.  Limited before to the inner cities, it has now gone national. Race players on parade everywhere, in our streets, across our TV screens, into every nook and cranny of American life.And the show never ends.  Indeed, it must go on.  For the show has been very lucrative.  It has given wide notoriety to a host of race hucksters who have benefitted enormously as they pour gasoline on the fires springing up across the nation.  They rub their hands gleefully as black communities burn to the ground in city after city.  And there is always a next attraction to showcase their power, bus in the radicals, anarchists, and Bolshevik thugs, to loot, riot, and shoot cops, all the while blaming racist America.  The charred husks of storefronts, the smoldering ruins, the broken glass of devastated neighborhoods, new Detroits cropping up everywhere, remind us of the race industry’s power, their capacity to wreck cities, undermine law and order, and, perhaps, bring down the country.For the race industry, there is only one story that matters, the story of American racism, and they have taken that story to the bank.  Legions of administrators, diversity “experts,” bureaucrats, lawyers, government agencies, “civil rights” organizations, “community” groups, street agitators, unions, and politicians, a towering edifice of race mongering, has formed and profited by this story.   Charlotte, Milwaukee, Baltimore, and Ferguson are only the latest symbols, more “moments” to remind Americans that their country is a criminal operation, permanently stuck in the 1950s – and no amount of special pleading, acts of contrition, black success, or other facts on the ground will change that.Keith Scott, a 43-year-old black man with a long rap sheet, is the newest martyr of the Democrats, the government-run media, and Black Lives Matter.  He had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in three states including against a woman and a child, and spent seven years in prison.  His wife had a restraining order against him and warned he was dangerous.  Scott exited his car in Charlotte with a handgun.  He was warned by police to put down his weapon.  Deemed a threat, he was shot and killed by Brentley Vinson, a black officer. The police requested medical assistance. CPR was administered.  He died of his injuries. The firearm was collected.  It was loaded and had his fingerprints.  There is no racism here.Charlotte is run by liberal Democrats, including the Mayor and 9 out of 11 members of the City Council.  The police commissioner, Kerr Putney, is a Democrat and black.  Nor does Charlotte have a history of racial strife.  In other words, the unrest is fabricated, and Black Lives Matter, Nation of Islam, Communist Party USA, and other despicable, left wing groups, many funded by the Marxist billionaire George Soros, are there to exploit it. Their purpose is to advance the narrative of American bigotry, and to foment anarchy and violence.Black Lives Matter, Obama, and the left argue that police shootings of unarmed blacks reflect police bias. They compare the number of blacks killed by police to their number in the population rather than their share of the criminal offender pool.  They also cite statistics regarding incarceration rates, which they allege proves “disparate impact” and “systemic racism” because more blacks than whites are arrested. But the propensity to commit crimes is not randomly distributed.  A 2011 study of California and New York arrest data showed that blacks commit homicide at 11 times the rate of whites.  Such disparities were repeated in city level data.  In 75 of the largest counties in 2009, blacks were 62 percent of robbery defendants, 61% of weapons offenders, 57% of murder defendants, 50% of forgery defendants, but only 13% of population.  (Heather MacDonald)  The data shows that policing, prosecution, and incarceration accurately reflect crime rates not bias.There is no “systemic” racism in our law enforcement and criminal justice systems.  It is a lie promoted by Democrats to support their destructive ideology and to gain political advantage.  Many if not most of our inner cities have majority or near majority black police officers, black police commissioners, black city councils, and black mayors, all liberal Democrats.  Baltimore, the scene of riots by Black Lives Matter and others over the death of Freddie Gray, has a black mayor, a black police commissioner, and 9 out of 15 black members on its City Council. Its juries, judges, and attorneys are liberal Democrats many if not most black.  Baltimore voted 87% for Obama in 2012.  Is this liberal Democrat stronghold the source for genocidal racist police tactics?The problem in the black community is not racist cops.  It is black criminality.  Every week blacks, many of them innocent and law abiding, are being slaughtered, robbed, raped, and assaulted by black predator criminals.  America’s largest cities, including Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, and Milwaukee, are experiencing spikes in murder rates, most of them committed by blacks against other blacks.  Chicago saw its bloodiest month in two decades last August with 90 murders, 384 shootings and 472 total shooting victims.  Chicago has already had more than 500 murders in 2016 and 3000 shooting victims or 12 shooting victims a day and 59 murders a month.Law abiding blacks want to live in safe neighborhoods, not crime-ridden hellholes.Why is there so much discussion on alleged racial bias where none exists? To avoid the important question of why there is so much black crime.  Black criminality is the result of the anti-black liberal policies of the last sixty years foisted on black communities by Democrats who control the cities where most blacks live.  It is Democrats who bear responsibility for the disintegration of the black community, the breakdown of the two-parent family, the unemployment, poverty, educational failure, and high crime and incarceration rates that afflict blacks.  If a fraction of the attention given to rooting out fictional police bias had been spent denouncing black crime while restoring the two-parent family, we may have broken the link between black communities and the heavy police presence they now require. If instead of unearthing imaginary pockets of racism we had promoted a strong family and faith culture, had encouraged education, personal responsibility, and ending the cycle of dependency, we may have begun to unravel the destructive web of Democrat social welfare policies that have trapped blacks in misery and dysfunction for decades.It is the creation of a black underclass through anti-black Democrat Party policies that have damaged the black community, not “racist” police.  It is the inculcation of underclass values that have devastated blacks, not “systemic racism.”  It is the anti-black narrative promulgated by white liberals and the Democrat Party, their insufferable and debilitating message of black failure and victimhood, black grievance and dependency, of “structural” racism and black inadequacy that has broken the black community.The Democrat Party’s legacy to blacks, beyond their long support for slavery and segregation in the past, is the poverty and dysfunction of the black community today.  It is the hopelessness that comes with the belief advanced by liberal Democrats that blacks are victims and can’t make it in America today; that blacks can’t compete on a level playing field; that blacks require “special” treatment and government assistance.  These are the hallmarks and attitudes of the black underclass the Democrats have created for their own political benefit.  Their ideology promotes moral collapse and disintegration.  Their political fortunes flourish amidst despair and breakdown.  It is time to hang their miserable record around their necks, to embarrass and defeat them for the horrendous abuses and failures of liberalism.Keith Scott was a violent criminal thug who died as he lived.   Like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and so many other “martyrs” of the Democrats, the media, and Black Lives Matter.  Obama, Hillary, and the race industry want more Keith Scotts.  They thrive on chaos and turmoil, and its victims do not matter.  But we demand something better.October 8, 2016Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  He recently lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district. Find more of his essays and blog posts at exodusmd.com.  Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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