School Facilities

first_imgI know I am prejudiced when it comes to school facilities for sports, because I spent most of my career coaching.  However, all people in the medical fields keep telling us that our young people are not getting the exercise they need.  With the fact that all school activities are done with computers and almost every student has some type of personal device they carry with them, it is certain that the most exercise a lot of them are getting is with their right and left thumbs.  However, any time a school proposes any additions to their physical plant, a large community group always opposes these plans.If a school is increasing its enrollment, it is inevitable that you will have to add on sometime.  It is a known fact that if you do any type of construction the more you can do at once reduces the overall cost in the long run.  So if you are adding classrooms, it is much easier to add gymnasiums for physical activity and/or auditoriums for the arts while you are adding the classrooms rather than trying to do it at a separate time.We no longer live in a manufacturing society as we did 75 years ago.  Today everything involves technology of some sort, so what we are teaching in the classroom has changed.  Schools are constantly forced to make changes to keep up with these trends.  Let’s keep our kids bodies as healthy as their minds when it comes to adding school facilities.last_img

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