Valdano, winner of the XIV International Vázquez Montalbán Award

first_imgMy story started on the feet. I have only premeditated being a soccer player. And I established there challenges that gave me confidence for a lifetime. My relationship with the ball was the first love. And with the first love came the first challenges. The first, give a hundred touches without the ball falling. That set me apart from the other players in my town and my age. That trust still feeds me. My only relationship with professional football was the radio or The Graphic, a sports bible in which football was told in a wonderful way. Since then, football without the word is very little and I have cultivated it as much as I could. Then, I turned everything I had done during my life into a message. ““I arrived in Vitoria two months before Franco died. In unforgettable winters I read Argentine and Spanish authors. And universal authors, in a disorderly way. If you want to look at a self-taught, look at me”he concluded. Jorge Valdano received the XIV International Journalism Award Manuel Vázquez Montalbán which was delivered in the Auditori 1899. Valdano succeeds the Italian Emanuela Audisio in the medal winners. “I want to thank Col. Legi de Periodistas de Catalunya and Barça because this transcends sports. If Vázquez Montalbán taught us something, it was to integrate emotions into literature. I have said many times, and this is the occasion to repeat it, that I read Vázquez Montalbán when he arrived in Spain. Since then, playing football meant something else, another sense of representativeness. He built bridges with society, with politics. And through that door we enter players, coaches and writers. Vázquez Montalbán unraveled that distrustful look of intellectuals to football. “last_img

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