Nigerian Arrested with Cocaine Concealed in Slippers

first_imgThe Nimba County branch of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) over the weekend arrested a 32-year old Nigerian with over US$7,000 worth of cocaine.Suspect Paul Omenyi Ikegbunam was arrested at the Immigration Check Point near Ganta, Nimba County.According to the DEA the cocaine was found concealed in a pair of African slippers the suspect had on his feet. The content was filled with the cocaine and the edges sewn with a thread.Security personnel took notice of the suspect when they observed him walking uncomfortably as though he was physically challenged (crippled) but the slippers were puffed up, suggesting that something was hidden in them.The DEA put the quantity of the cocaine to about 315.1 grams with the street value of US$7, 875 and L$677, 250.“This is our normal routine as DEA officers so we searched his bag and, not satisfied, we decided to search his slippers on his feet,” said one of the officers.The suspect, the DEA said, was hesitant at first to take off his slippers, “after we asked to search his slippers; but we took them any way from his feet and discovered that the cocaine was concealed in the slippers.”The officer explained that the suspect entered Liberia on board a taxi cab with plate number TX-0156, along with other passengers.He said later the driver, identified as John Kollie was asked to help security with further investigations.“If this man has ridden on a private car or on an NGO vehicle, which sometimes collect passengers on the side walk, the suspect would have had a free ride to Monrovia, thereby evading arrest,” an observer remarked at the DEA office in Ganta.Suspect Paul Ikegbunam told investigators that he traveled by road from Nigeria passing through several West African countries, including Togo, Ghana and La Cote d’Ivoire, and entered Liberia through the Loguatuo Port of entry in Gbelay-Geh District, near Karnplay City.“I rode on car from Lagos to the Ivory Coast before crossing to Liberia,” he was quoted by the DEA as saying.The suspect, has meanwhile pleaded for mercy, saying that the slippers were given to him by one John Obiora, also a Nigerian, residing in Lagos, Nigeria, but did not know it contained cocaine.He said it was his first time coming to Liberia and he claimed that Obiora, “told me that when I reach Monrovia, I should inform him so he can connect me with another Nigerian in Monrovia.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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