Reserve Your Piece of Pi the First Truly Contactless Charger

first_img GEEK PICK: Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging StandIONITY Eases Long-Distance EV Travel in Europe If you thought wireless charging pads were magical, check out Pi—a truly contactless charger invented by the sorcerers at MIT.Introduced last autumn, the pyramid-shaped device uses electromagnetic technology to power multiple handsets (iOS and Android) at once, without a cord, cushion, or connection.Smarter than the average bear charger, Pi automatically senses a nearby battery deficiency, and adjusts it magnetic field based on where the smartphone, tablet, wearable, etc. is positioned (within about one foot).AdChoices广告“Pi is unique in the power space because we are working on multi-device, orientation-agnostic, wireless power,” CEO and co-founder John MacDonald said in a statement.Sharing power has never been this easy (via Pi)A simple aesthetic hides Pi’s complicated innards—the world’s first magnetic field-shaping algorithm (among other electronic bits and bobs). The sleek accessory can juice up to four phones at full speed, or more at a reduced rate.There is a catch, though: Just as wireless charging pads require certain built-in technology—or an adapter—Pi uses a compatible case (complete with resonant receiver) to connect with gadgets.Still in its infancy, the firm leaves a lot up to the imagination: An official price tag (for Pi and its compulsory case) and launch date have not been revealed. Folks can enter their email address to “reserve” a wireless charger; you’ll save a spot in the queue and receive a reservation code.Geek’s request for comment was not immediately returned.Pi is compatible with phones, tablets, and upcoming devices from a variety of brands (via Pi)Currently, MacDonald & Co.—including co-founder and chief technology officer Lixin Shi—are testing a redesigned charger, which meets Federal Communications Commission safety guidelines for magnetic fields.“Our first product applies … to phones and small consumer devices in the United States, but we’re going to bring it to a variety of applications around the world over the next five years,” MacDonald said.If only it could also tell jokes, set timers, and add items to your shopping list…Love Raspberry Pi as much as we do? Check out all the amazing maker projects you can do with yours here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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