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The NRA,Many law enforcement officials say they fear more guns in schools would make it hard to distinguish between good guys and bad guys.

This kind of lapse can lead to more electoral challenges in 2015. “With this nasty experience, call a friend or mentor and calmly explain the Elizabeth Banks will put on her tennis whites for an untitled HBO movie with Paul Giamatti as her rival. South Korea: Gay freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy said it was a moment that he "never dreamed" possible as a child after he was filmed kissing his partner on live television at the Olympics. when she became a staff photographer at The Monitor in the border town of McAllen, to keep scoring and creating goals for us,humiliated and booted out. Every decision will be based on participatory democracy — by discussing with the electorate.

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A dinner cost adults $10 and children $5 and is an annual fundraiser for the organizations." Meanwhile, she sacked me… I’m also aware of all the investments made by her. He won the next year at age 13 and is now a sports medicine doctor in Chicago. agreed he has been his own fiercest rival. Light isn’t gone, I swallowed what I could. but not detained. ESPN’s Michael Wilbon agreed, a founding member of the Eagles.

S. DTUsat and ICARUS still have a long way to go before they can help researchers pursue any large-scale problems. in books and TV appearances. there are tens of thousands of prisoners in solitary confinement–put there not by judges or juries but at the discretion of prison administrators. namely that Google has publicly admitted that it scans users emails to be used in targeted ads. the ministry added. Actresses America Ferrera and Eva Longoria,m. everything you do is scheduled You dont get to make decisions There are no options at all It makes the inmates feel constrained for sure but I think that even applies to the staffers To do the same things day after day in the same enclosed environment with no variation think about it: after training they spend 30-odd years in prison looking after the dozens of inmates they are responsible for with little else to do You would go mad if you worked there Did you ever think you would eventually land in prison By the time Umbrella rolled around the possibility of going to jail crossed my mind As for whether I was mentally prepared for prison Hong Kong has entered an authoritarian era but its a paradoxical one a modern one First is a psychological thing that for hardcore Hong Kong activists to go to prison 90 days may be bearable but maybe not 900 days Second is the notion that as of now prison sentences for those fighting for democracy in Hong Kong are relatively short compared to the long sentences faced by people like Mandela Aung San Suu Kyi or activists in Taiwan its nothing in comparison But the other way to look at this is that getting imprisoned in this age of free-flowing information will create a severe disconnect It might well be that the information gap created by a years imprisonment 20 years ago is the same as what youd miss out today by being jailed just for a month Joshua Wong then 17 outside the Central Government Offices in Hong Kong on Dec 10 2014 Lam Yik Fei—Bloomberg/Getty Images What does the spate of prosecutions and jailings of Hong Kong activists say about the state of Hong Kong and China relations It’s simple when it comes to Hong Kong: Even a movement fighting for free elections which basically the entire world considers peaceful can result in imprisonment What we want essentially is to elect our mayor ourselves But [Chinese President Xi Jinpings] emphasis on "comprehensive jurisdiction" over Hong Kong has overridden the "high degree of autonomy" Hong Kong being the place in China where there is still free information where there are still young people who put up a fight go to jail then continue to fight even after getting out of jail Im talking about me our passion is worthy of being witnessed by everyone Plus people like to talk about a right-wing wave in the past five to 10 years despite this wave and the uncertain international climate the fact that a group of people are still fighting for the most basic values should be appreciated What does the situation in Hong Kong tell the world about China If you talk about getting imprisoned for political reasons then Hong Kong is nothing compared to China where conditions can be much worse But if democracy and authoritarianism are two ends of a scale we used to describe Hong Kong as semi-democratic Now people think its veering toward more control; thats why we say semi-authoritarian now Benedict Rogers the British human-rights campaigner who has spoken up on your behalf was barred from entering Hong Kong ahead of your birthday What do you make of it Ben Rogers being barred from entry is very serious I learned about Rogers denial of entry in prison from the news on TV This was totally unexpected as I knew even before my imprisonment that he was going to come In the past it was the likes of Taiwan independence advocates or Chinese dissidents in exile who couldnt enter Hong Kong but those are causes that the Chinese government refuses to acknowledge Now its the vice-chair of the UK Conservative Partys human-rights commission Isnt that over the line My first reaction when I saw the news was you might as well bar [former British governor] Chris Patten from the city next time around Then Carrie Lam said on the next day that the possibility couldnt be excluded I was stunned US or UK lawmakers do occasionally visit Hong Kong For example a group of US congresspeople came a week after Rogers was turned away while a UK Foreign Office secretary in charge of Asia affairs came in August Its normal in and of itself for politically-connected people to come to Hong Kong whether for sightseeing for visiting friends or for business exchange Heck even [pro-Beijing lawmakers] Holden Chow and Starry Lee met the US lawmakers What the Ben Rogers incident reflects is that in terms of its impact to UK politicians they might well never be able to set foot in Hong Kong Such a scenario could happen When Carrie Lam can say that Chris Patten might be barred from entry the situation has elevated to such a level in international relations that if youre not friendly to China you couldnt enter Hong Kong How do we face the possibility that they couldnt enter such a global city as Hong Kong Read more: Xi Jinping Becomes China’s Most Powerful Leader Since Mao Zedong Chris Patten isnt a threat to the Chinese state Ben Rogers didnt have any public events planned his visit wouldve involved private meals with pro-democracy figures for the most part So overall the latest Chinese policy has become that like Tibetan independence advocates British people who care about Hong Kong cant enter How are these two on the same level Going further still does it stop at politicians Even more activists are facing imprisonment over Umbrella and other protests What message do you have for them I do hope that the international community pays attention to those other than me Right now in Hong Kong more than 20 political prisoners remain behind bars And I have to emphasize this: Im not free Im simply on bail So now over 20 are inside and nearly 100 others are waiting for their trials Their jail terms will be longer than mine My six-month sentence is the shortest among all current political prisoners in Hong Kong Youve called Hong Kongs path to democracy "exhausting" Realistically how do you persuade the people of Hong Kong to remain hopeful One reason is that Hong Kongs fight for democracy has received such widespread international support and attention So why do we need to give up In prison I would remind myself that though I might not be able to change the environment I can change myself and cope with the environment while keeping my mind free In the same vein though we cant change this semi-autocratic environment of ours we can all adjust our mindsets to cope with it without getting used to it Hong Kong cant yet be described as a prison but its still an imprisoned place Why do I see hope Everybodys on our side Contact us at [email protected]’s new Nexus smartphones unveiled Tuesday both look pretty nice There’s the Huawei-made Nexus 6P a 57-inch device and LG’s Nexus 5X a more affordable 52-inch phone Both do everything a modern smartphone should: There’s mobile broadband there’s a nice camera there’s a fingerprint scanner So should you buy one of Google’s new Nexus devices over say an Apple iPhone 6S That depends on you more than it does on the phones These days buying a smartphone is a lot like buying a car Whether you get a Ford Focus or a Toyota Corolla doesn’t really matter in terms of sheer utility Both will get you from A to B with similar price performance mileage and so on They’re likely to have similar perks for a similar price too like Bluetooth connectivity or GPS Which one you ultimately choose depends mostly on just one factor: Which one you like better on a primal level that’s hard to communicate other than “this feels right” See Google Doodles Through the Years Aug 26 2015 For the 70th anniversary of La Tomatina Google May 26 2015 In celebration of the 64th birthday of Sally Ride the first American woman in space Google March 31 2015 Honoring the 126th anniversary of the public opening of the Eiffel Tower Google Mar 20 2015 To celebrate the start of spring and the vernal equinox Google created a stop-motion animation of flowers in bloom Google Nov 12 2014 For the landing of the Philae lander the first spacecraft on a moving comet Google created a gyrating lander with passing stars Google Sept 9 2014 For Tolstoy’s 186th birthday the Google Doodle team created an appropriately long click-through doodle Google May 27 2014 For the Rachel Louise Carson doodle the team surrounded her with birds and sea creatures to celebrate her 107th birthday Google May 4 2014 For Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday the doodle team adapted an image from a 1956 black and white photograph taken by Yousuf Karsh Google June 9 2011 The doodlers came up with the idea of a playable logo then pegged it to guitar innovator Les Paul’s 96th birthday Turning on composer mode allows you to create songs that you can share online Google March 24 2011 The Harry Houdini doodle was created in the style of the old posters advertising the death-defying magician Google Nov 25 2010 Chef Ina Garten prepared this Thanksgiving feast which Google photographed If you clicked on a dish her recipe appeared Google May 7 2010 Google asked the San Francisco Ballet to pose and twirl to re-create Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Google Oct 7 2009 Scan the doodle that marks the first patent for the bar code and you’ll decode Google embedded within Google March 2 2009 The doodlers arranged classic Dr Seuss characters like the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch to form the logo’s letters Google Jan 28 2009 There was no other way to honor abstract artist Jackson Pollack than with a chaotic drip painting Google Jan 19 2009 Guest artist Shepard Fairey (famed for his Obama HOPE poster) did a sketch for Martin Luther King Jr Day Google Jan 28 2008 Early on Google used Lego blocks as casing for hard disks Later it feted Lego’s 50th anniversary Google April 22 2007 A melting iceberg for Earth Day is one of many eco-minded doodles the team has created Google Jan 4 2006 Enter the world of out-there doodles — Google in braille Only problem: you can’t feel it Google March 30 2005 The Van Gogh doodle appeared in an era when doodles began to get more ambitious and it’s one of the doodlers’ best interpretations of a specific painter Google Aug 13 2003 Early doodles of famous folk tended to be simple like this silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock Google March 14 2003 The early doodles were often simple but playful like this mustachioed drawing of Albert Einstein to celebrate his birthday Google Nov 14 2001 Google’s first doodler Dennis Hwang gave the logo an Impressionist look for Claude Monet’s birthday Google Aug 30 1998 When employees left for the Burning Man festival the Google logo became a cryptic BE BACK LATER sign "There was no master plan for doodles at that point" says doodler-in-chief Ryan Germick Google 1 of 24 Advertisement That’s now true of smartphones too If you’re deciding between an iPhone and an Android it really comes down to whichever feels best in your hands Every modern smartphone does the basics: They’ve got high-speed Internet they run apps and play movies they take pretty good pictures and videos they let you Snapchat silly pictures to your pals And for the most part every major feature on an Apple device has an equivalent feature on an Android phone and vice versa Want mobile payments There’s Apple Pay Samsung Pay and Google Wallet Smartwatch connectivity There’s Apple Watch and Android Wear In-car infotainment controls There’s CarPlay and Android Auto And so on (Android fans do however often have the luxury of getting new stuff first) This Rule of Feel is even more helpful if you’ve decided to go with an Android device After you’ve made that choice you’ll face what seems like a near-infinite number of smartphone options So how do you figure out which Android phone is right for you Start with the specs that are important to you say a great camera and whittle your way down the list from there And as with cars try to take one for a test drive before buying because it’s all about feel A helpful tip: Google’s Nexus phones are pretty much the only devices out there that are “pure Android” That means the company making them didn’t load them with any extra stuff you might not want Most other Android phones from brands like Samsung LG and HTC are crammed with manufacturer add-ons you might love or hate This carbuying analogy holds up in another way too Lots of phone makers and wireless carriers are now offering payment plans that look an awful lot like a lease Apple for instance will let you upgrade to a new iPhone every year for a starting price of $32 a month with AppleCare+ thrown in for good measure And most of the major carriers are doing away with two-year contracts and subsidized phones instead offering monthly payment plans for devices So not only are you facing lots of good options for hardware you’ve now got to pick how you’d like to pay for that device too Good luck See Steve Jobs’ Legacy in 16 Photos 1976 Apple I was Apple’s first computer which became obsolete within a year Today they are auctioned off as collector’s items Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 1977 Apple II was the follow up to the Apple I computer Apple II proved highly successful and spawned several variations Ralph Morse—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images 1983 Lisa was Apple’s office computer that was the first personal computer to use a graphical user interface It was a commercial flop largely because it retailed for a whopping $10000 Ted Thai—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1991 NeXT Station was a workstation computer manufactured by NeXT a computer company Steve Jobs founded in 1985 after he was forced out of Apple After Apple acquired NeXT in 1996 Jobs rejoined Apple Kristy MacDonald—dapd/AP 1995 Pixar’s Toy Story was the film studio’s first feature film in 1995 Pixar had spun out from a larger graphics corporation in 1986 with funding from Steve Jobs Alan Dejecacion—Getty Images 1998 The iMac was originally released in 1998 and it was the first Mac computer to have a USB drive but no floppy disk Many media outlets heralded it as a game changer Over two million were sold in two years John G Mabanglo—AFP/Getty Images 1999 The iBook was a line of laptop computers designed for use in schools The computer called the "iMac to go" was a huge hit with several upgrades over the years Ted Thai—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1999 The Power Mac G3 was a personal computer in the Power Macintosh line Its upgraded hardware meant it was faster than most other computers on the market Alan Dejecacion—Getty Images 2001 Apple opened its first Apple Stores in 2001 with the original two stores in Virginia and California On the opening day thousands of Apple fans stood in line and collectively spent over half a million dollars Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 2003The iTunes Store is Apple’s online digital media store that redefined the music purchase experience and became a runaway success within years By 2008 it had become the largest music vendor in the US Ian Waldie—Getty Images 2001The iPod followed the release of iTunes and other consumer-facing software It offered data storage and a sleek design and soon became the nation’s go-to portable music player Gabe Palacio—Getty Images 2006 Macbook Pro was Apple’s first computer to use Intel Core processors replacing PowerBook computers The Macbook Pro line is Apple’s latest laptop collection Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 2005 The Mac Mini was Apple’s first consumer-targeted computer to ship without a display keyboard or mouse intended to minimize the space taken by a desktop computer Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 2007 The first iPhone was released after years of speculation that Apple would produce a smartphone It was known for its large touch screen and finger-touch method as opposed to using a stylus It was marketed under the slogan "This is only the beginning" Tony Avelar—AFP/Getty Images 2008 The App Store is Apple’s online marketplace for downloading and developing apps It was released alongside its iPhone 3G and both proved to be massive successes The App Store logged over 10 million downloads on the first weekend Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 2010 The iPad is an Apple tablet computer that met mixed reviews as users were not sure if it was intended to replace or supplement laptop use though many praised its ability to connect to WiFi or 3G That year the iPad became the leader in the tablet computer market Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 1 of 16 Advertisement Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at [email protected] Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted Tuesday that she discarded tens of thousands of emails from a private server kept at her New York home In her first extended public remarks about her exclusive use of a personal email account to conduct government business Clinton was adamant that she complied with all applicable rules and said she went "above and beyond" by handing over some 30000 work-related emails to the State Department But her admission that she did not turn over roughly half the messages in her private account and will not submit them to independent scrutiny will likely fan the controversy "At the end I chose not to keep my private personal emailsemails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines family vacations the other things you typically find in inboxes" Clinton said saying attorneys she paid categorized the correspondence "They were personal and private" she added "They had nothing to do with work I didnt see any reason to keep them" Under fire from pundits and political critics Clinton called the unusual press conferencethe most significant since she left officeto defend herself The former Secretary of State said that when she began the job she made the decision to use her private address as a matter of "convenience" She noted the "vast majority" of her work emails were sent to government employees on their official work accounts and as a result those messages are preserved and archived as public records on the other end "I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and personal emails instead of two" she said "Looking back" she added "it might have been smarter to have two devices from the very beginning" Read more: Transcript of Hillary Clinton’s remarks at the press conference The State Department said Tuesday that it is reviewing by hand 55000 pages of emails supplied by Clinton The Department will release emails from that cache on a publicly accessible website once it redacts information not covered by the Freedom of Information Act The process is expected to take several months Clinton argued that when the State Department releases her messages the American people would benefit from an inside view into her work "I feel like once the American public begins to see the emails they will have an unprecedented insight into a high government official’s daily communications which I think will be quite interesting" Clinton said But by deleting the private messages Clinton has made it difficult if not impossible to verify whether there were any politically or personally sensitive matters she declined to turn over to State "The server will remain private" she said when asked if she would make it available for independent review Clintons comments ended her conspicuous near-silence over the eight days since the New York Times revealed she had exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business while serving as Secretary of State "I want the public to see my email" Clinton said in a tweet last week in her only prior comment on the scandal "I asked State to release them They said they will review them for release as soon as possible" After the press conference Rep Trey Gowdy a key Republican investigator said he would call Clinton to testify on Capitol Hill “at least twice” to “clear up her role and resolve issues” related to the email controversy The ensuing controversy has forced Clinton into a defensive crouch as she is in the final stages of preparation before announcing her second presidential bid The brouhaha has extended to the White House where President Barack Obama initially denied knowledge of Clintons private accounts only for a spokesman to admit Monday that Obama had corresponded with her by email at the private address A White House spokesman said Tuesday it would be premature to judge whether the president would claim executive privilege to prevent the release of his emails with Clinton "Lets just let the State Department review that process under their regular order and then we can make a determination from there" White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Clinton answered questions before about 100 reporters crammed into a hallway on the second floor of the United Nations next to a reproduction of Pablo Picassos Guernica The press conference followed a planned speech to a Womens Empowerment Principles Event Critics chided Clinton for the choice for venue arguing the slow UN accreditation process and the late notice made it difficult for the media to attend the press conference "Hillary Clintons response to her email scandal is already turning into another exercise for limiting transparency" said Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Short "She and her team had perhaps hundredsif not thousandsof options for a venue . Reus adds that its not that SSRIs dont work (though there are certainly some who do make that argument). thousands of bank employees had been fired.

The release said Hornstein was transported to Altru Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Contact us at [email protected] Apparently, On 6 July, The brother and sister share a pair of legs, he was charged with assault with a weapon after attacking a man with a metal pipe, The following year, Jose Mariano Beltrame.

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