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For all the latest Entertainment News, The play was a big hit and later adopted into celluloid in three languages – Tamil, "This is a serious issue..had said in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday?that the government will pro-actively chase those having black money and will not rest till the last account is identified 9 pm: Rajya Sabha passes Apprentices Bill New Delhi: A bill seeking to remove imprisonment as punishment for violating the provisions of the Apprentices Act 1961 and allowing employers to fix the hours of work and leave as per their discretion or policy was passed by Rajya Sabha today The Apprentices (Amendment) Bill 2014 was passed by voice vote with a majority of speakers favouring the legislation saying it is aimed at enhancing the skills of youth and make them employable It had been passed by the Lok Sabha in the last session Some members however had reservations saying certain provisions in the bill are "draconian" as employers have been given full powers to deal with apprentices in any manner Replying to the debate Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said the bill was being brought to implement the Apprenticeship Policy by March 2015 which will help provide skills to youths in the country and make them employable He said the government has brought the policy keeping transparency in view and it will involve all stakeholders PTI 701 pm: Govt committed sincere in efforts to bring back black money says Jaitley Arun Jaitley says "The SIT has been meeting and has made their first report to the SC" "We are committed and sincere in our efforts to identify each and every account holder Wherever evidence is coming we are filing prosecutions" says Jaitley Speaking of new arrangement with Switzerland Jaitley says "There will be an automatic exchange of information across the world and we want India to be a part of that mainstream" "We have done more than any other government in 100 days" says Jaitley In the middle of all this D Raja and some other MPs walk out After that Samajwadi Party too walks out Sharad Yadav gets up and says "Ab sab chale gaye hum kya kare Hum bhi ja rahen hain (Now that everyone is leaving what will I do I am also leaving" 655 pm: Govt won’t follow suicidal course on black money says Arun Jaitley Arun Jatiley puts his foot down says "If you’re suggesting to me a suicidal course the government will not follow it " Then Jaitley goes on to outline the laws that bind India from disclosing the names of those having accounts abroad 648 pm: Congress TMC walk out during Jaitley’s reply to Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma gets up and declares that the opposition is not satisfied with the answers by Arun Jaitley and stages a walkout from the Rajya Sabha Getting an opportunity Derek O’Brien says "None of the issues we brought to the fore we are walking out" 641 pm: Names will be disclosed when time is right says Jaitley on black money Sharad Yadav interrupts the Finance Minister says "The path you are taking it will take 100 years to bring back black money" To which Arun Jaitley says "When the time is right all the names will be disclosed to the public" "If we follow an adventurist course it will be a one day thrill The other countries will never co-operate with us Also the account holders will also be vindicated" says Jaitley Populism and sarcastic comments are not a response to black money: Jaitley http://s.tco/eF9pgwIqb0 — Firstpost (@firstpostin) November 26 2014 638 pm: We have made required disclosure to SC SIT says Jaitley on black money Arun Jaitley says that the issue is not whether or not to disclose names of black money holders but when to disclose their names He says "There is a prescribed internationally accepted procedure We have made the disclosure to SC and SIT" In black money case money is Indian but evidence is global collecting such evidence will take time: Jaitley http://s.tco/eF9pgwIqb0 — Firstpost (@firstpostin) November 26 2014 634 pm: 250 of 627 names have admitted to having overseas bank accounts says Jaitley Arun Jaitley says that out of the HSBC cases the government has been able to trace out more than 400 people "We have been able to identify most of them we have given notices to most of them" says Jaitley "Now 250 of the account holders have admitted to us of having overseas accounts" he says 626 pm: Constituting SIT on black money showed our resolve says Arun Jaitley Jaitley said that the fact that the NDA constituted an SIT showed their will to resolve the issue Calling the black money issue far more important than a UPA vs NDA debate Jaitley says "All assessments have been completed unlaful accounts prosecution has been filed With regards to the HSBC accounts Jaitley says "Some 627 names were given to us by the French government Out of these 627 tracing out and idenfying each name and getting information You may get the name but not get any evidence" 620 pm: Had to undo wrong decisions by UPA says Arun Jaitley Arun Jaitley speaks in Rajya Sabha He says during the debate everyone was on the same page on the fact that black money should be brought back to India He tells opposition "The UPA was moving in a particular direction when we took over some of the processes were half way through" He also said much wrong decisions taken by the previous government had to be undone by the NDA government 548 pm: Sanjay Raut attacks govt on black money In his speech Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut linked the black money issue with Dawood Ibrahim "Dawood Ibrahim used black money to trigger blasts in the country but he is roaming around in Pakistan When we can’t bring him back how can we bring back black money from abroad" Raut asked He also wondered if the government has the courage to seize 90 percent of the black money which is lying in the country "Seize that first Worry about the 10 percent that is stashed abroad later" the Sena MP said "I can give you names of 15 builders from Mumbai who have black money Do you have the courage to arrest them" Raut dared the Centre 540 pm: Keep your promise bring black money back: D Raja to govt Taking on the government CPI member D Raja questioned the will of the government in ending the black money menace "It is not right to blame the salaried class for black money It is the rich people who are to be blamed I wonder if the government is sincere in their intention of bringing black money back" Raja said BACK TO RAJYA SABHA 530 pm: Country planning time-bound equity for research Irani in Lok Sabha Union Human Resource Minister Smriti Irani in Lok Sabha took on an unnamed MP who raised doubts about governance structure of the IIIT Bill 2014 and said every thing has been taken care of after a due thought process Disagreeing with another lawmaker that new education institutions should not be opened Irani said "Quality of education cannot be enhanced by preventing expansion of academic institutions" The minister assured that research in the country would get a fillip as the government is planning to invest more money and planning a time-bound equity for research "The pay structure in IIITs would be elevated to the four-tier level like the IIT so that brilliant professors can be brought in teach our children" she said The ministry is also launching special schemes for the women students the minister said "We are trying to assimilate humanities and social sciences into IITs This would also be done in case of IIITs We are trying to improve employability for all our students" Irani said SMRITI IRANI TAKES THE FLOOR IN LOK SABHA 513 pm: Govt needs will to unearth black money in our country says Yechury Calling the issue of black money a very serious money CPI(M)’s Sitaram Yechury says that no matter what the country has done it has not been able to wipe out this malice Yechury says "Why are we discussing the issue today Because of the string of promises made during the election campaign" Outlining what the SC and BJP leaders said on the issue Yechury says "What needs to be done now is to revisit the DTAA agreements" He also says participatory notes should be banned immediately stashed "The black money stashed in our country is much bigger but to bring that back we would need the will" says Yechury 449 pm: BJP’s promises are as empty as UPA says Mayawati on black money Mayawati speaks in Rajya Sabha Says all the parties who had ruled in the years after independence are responsible for the accumulation of black money abroad "Since no concrete step has been taken by the UPA government over black money the BJP has taken complete advantage of it" she says She says "the government had promised to bring back black money 100 days But now it has been 6 months BJP’s promises are as empty as that of the UPA when they said they would do away with poverty in the country She says that black money belongs to the industrialists with whose help the parties come to power "Like the Congress the BJP is also not serious about black money" says Mayawati and adds that "Just constituting an SIT is not enough" 431 pm: The way we used black money in polls we have sold our democracy says Sharad Yadav Further criticising the government Sharad Yadav says "It has become difficult to live an honest life in this country" "The role black money played in polls we have in a way sold our Constitution and our democracy" he says He tells Ravi Shankar Prasad "you are no America you are not China Why aren’t you ready to realise this" Speaking of the unemployed in the country he says "More than 200 cr hands have no jobs give them jobs Don’t promise to bring black money" 426 pm: Govt won’t even brink back a rabbit says Sharad Yadav on black money Sharad Yadav speaks in Rajya Sabha says "I am tired of this debate I can confidently say you cannot even bring back a rabbit not even one penny" "This is not Europe or US where they can bring back black money In India black money won’t come back" he says Taking a dig on Arun Jaitley he says "Our finance minister is a also a strange man as long as you have this debate he will come up with answers" 417 pm: Modi is not PM but BM meaning bluff master says Derek O’Brien Derek O’Brien takes dig at the BJP over the promises the party made over black money He says "You are no longer a PM but a BM that is bluff master" "Anyone who makes a promise and does not deliver is a bluff master" says O’Brien He says "The TMC is a small party with no time and no black money" 411 pm: Modi should apologise for misguiding people says TMC on black money In Lok Sabha Sudip Bandyopadhyay outlines demands of the TMC in regards with the black money issue "Let Modiji put the names online Let him deposit Rs 15-20 lakh in bank accounts of people" he says He says "Now Modiji is known as NRI PM He should apologise to the Parliament because he made untrue statements about the issue" Meanwhile Bandyopadhyay gives it back to Anurag Thakur and says "You should remember Saradha owner was not arrested by CBI but by Mamata Banerjee from the Kashmir border" 406 pm: BJP gave hope to people over black money what is it doing asks SP Ram Gopal Yadav says "The BJP before coming to power gave much hope to the people by saying they will bring back black money but what is the government doing to bring it back" "Neither is the government interested in legally bringing back black money nor is it allowing anyone to disclosed the names It is eating up our economy" says Yadav 400 pm: Don’t play blame games find out where black money is stashed says SP During the black money debate SP’s Ram Gopal Yadav says the point is not playing a blame game but to find information on how much black money is stashed outside and what investigative agencies are doing to get it back Yadav says "It is true that there is black money stashed away outside India but there is also a lot of black money in India itself" He asks "Has the government tried to know who has taken out all the black money from swiss bank accounts" "Has the government tried to find out how much black money is stashed outside" 352 pm: TMC MPs funded terrorists alleges BJP’s Anurag Thakur in Lok Sabha Now Anurag Thakur says that TMC MPs used their black money to fund Bangladeshi terrorists And in the background some MPs say "shame shame" Without naming the TMC leader Thakur said "TMC people come with black umbrella’s here and fill their own pockets with black money Not just that they finance terrorists also with that money" 349 pm: TMC MPs get agitated as Anurag Thakur takes dig at Mamata TMC MPs get agitated in Lok Sabha after BJP MP Anurag Thakur speaks of Srinjoy Bose in connection with the Saradha Scam "Their MP Kunal Ghosh has said I am a small fish the big benefits are going to someone else" said Thakur in a veiled attack on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee He also said that people involved in the Saradha scam bought Mamata Banerjee’s painting for Rs 186 cr "How come the first time the WB CM’s painting sold for such a huge amount was bought by Saradha people" asks Anurag Thakur 341 pm: Anurag Thakur takes on Congress in Lok Sabha Meanwhile in the Lok Sabha BJP MP Anurag Thakur takes on Congress saying "UPA had offered amnesty to around 100 individuals on the black money list" PM #Modi was the first person to bring up black money issue in other nations: BJP’s Anurag Thakur in #LokSabha http://s.tco/oyhgYe2A8M — Firstpost (@firstpostin) November 26 2014 UPA had offered amnesty to around 100 individuals on the black money list: #BJP’s Anurag Thakur in #LokSabha http://s.tco/oyhgYe2A8M — Firstpost (@firstpostin) November 26 2014 Now that we have set up SIT on black money and Finance Ministry is investigating issue #Congress is worried: #BJP http://s.tco/oyhgYe2A8M — Firstpost (@firstpostin) November 26 2014 334 pm: Have the courage to tell people that you lied says Anand Sharma Speaking of the black money present in India Anand Sharma asked "What is the finance minister doing about it There are so many people who have black money in India" "The government the prime minister must get out of the earlier mindset of pre-election of agitation and propaganda and false hopes sold to the people" says Sharma Launching a scathing attack on the government he said "If you can’t bring back black money then have the courage to tell the people that you sold them lies" 305 pm: ‘BJP accused our govt of promoting black money what has it done now’ Taking on the government in the Rajya Sabha Congress MP Anand Sharma questioned what steps the present BJP government was taking to immediately bring back illegal money stashed abroad "When we were in power the BJP and its supporters accused our government (UPA) of promoting black money They created a perception that we were notdoing anything to bring back the money laundered abroad Has the nation now forgotten the protests by Anna Hazare Even a baba much protected by the BJP had accused us of shielding those who had money stashed abroad" Sharma said The most well-known tax haven is Switzerland a lot of money is kept there: Anand Sharma in #RajyaSabha — Firstpost (@firstpostin) November 26 2014 Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sharma said: "Besides the agitations this country was misled and a perception was brought about that one man will suddenly bring about change" "They had promised that if voted to power they will bring back all illegal money stashed in foreign banks back to the country" "Your achche din has begun please bring back the money and help the poor You promised to put money in their accounts please do so" Sharma sarcastically added "Six month after the PM took oath to office this is a complete 360 degree turn A complete turn Nobody knows where the money is" Sharma said "Those who were victims of the malicious campaign must stand up and admit that all the information that the finance minister has was brought in by our government" he said 247 pm: Congress takes on govt askswhy black money hasn’t been brought back Leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge initiated the debate on bringing back black money targetting the BJP-led government over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of bringing it back in 100 days "Where is my 15 lakh you promised to deposit in my account I haven’t got it and it has been 150 days You have not kept up to your promise" Kharge said adding that "I just want to remind you of your promise" "You also said we must honour the patriotism of our salaried class and we will give them the money" Kharge added "You have taken an about-turn on 17 September 2014 in an affidavit to the SC saying it was bound by double taxation agreements" with members in the House chanting ‘U-turn U-turn’ Kharge also questioned why the BJP was creating a delusion among the youth that it will bring back illegal money stashed abroad when it was unable to do so "Talk about ideology pull us up for our mistakes when we were in power but why these false promises" "Baba Ramdev said he had 50000 names But you have indulged in selective leaks" Kharge added "In the last six months that you have been in power have you brought back even a single rupee and returned it back to the people This black money issue and the steps taken by the previous government by Pranab Mukherjee P Chidambaram or G20 nations all these steps taken are known to MPs sitting here" he said "Advaniji had said that if the money comes back 6 lakh villages will have power supply and there will be development He is not here so I can’t ask him but Jaitleyji and Naiduji can respond with why themoney is not yet here to provide development in these villages" 145 pm:Lok Sabha passes Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2014 The BJP-led NDA government this afternoonsuccessfully passed the amended DSPE Act in the Lok Sabha where it has a clear majority The Congress warned against it saying it was a move to scuttle the Opposition andsuppress its voice but the government said it was in democratic spirit that despite not having a leader of opposition they were considering the post of leader of the largest party in opposition The House has now been adjourned till 2 pm 125 pm: Lok Sabha putsDelhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2014 to vote The Lower House of Parliament is currently considering for passage theDelhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2014 The amendment to the bill will see a change in the panel to appoint the next CBI chief of the country whose office comes under the Delhi Special Police Act With the Opposition not having an official leader of opposition the government has proposed an amendment to include ‘leader of the largest opposition party’ in place of Leader of the Opposition 105 pm: You want to suppress the voice of the Opposition says Kharge Speaking during a discussion on the consideration and passing of the Delhi Special Police Act (Amendment) Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge today said the Speaker should overrule a previous ruling by a Speaker and "in a right democratic spirit and in respect of democracy and opposition" allow the setting up of the Leader of Opposition The discussion is centered around an amendment to include ‘leader of the largest opposition party’ as a member in the panel to select the CBI chief "You have a majority you can go ahead and suppress the voice of the opposition if you want to I know Venkaiahji is in a hurry. go ahead and do it" Kharge also said that the government should either amend the salaries act or recognise the post Responding to Kharge Venkaiah Naidu said it was the people who will decide how strong an Opposition they want and not the government "If you are talking about democractic spirit then it is in that spirit that we are amending laws to include your presence" "From 2 we have come to 282 It is the people’s mandate Our government is ready to take any suggestion that you have into consideration In the true spirit of democracy we are bringing in this amendment You should not have any objection" Naidu said In his response Kharge saidduring the previous years there was no mandatory post for the Leader of Opposition in various laws now there is and therefore the post should be recognised 1115 am: Digvijaya you know the rules better than me please let House function says Kurien Deputy Chairperson in the Rajya Sabha PJ Kurien attempting to ask Congress MP Digvijaya Singh to refuse from interrupting proceedings said: "Digvijaya Singh you are a very senior leader you know the rules much better than me. for raising such matter you must give notice and get permission of Chair The minister has responded but if you want more you must give notice and the Chair will consider it" Kurien further said that the Zero Hour is meant to raise important issues and it needs to function 1100 am: Speaker refuses to hold immediate debateon black money Stating that the issue of black money was an old issue being discussed for the last two years Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said the discussion would be allowed but won’t suspend Question Hour and treat the issue as a matter of national importance This despite Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge issuing a notice to the Secretary General early in the day "You cannot say the issue is old and two or three years old If the PM promised to bring back money in 100 days and he has not it is an important issue The government must respond" Kharge said in response to the Speaker’s ruling The Lok Sabha then continued with the Question Hour Congress should ask themselves why they did nothing for last 10 yearsGovt has started process(on black money)-Jagdambika PalBJP — ANI (@ANI_news) November 26 2014 1045 am: Ready for discussion on black money says Congress Informing reporters that they have served a notice for anadjournment motion Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge this morning said they were ready for a discussion if the government was ready "We have given notice for adjournment motion ready for immediate discussion" Kharge said Earlier in the day MoS Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the government was determined for a positive functioning of Parliament adding that the government was "ready for discussion over any issue" BJD’s Jay Panda added "now that the government has expressed they are ready for a discussion over black money issue it should be listed and discussed in detail in Parliament" 930 am: Govt to initiate debate on black money today After day-long protests in both Houses of Parliament on Tuesday the government has agreed to have a discussion onillegal money deposited in off-shore bank accounts Opposition parties – Trinamool Congress JD(U) and Samajwadi Party – had on Tuesday led continuous protests both inside and outside Parliament demanding that the Prime Minister apologise for being unable to fulfill his promise of returning back money within 100 days of forming government Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday informed the House that the government was ready for any discussion on the matter whenever the Opposition wanted to but the protests continued Updates for 25 November end 6 pm: Lok Sabha takes up CBI bill amid uproar Amid uproar and Congress walkout Lok Sabha today took up a bill under which absence of any of the three members of the selection committee to choose CBI chief will not hinder the exercise with the government saying there was no deliberate design in this Minister of State for Department of Personnel and Training Jitendra Singh moved the Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2014 for consideration Singh said the change in the Act was being made to ensure that the crucial decision on selection of CBI director does not remain in "suspension" or is delayed just because one of three members is not present "There is nothing deliberate by the government in it" he said The Amendment Bill was moved amid resistance by opposition parties which questioned the "hurry" in which it was brought Members of Congress TMC and SP staged a walk out Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge demanded that a discussion on black money be taken up first as he accused the ruling BJP of using the issue to "defame" UPA-II dispensation and sought its apology Rejecting the opposition contention that the bill was being pushed in haste Singh said the current CBI was going to retire soon and a successor had to be chosen at the earliest CBI Director Ranjit Sinha will be retiring on 2 December PTI 540 pm: Rijiju denies enhancement of compensation to anti-Sikh riot victims New Delhi: The Centre has not enhanced the compensation to the victims of anti-Sikh riots in 1984 Lok Sabha was informed today Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju however said the government has provided ex-gratia to the victims of the riots through a ‘rehabilitation package’ in 2006 and Rs 53220 crore has already been disbursed till date by the concerned states and Union Territories under this package Rijiju said Central government administers a scheme titled ‘Central Assistance to the Civilian Victims of Terrorist/Communal/ Naxal Violence’ for the sustenance and maintenance of the families of the civil victims of terrorist/communal/Naxal violence Under this scheme Rs 3 lakh is given to the next of kin of the victims in case of death of incapacitation/disability with 50 percent or more he said PTI 330 pm:Smriti Iraniintroduces IIIT Bill 2014 for consideration and passing Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani introduced the Indian Institutes of Information Technology Bill 2014 in Lok Sabha announcing the government’s plans to upgradeIIIT institutes in cities of Gwalior Jabalpur Kancheepuram and Allahabad and also grant them the statusof ‘institutes ofnational importance’ The bill also aims to empower the institutes to grant degrees The four institutes are IIIT Allahabad IIIT Gwalior IIIT Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur and IIIT Design and Manufacturing Kancheepuram The bill was originally introduced during the UPA regime by her predecessor M M Pallam Raju But it had lapsed with the completion of the term of the last Lok Sabha 250 pm: Lok Sabhadiscusses DelhiPolice Act (Amendment) Opposition MPs walked out of the Lok Sabha this afternoon after the House took up the Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2014 Through the amendment the government seeks to add a position of ‘leader of the single largest party in opposition’ in the selection committee of the CBI chief The amendment comes after the current Lok Sabha does not have a Leader of the Opposition The bill was to be taken up on Monday but both Houses were adjourned after the passing away of Congress MP Murli Deora 1210 pm: Ready for a discussion on black money tell us when says govt "We are ready for a debate for 10 years you did not do anything. in six months we have taken many important steps We are ready for a discussion on the black money matter" Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said following which Speaker Mahajan said: "You only want to shout and don’t want a discussion" NDTV reports that the government has even written to the Speaker saying it was ready for a discussion on black money We are committed and sincere to bring back black money from abroad Government is fully prepared for a discussion on black money We are fully prepared to present the facts on the efforts to bring back black money" Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters after the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Party in New Delhi The Opposition though was in no mood to give in and continued with its vocal protests chanting "Modiji jawab do" Meanwhile Rajya Sabha has been further adjourned till 1 pm while Lok Sabha has been adjourned till 2 pm 1200 pm: Lok Sabha resumes congratulates ISRO Satyarthi Lok Sabha resumed at 12 pm with congratulatory messages for India’s successful Mars Orbiter Mission as well as India’s Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi "Isro successfully entered the Mars Orbit India has now entered a league of nations having the potential to launch interplanetary probe The House alsoconveys its congratulations to Isro scientists and technologists for making this a success and making every Indian proud" "It also gives me immense pride on Satyarthi winning the Nobel Peace Prize along with Pakistan’s Yousafzai Malala" The House also congratulated sports persons who have brought laurels to the country in various fields 1155 am:Congress rakes up name change of Hyderabad airport says won’t allow House to run Congress MP Anand Sharma demanded answers from the government on how the Hyderabad Airport was renamed from Rajiv Gandhi international airport "The aribitary change of the name of Hyderabad Airport. It was Rajiv Gandhi airport This is unacceptable We will not allow the House run" Sharma said following which Kurien adjourned the House 1152 am: Rajya Sabha extends submission date for Select Committee report on Insurance Bill After much discussion which can be read below the Rajya Sabha approved an extension to a Select Committee on the Insurance Amendment Bill 2008 The report willnow be submitted on 12 December 1135 am: Rajya Sabha discusses granting extension to committee on Insurance bill Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha PJ Kurien is currently discussing a technical queryonthe Rajya Sabha Select Committee constituted to discuss the Insurance Bill (Amendments) 2008 The query is whether the Rajya Sabha can discuss a procedural lapse by the Chairperson of the select committee The chairperson had approached the House seeking an extension to submit its report but MPs have said that the chairperson did not follow certain procedures Intervening Leader of the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley has suggested tothe Deputy Chairperson to either dissolve the committee or extend the committee The final rulingwill be given by the Rajya Sabha chairperson Kurien has provided two options – either the Chairman of the committee postpones the decision or the House decides what to do next with the committee given that it is supreme MP Najma said there exists a third option – the Chair is supreme and he can dissolve any rule as a special case Kurien however did not seem to pay much attention to the suggestion Kurien said he was willing to accept CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury suggestion – "Common sense tells you the members of the committee are present have a meeting and decide what to do next" – to which Jaitley saidlet’s put it to vote Congress MP Anand Sharma however reminded Kurien that he should make clear his rulingelse the ambiguity will be used as a precedent 1122 am: Lok Sabha adjourned till 12 pm following Opposition protests "The manner in which you are shouting is unacceptable the House stands adjourned till 12 pm" a visibly annoyed Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan told Opposition MPs who were demanding the suspension of Question Hour in the House The protests led by Trinamool Congress were supported by the JD(U) and the Samajwadi Party 1110 am: Opposition takes on govt in Lok Sabha wants answers on black money "Modiji jawab do jawab do" chants resounded in Lok Sabha as it convened this morning with the Opposition demanding that the governmentofficial answer what their position was on recovering black money stashed in bank accounts abroad The Trinamool Congress JD(U) and Samajwadi Party want that the Question Hour be suspended and a discussion on black money be held Earlier in the day Samajwadi Partychief Mulayam Singh Yadav also joined the protests clearly indicating that a united opposition will take on the clear majority BJP government Mulayam Singh Yadav joins TMC’s protest outside Parliament over black money issue pictwittercom/QkvtpkPNRK — ANI (@ANI_news) November 25 2014 For now though Speaker Sumitra Mahajan is in no mood to give the opposition any voice and is continuing with the Question Hour 1055 am: After Monday’s adjournment Parliament to begin session today After both Houses of Parliament were adjourned on Monday – the first day of the Winter Session – following the death of Congress MP Murli Deora both Houses will meet today in what is expected to be a stormy beginning to the Winter session The Winter Session of Parliament began on Monday For the BJP despite having a clear majority in the Lok Sabha it is set to be difficult evenas the Shiv Sena has said that strained ties in Maharashtra would not prevent it from supporting the government at the Centre But while the Shiv Sena can be placated with promises of power in Maharashtra getting other parties on board is going to prove the BJP bugbear this session According to reports the government is worried about the fate of some of the Bills because the SP the BSP the JD(U) and the CPM along with the TMC the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Janata Dal (Secular) together have 60 members of Parliament (MPs) in the Rajya Sabha out of a total 245 And if the all party meeting held on Sunday is any indication then they have reason to be worried The TMC led by Mamata Banerjee who is seething over the arrest of some prominent party MPs boycotted the meeting along with the Samajwadi Party The insurance bill which seeks to increase FDI in the sector to 49 percent from 26 percent is the most at risk While the Congress which has 68 MPs has indicated that it will support the bill Janata Dal-United (JD(U) leader KC Tyagi said after the meeting that his party plans to oppose it along with the Samajwadi Party Communist Party of India-Marxist and the TMC They are also trying to convince the Congress to join in the name of ‘larger opposition unity’ Leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge has so far been ambivalent on supporting the opposition move however saying the party would first see what amendments the government brings Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the all party meeting on the eve of the session assured them that collectively all important issues can be taken up and hoped that the month-long session would go "very well" like the last budget session At this point that seems very much like wishful thinking leaving Gautam in charge. I cannot divulge the content of the threat.the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has begun the process of repairing potholes across the city. Jagdish Mamgain, Hun Sen is taking a belated leap into the digital age in a bid to court young, “When he lost.

This was Vijender’s third successive CWG appearance. “I think headguards should come back but the International Boxing Association (AIBA) takes a call on all this. The ailment can be treated and one does not need to stop daily routine. who was also present on the occasion,Not since Cincinnati in 2015, Djokovic has been under a spell of terrible results.Mumbai Police Commissioner,its offshoot (GIO) with terrorist activities. The duo even came close to converting a goal on two occasions but the Den Bosch custodian made a diving effort to deny India a goal.” said an official.

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