The Battle Broadens Against Tech Support Phone Scams

first_imgOur Chief Information Security Officer Alan Daines recently spoke to business owners on Direct2DellEMC about protecting their organizations from the threat of ransomware. While ransomware is a rising threat that is impacting home computer users, we also continue to battle legacy threat vectors that remain effective in defrauding users.One such threat that I’d like to discuss today is the telephone tech support scam, which has been ongoing for many years but in recent times we have seen a marked increase in prevalence.This scam is perpetrated when a criminal fraudster makes an unsolicited call claiming to be from a well-known company like Dell and tries to convince you that there is a problem with your computer. This is done in  an attempt to gain remote access to your computer and to get your money.In addition to our frustration in seeing our customers being harassed and victimized by this fraud scam, we also hate to see our name used for such fraud. We want to stop it as much as you.How we’re addressing phone scams at DellAs we’ve said before, the best way to protect yourself from phone scams is to simply hang up. Dell won’t make unsolicited calls asking to charge you to fix an issue you did not report or previously request help with unless you have signed up for our enhanced monitoring and support services like Dell Tech Concierge, Dell Premium Support or Dell ProSupport services.That’s why we assembled a team of experts that span Dell’s security, information technology, customer support, privacy, legal and communications organizations to focus on the issue.We have set up two ways for you to assist us in combatting this effort by reporting when someone pretending to be from Dell tries to trick you into giving up private information or downloading software to your computer:Submit online, orCall 866-453-1742 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm Central Time)But we’re not stopping thereThis is a wide-ranging issue that demands a broader approach of attack. That’s why we have also been meeting with other major technology companies, members of the telecom and banking industries, internet service providers, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and U.S., Canadian and UK law enforcement organizations, as well as members of the call center industry. Everyone in this group has a stake in preventing these scams from adversely affecting our customers.We’ve seen positive results from sharing within this group intelligence related to internal processes and common practices used by the fraudsters. Several payment processing companies have adjusted their business practices to reduce acceptance of payments from suspect IPs and put more rigorous vetting into place for new merchant accounts. This will make it harder for a fraudulent call center business to get started.We’ve also been able to work with major Internet search engines to reduce fraudulent web sites that gather and share your personal information. And, we’ve been able to get some of the companies that create such sites banned from advertising.Many battles have been won, but the war against fraud and tech support scams will continue, and so we will continue to fight. We will gather with our colleagues again soon to plan the next steps in our coordinated efforts to counter fraud against you, our most precious asset.As more wins are scored, we’ll continue to keep you updated. In the meantime, please continue to use the online form or call us to report when someone is using our name in what you suspect might be a scam. The more information you can give us to investigate and share with the relevant authorities, the more progress we can all make in reducing these scams that plague our industry.last_img read more

Berger opens NAFCU Annual Conference general sessions, live

first_imgNAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger, in a message that will be streamed live, today will highlight the association’s accomplishments and credit union industry milestones during the opening general session of NAFCU’s 50th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo in Honolulu.During his remarks, Berger will recognize NAFCU’s 50 years of service to credit unions and how the industry has evolved within the past 50 years. He will also address the growth of the industry and how NAFCU will continue its fight for credit union regulatory relief.Following Berger’s speech, credit union attendees will receive a agency update from NCUA Acting Chairman J. Mark McWatters, who will discuss the current regulatory environment and what it means for credit unions. Keynote speaker Jeff Havens will discuss strategies credit unions can use to identify and eliminate problems caused by generational disconnects and tips to inspire a healthier, more robust work ethic in younger credit union employees.Attendees also have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions focusing on how to better credit union executive leadership skills, maintaining a strong board of directors and best practices for supervisory committee members. continue reading » 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Game of Thrones Burns Readers at the Stake, but the HBO Series is Still Great

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he two fiery dragons may have zipped their flaming snouts for now—thankfully sparing the platinum blonde locks of their mistress Queen Daenerys Targaryen—but the debate has just begun to heat up over the Game of Thrones season five opener. (Beware of spoilers!)Have the show runners finally gone too far? Have the fans of George R.R. Martin’s epic “A song of Ice and Fire” books been betrayed because the plot lines have truly diverged? Or are they going to continue to “hate-watch” the HBO series, as one of our crew here calls his Sunday night viewing experience glued to the tube?As Martin labors to finish what he started, the show’s creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, press on their own way, killing off a major character, Mance Rayder, the king of the free-folk/Wildlings, in the season opener. They had him burned at the stake, instead of following the book’s switcheroo when Stannis Baratheon’s mistress Melisandre summons some of her magic and subs a character named Rattleshirt disguised as Mance to go up in flames in his stead. Live free or die, indeed.Melisandre, also known as The Red Woman, in Game of Throne’s season 5 premiere. (Photo credit: Helen Sloan/ HBO)Face it, readers, you will always have your jam-packed books—whether Martin gets to the end himself, or a ghostwriter finishes the job. But for us watchers, the series is still as good as it gets. Whether we will ever want to go back and read the source material is another story.All the HBO show’s special ingredients were on full display as the season got underway. There’s nudity, sexuality, depravity, sudden violence, stunning locations, splendid costumes, tense drama, blood, breasts and guts. What more do we need? It did not disappoint. Of course, not having read the books, we did not know what we were missing, nor what was supposed to be coming. That’s the joy of it, we suppose.With an assist from his brother Jaime, Tyrion Lannister (played to perfection by Pinker Dinklage) managed to escape from the dungeon at Kings Landing but not from the abyss of his guilt. One of our favorite characters in the series, the small guy shot his evil dad, Tywin Lannister, with a crossbow as the dastardly Lord of Casterly Rock sat on the privy and also strangled the only love of his life, Shae, after finding her lying naked in his dad’s bed. That’s gotta be tough on anyone. Too bad he’ll never see a therapist, because he does have a lot of issues to work out. We hope he finds closure somehow—if he doesn’t, don’t you dare spoil it!Meanwhile, our other favorite male on the show, Jon Snow, won a temporary truce at Castle Black between the free folk/wildlings and the Night’s Watch—without a creepy ice walker in sight—but self-declared King Stannis Baratheon had to go and ruin it.The character Tyrion Lannister killed his father in Game of Throne’s season 4 finale last year. (Credit: HBO)And way, way down south, across the sea, Dany is still missing a dragon, and the two she has locked away look rather depressed from their neglect, and that could be cause for animal rights’ activists, assuming the former slave kingdom of Meereen ever had any, which is doubtful. Khaleesi, as we like to call her with humble devotion, has a complicated relationship with other creatures. She hatched three dragons herself, lost one, and, proving she’s no vegetarian, ate the heart of a stallion. As for the Great Harpy of Meeren, the big bronze-buttocked-and-bare-breasted female with wings mounted atop the Great Pyramid, the new queen apparently has no respect for idols of the past, having her forces pull the statue down with ropes and demolishing it in a great moment of television action and special effects.And next week we get to see what the Stark girls are up to: Arya is about to meet a cult of mysterious assassins and Sansa is going to find out what master spy Littlefinger has in mind for her. And from what we’ve seen so far, it can’t be good.last_img read more

The ULTRA Europe Festival will remain in Croatia until 2022

first_imgOfficially, the ULTRA Europe festival will remain in Croatia until 2022.Another exclusive information was announced at the official press conference. Croatian football club Hajduk and the festival organizers have signed a sponsorship agreement, so ULTRA Europe is the only festival in the world that directly supports the work and development of a professional football club.The festival had its premiere edition in 2013, and the organizers can boast of impressive results in just five years. Split and Croatia have become unavoidable news of all world media, and according to data and results on economic and tourist traffic and the number of visitors, the ULTRA Europe festival bears the epithet of the largest international event in Croatian history. More than 150 thousand visitors from over 140 countries are a fact that few events in the world can boast of, and that the celebratory fifth edition is just an introduction to a new chapter in the entertainment and tourism industry, confirmed Joe Basic, CEO of MPG Live. license holder and festival organizer.”I am proud and happy that I can finally confirm that the ULTRA Europe festival will remain in Croatia for at least another five years! This is a result that we would not be able to achieve without the unconditional support of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, city authorities and the tourism sector, and I am sure that successful cooperation will continue in the coming years. Our expectations and goals are very clear – with the unique concept of the destination festival to become the most important summer event and the largest festival in Europe with more than 180 thousand visitors, “Said Joe Basic, who also commented on the highest security measures that visitors expect at the stadium:”The safety of our guests is extremely important to us, so we, in cooperation with local institutions and the police, have taken all measures to ensure that everything is at the highest possible level and in accordance with our high standards.. “The organizers emphasized that with additional planned investments and investments, the festival has the potential to encourage as much as one billion kuna of additional spending per year, and that by promoting numerous domestic destinations and festival locations, the goal is to keep guests in Croatia for ten days. The importance and impact of such events for positioning Croatia as an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world is extremely important. “Large events such as ULTRA Europe, in addition to being an additional motive for the arrival of tourists, create additional value to the existing tourist offer and have great promotional value for Croatian tourism because guests who visit such world-famous attractions come from many countries around the world. The extent to which such festivals, in addition to connecting with existing and creating new additional content, contribute to the development of Croatian tourism, can be seen in the fact that some destinations have achieved exceptional growth and become even more recognizable and popular destinations in Europe and around the world. I believe that the festival will again make a great contribution to Split and the entire Split-Dalmatia County, because not only will the accommodation capacity be fully filled, but will also contribute to all other service activities.”, Said the Minister of Tourism Gary Capelli.Aljoša Bašić, marketing director of HNK Hajduk, confirmed that the ULTRA Europe festival remains where it belongs, at the most beautiful Croatian stadium in Poljud, and announced to the public the unique cooperation between the organizers and the Split club: “It is my pleasure to announce that the logo of the ULTRA Europe festival will be on the Hajduk jersey from this year. Our sleeve will be adorned with a great world brand and I am glad that we have made this step forward which means even better cooperation with the festival organizers”, Said Aljoša Bašić, marketing director of HNK Hajduk after the official signing of the contract. Namely, the ULTRA Europe festival signed a sponsorship agreement with Hajduk and thus became the first music festival in the world to support the work of a professional football club.Also, the University of Split, headed by the Rector prof. dr. sc. Šimun Anđelinović, initiated a research that will be conducted by students of the University in cooperation with the organizers, and which will show the positive economic effects on the city and the entire Split-Dalmatia County. Joško Stella, director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, confirmed that events such as ULTRA Europe, in addition to great promotional value, greatly contribute to creating a new and different image of our tourism and give additional value to the existing tourist offer, while Alijana Vukšić, director of the Split Tourist Board , pointed out that in addition to the festival, visitors will enjoy the natural beauty and numerous cultural, sports and entertainment facilities offered by Split and the whole of Dalmatia, and she is sure that Split will be a good host of this great musical event this year as well.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 2

first_imgBlack women hurt by new abortion law Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionSch’dy is too slow with storm cleanupWhat an outrage in Schenectady that a week after a snowstorm, there are still many streets that need to be cleaned up.It’s understandable that during the storm, and even the day after, that streets are cleared just to get them cleared. But when a week later, you still have some streets with snowbanks sticking four feet out into the road, there’s no excuse. Broadway, which is considered a priority street, is just barely wide enough to get two cars through, let alone an emergency vehicle. There are several streets where the right-hand turn lanes are still not cleared, so it creates traffic backups. What will it take for the city to get this cleaned up?Larry PetrieSchenectadyEditor’s Note: The letter was written prior to the most recent snowstorm.  There’s also an interesting article from NASA, “Water Vapor Confirmed as Major Player in Climate Change” (from 11/17/08) that’s still online that clearly challenges Mr. Macander’s view of the significance of water vapor in atmospheric warming and cooling. K. D. ReynoldsMalta Solar panels useless if covered with snowWith all panels totally covered with deep snow since Storm Harper, how’s the solar panel farm doing when electricity is needed the most? Renewable energy? This is the future? Great.Greg SheyonGlenville Trump must learn to deal with CongressLet me start by saying I voted for President Trump. Two years into his term, his administration’s accomplishments include tax reform, low unemployment, appointing two Supreme Court justices, a new NAFTA agreement and halting North Korea’s nuclear program. On the other hand he’s arrogant, egotistical, spoiled, used to getting his own way and a liar. He had a Republican Congress for two years and failed to get money for a border wall. To refuse to negotiate a federal budget and hold federal employees hostage is a travesty the likes of which I’ve never seen. All great presidents have been able to compromise with Congress. If President Trump doesn’t find a way to do that, we will surely have a Democratic resurgence in the 2020 elections.Keith MillerSaratoga Springs Make donation to Wounded WarriorsI live on a fixed income of Social Security and pinch my pennies. Each day, something comes in the mail in the form of a donation wanted. I contribute to two organizations that I have been associated with for many years and am unable to include any more. However, I recently received in the mail a request from Wounded Warriors Project for a donation. I didn’t hesitate to send them one, because inside was a picture of Anthony Villarreal.He was wounded in Afghanistan and received burns over 70 percent of his body when an IED detonated. He has gone through more than 70 surgeries and is in pain every day of his life. One can only wonder if they could endure the terrible ordeal Anthony has gone through. I pray that God continues to provide him and his family the strength to move on adjusting their lives. God bless all of our military men and women who protect our freedom, many times at a devastating cost.Roger WilliamsRotterdam Junction Medical test at Ellis ER took far too long Recently I had maybe the worst experience of my 81-year life. I had a medical issue at around 4 p.m. and went to Ellis Urgent care in Clifton Park. They were great. They did a battery of tests but referred me to the main Ellis emergency room for a test they were unable to do at this time. I waited hours for test that took less than 15 minutes. My total wait time was more than 8 hours. This is unacceptable and not healthy. The front desk did not seem to care. Albert WerthmullerGlenvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccine Writer misconstrued role of water vaporIn response to Mr. Rudy Macander’s Jan. 26 letter on the relative role of water vapor in climate change, he either misinterpreted the information he found or he has an entirely different understanding from most of us on the meaning of the term “orders of magnitude.”Mr. Macander states, “… when I checked (presumably on the  amount of water vapor relative to CO2), to my surprise, there was an order of magnitude less water vapor than CO2 in the atmosphere and that its effect is insignificant relative to CO2 and methane.” That would indeed be surprising to me, as well as to most climate scientists, since atmospheric CO2 is currently in the range of <0.04 percent, while water vapor is considered at “saturation” (it’s raining) at 4 percent, hardly orders of magnitude less. In response to Ms. Elba’s Jan. 13 letter, I say young black women beware of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act (RHA). He’s targeting you.In our country, pregnant women face the highest risk of homicide among females. Ms. Emba stated that 30 percent of female homicide victims are black, and that intimate-partner violence is high in black relationships. It stands to reason that many murdered black women were pregnant. So why did Cuomo’s RHA repeal the Penal Law against illegal abortion, (the forced abortion of a woman who wants her child or the intentional injury to a pregnant woman to cause a spontaneous abortion). Repealing this law will increase violence against pregnant women.Secondly, the RHA now allows non-doctors to do surgical abortions. Nurses, midwives and other health professionals are not trained surgeons. Allowing them surgical privileges for abortions is foolish and dangerous. Furthermore, stand-alone clinics such as Planned Parenthood, located in predominantly minority neighborhoods, will likely cut costs by hiring non-doctors, further endangering young black women.Thirdly, RHA extends abortion through all nine months, permitting lethal injection and dismemberment procedures on pain capable, viable children; horrific. It also gives unsupportive partners more time to pressure or violently coerce abortion decisions.In New York City, 60 percent of black children are aborted. In the general population of blacks, it’s 38 percent. How many more do you want, governor?The governors’ plan: Eliminate poor minorities through abortion to eliminate poverty? Young black women beware.Sheila BlaschColonielast_img read more

3 Antiqueños nabbed for illegal cockfighting

first_imgPolice identified them as resident NoratoPilosopo, 54, Rizalday Lamprea of Barangay Mojon, 32, and Exequiel Canja, 32,of Barangay Guisijan, Lau-an. The suspects were detained in the lockupcell of the San Jose municipal police station. Recovered from their possession werethree game fowls and bet money which amounted to P700, the police added. SAN JOSE, Antique – Four persons werecaught engaging in illegal cockfighting in Barangay Magcalon.center_img The suspects were caught on April 10,police said. Charges for violation of PresidentialDecree 1602, which prescribes stiffer penalties on illegal gambling and forviolation of enhanced community quarantine will be filed against them./PNlast_img

Lewis Grabban reported to have been suspended by Norwich

first_img Press Association Norwich have suspended striker Lewis Grabban after he left the team hotel without permission ahead of their Capital One Cup victory at Rotherham, according to reports. The 27-year-old, who has been the subject of three unsuccessful bids from former club Bournemouth, was not in the matchday 18 at New York Stadium and reports surfaced that the player had left the team hotel and made his own way home after being told he would start on the bench. The Canaries are now said – by a number of national newspapers – to have acted by suspending Grabban, telling him to stay away from the club, as his exit from Carrow Road appears to be drawing closer. center_img His walk-out was not confirmed by boss Alex Neil, but he vowed to resolve any issues while refusing to weaken the club’s stance on the fee Bournemouth will have to pay for the striker. “I don’t have any issues with any player. He might have an issue but I’ll quickly fix it,” Neil said after the 2-1 win at Rotherham. “There won’t be any shedding of light. Any sort of thing that happens behind closed doors stays there and that has always been the case and that will remain the case. “As far as I am concerned Lewis Grabban is a Norwich player, bottom line, that is it. Every player has got a price, but they have to a valuation we think the player is at, not what they think the player is valued at. “We have rejected three bids from Bournemouth and the bids we have received were not anywhere near the valuation of our player. “Until we get to a stage where the bids are acceptable then Lewis Grabban remains a Norwich player.” The Barclays Premier League club were unavailable for comment when asked by Press Association Sport on Wednesday night. last_img read more

Bravo controversy typical of current Windies culture, says Sir Viv

first_imgST JOHN’S, Antigua, (CMC) – Legendary captain, Sir Vivian Richards, believes the recent sending home of Darren Bravo from the Tri-Nations Series is another indicator of the lack of progress in West Indies cricket.Speaking to the Observer newspaper here, the former master batsman said whenever there were positive strides made, there were always being undermined by controversy and this was a culture which needed to change.“I think it’s about time that we just leave these things alone at this stage. I guess there are a lot of issues going on there,” Sir Viv said.“All that I can say on the whole matter is that rather than moving on, we just keep moving back every time. Every time there is some grounds gained, we move yards back after that.”Bravo was sent home ahead of the tournament in Zimbabwe after the West Indies Cricket Board cancelled his match/tour contract over a controversial tweet.Responding to WICB president Dave Cameron’s criticism of his form which led to him earning only a Grade C retainer contract, Bravo tweeted: “You have been failing 4 d last 4yrs. Y don’t u resign and FYI I’ve neva been given an A contract. Big idiot @davec51.”@davec51 is Cameron’s twitter handle.The board subsequently informed Bravo that he had contravened the terms of his match/tour contract and that he would be withdrawn from the tour.He was also given a deadline to remove the offending tweet but failed to do so.Sir Viv, who never lost a series as captain, said it was possible Bravo’s incident could be stemming from his older brother Dwayne’s wrangles with the board.“I just believe that maybe, young Darren Bravo himself could be in that persecuting sort of a lane because of maybe, other stuff that was done with his brother (Dwayne) so it’s a long story,” he surmised.West Indies failed to make the final of the Tri-Nations Series which was won by Sri Lankalast_img read more

Football factory: Milford Academy provides pipeline from New Berlin to Syracuse, producing 14 players in last 9 years

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ NEW BERLIN, N.Y. — Sixty-eight miles: That’s the length of windy, one-lane roads and eroding farmland that separates Milford Academy from Syracuse University.It’s a trip highlighted by homemade stock cars and decaying farmhouses, ever-stretching corn fields and sale signs for pure maple syrup.Seventeen weeks: That’s how long each aspiring football player at Milford spends in constant regimentation in hopes of one day making that journey.Fourteen have since 2006, including current Syracuse H-back Ashton Broyld and outside linebacker Dyshawn Davis — arguably the best players on each side of the ball for the Orange. Nine others who were placed by Syracuse at Milford didn’t make it through. “You’ve got to be a dog to go to Milford and survive,” Broyld said. “I’d probably say that’s tougher than college football. Milford, you’ve got kids coming in the first day who leave because they can’t live like that.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textMilford Academy is a four-building, football-only private school sitting halfway up a hill in New Berlin, isolated to the point of loneliness. But its reputation for placing athletes at Division I universities makes it a draw to many who didn’t reach the NCAA’s required score on the SAT.Roughly 65 attend each fall, and every day their schedule is the same.Wake up at 6:30. Lift. Shower. Eat breakfast. Start classes at 9:20. Practice. Change. Eat dinner. Team meetings until 9. Lights out by 10.Each athlete enrolls in six classes and averages a 130-point SAT improvement. In the rare intervals of free time, “Frankie’s” New York Pizzeria and the local Stewart’s convenience store are the biggest parties in town.Some can’t handle the lonely lifestyle. Head coach Bill Chaplick kicks off an average of five players every year.Others can, but almost everyone agrees it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever experienced.“Just not seeing no girls, that’s probably the hardest part,” 2004 Milford-to-Syracuse product Jeremy Horne said. “Especially when you go from high school being around girls to seeing no girls, not even in the area.”***Opening the pipelineR.J. Anderson still remembers the smell of Milford Academy’s old gym. Fourteen years ago, back when it was still located in Milford, Conn.“Shit. Piss. It was just mold,” Anderson said. “It had this damp, dew feeling. It seemed like it had been flooded sometime and they kind of never got the stench out of there. It had this mildew smell.”The scent of that decrepit workout room stayed with the quarterback all the way through a four-year career at SU in which he started 33 games after Donovan McNabb’s departure.“I just remember going there and thinking, ‘I’ll do anything to get out of here,’” Anderson said.But Anderson came before the pipeline truly opened up. Before Milford moved to New Berlin in 2004, and back when the Orange still had the talent and reputation to be far more selective in their recruiting process. Milford recruits going to Syracuse wasn’t rare, but the stream wasn’t consistent. The bond wasn’t cemented yet.That started when SU signed Anderson in Chaplick’s first season. Chaplick was named head coach the year after and grew close with former SU head coach Paul Pasqualoni through the years.Chaplick recalls Pasqualoni sending coordinators Steve Addazio and George DeLeone on recruiting trips. They would wear brown, tweed Harris suits and overcoats — and always meant business.“They’d sit you down and they’d tell that kid, ‘You’ve got to make sure that you want to be a Syracuse Orangeman,’” Chaplick said. “It was great, great stuff. It was a different era back then with Pasqualoni.“… They could truly recruit with anyone back then.”But by the time Chaplick and Milford finished their first season in New Berlin in 2005, the Orange had gone 16-20 in its last three seasons. And just as importantly, Chaplick was strengthening his rapport with the Syracuse program.Horne and Joel Coon-Ribble became the first multi-player class in SU-Milford history that offseason.***Building steamThe current Milford weight room is still filled with dated and dinged up equipment, but it smells no worse than any gym. It’s three rooms wide and overlooked by posters of the many former Milford products to reach the NFL.A photo of Horne catching a sideline pass with the Kansas City Chiefs sits above an adjustable, multi-purpose press in the middle room.Five players followed him to Syracuse in the three years after he first suited up for SU. Then the Orange landed its next star via Milford in 2008, Mikhail Marinovich.Marinovich turned down Miami and Purdue to come to Syracuse, gracing upstate New York with what Chaplick called the fastest first step since Dwight Freeney — only he was 60 pounds lighter. The last eight years haven’t all gone quite as smoothly with injuries, academic shortcomings and behavioral disqualifications, but the addition of Marinovich helped open the floodgates.Chaplick grew close with former SU head coach Greg Robinson (2005-08) and even more so with fellow “Northeast guy” Doug Marrone (2009-12) as players like Horne, who played two seasons with the Chiefs, and Marinovich, a three-year starter at SU, highlighted the era.The two most promising NFL talents, though, never got their college careers off the ground.  Defensive end Jermaine Pierce was diagnosed with having blood clots in his lungs during freshman training camp at SU in 2007. Linebacker Myles Davis tore apart his knee playing against West Point while at Milford in 2011.Neither played again.“Jermaine Pierce might’ve been the best guy we ever sent to Syracuse if he’d gotten to play,” Milford Dean of Students and Business Administrator Mike Brennan said. “He was a beast.”Syracuse honored the scholarships of Pierce and Davis, but the flow of talent from Milford slowed. Ken Tinney (Milford 2005) and Romale Tucker (2007-08) failed to clear academically and the Orange did not place any new players at Milford between 2008-09.***The last batchBroyld just didn’t understand what Buff Bowen was telling him.“Like alien,” the Milford quarterbacks coach described Broyld’s initial inability to comprehend instructions. “Painful.”But Broyld worked his way up from third-string quarterback to starting for the 12-0 Falcons. He became the most exciting player on the team, as well as a young man coaches described as coachable and a pleasure to work with.The same 18 year old who was charged with public lewdness for dropping his pants and exposing himself after a Rush-Henrietta (N.Y.) High School basketball game three months earlier was becoming a Division I student athlete.“I learned a lot of life lessons. That’s what Milford is about,” Broyld said. “It teaches you how to appreciate things when you get to college.”Broyld, Davis, Jeremiah Kobena, Travon Burke and Jamar McGloster are all Milford products currently listed on the Orange roster.It was the 2011 class that revitalized the pipeline, though each of the last three classes have blemishes.Davis and Kobena were supposed to be joined by Myles Davis. Broyld’s teammate Tyree Smallwood didn’t clear academically and struggled with life at Milford. And in 2013, running back Myles Hilliard was kicked off the team for breaking team rules and fullback Marquis Bownlee had to be sent home for medical treatment.“One of the best things the school does for them is not only help prepare the good ones, but also weed out the bad ones,” Bowen said. “There’ve been a few kids who were supposed to go to Syracuse who never made it there.”***This year, there are no current Milford players committed to Syracuse. Chaplick hasn’t even spoken with first-year head coach Scott Shafer.But the history is more important. The 14 Milford players that have played for Syracuse since 2005 provide Chaplick assurance that Shafer will come back for more.“I don’t have to have him sit in my office,” Chaplick said. “I have a long-term relationship with Syracuse.”SU offensive line coach Pat Perles was the first Orange coach to visit this season, looking at offensive linemen on Thursday. While he didn’t make it clear to Chaplick which players he was particularly interested, Perles did call 6-foot-3, 280-pound Alexander Thompson last Friday.Maybe he’ll be the next R.J. Anderson or Mikhail Marinovich. Or the next Romale Tucker or Andrey Baskin, each of whom was unable to clear academically in two years at Milford.Maybe he’ll end up elsewhere. Either way, the pipeline will continue to flow as long as Chaplick’s desk remains a monotonous hour-and-a-half drive from the Carrier Dome and talented players continue to gain eligibility.He tells each new player as much at the start of each season.“Why would you want to come to Milford and not go to school? And not go to practice?”  Chaplick asks. “Go home. Go work at McDonalds because that’s where you’re going to end up.”“Here in the middle of nowhere, you’ve got nothing to do but go to school and ball out.” Comments Published on September 30, 2013 at 2:18 am Contact Stephen: [email protected] | @Stephen_Bailey1last_img read more

Irish team for Wales clash to be named later

first_imgMarty Moore is one of those looking to prove his fitness ahead of the last game before Schmidt finalises his 31-man panel.Luke Fitzgerald looks set to be handed a role in the centre on Saturday, while the likes of Johnny Sexton, Rob Kearney and Robbie Henshaw are all likely to be in that starting 15.last_img