Laporta returns in style

first_imgFlorentino and San Mamés. He played the Madrid in San Mamés in match corresponding to day 34 of the League. The result was the least, what stood out above all was the ember that the president of Madrid gave to his counterpart in the Athletic throughout the match. “He has been praising the countryside all the time, but he has made me see that, in his opinion, he is getting old and that he needs a comprehensive reform. That he knows people who, if I say that I am on their side, make me a price” he explained Aitor Elizegi.Javier Aguirre, in his sauce. Decisive match in Cornellà in which Spanish and Leganes A good part of your stay options will be at stake. At this time it is not known if it will be able to start on time because the ‘Basque’ Aguirre, with past parakeet, continues giving his press conference prior to the meeting. He started remembering his time at Espanyol, followed with Mexican jokes, the recipe for a good michelada, and they also inform us that right now he was about to sing the great successes of the celebrated Chavela Vargas. Laporta party. Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of the historic 2-6 of Barca of Guardiola to the Real Madrid at Bernabéu and Joan Laporta he thought it was a good opportunity, never to spare, to organize a celebration party for the anniversary. “It is a round figure, remember that we went out with 11 players.” The former president did not save on expenses. Obviously, the stage was the well-known Barcelona ‘Luz de Gas’ room, which was chaired by a giant reproduction of the captain’s armband that he kissed Puyol after scoring the second goal of the match. Xavi, another of the star guests of the party, stood behind the bar and remembering the passes he gave that day, he dedicated himself to accurately inserting ice cubes into the glasses of the guests with his magical touch. The novelty is that he did it from the bar, shooting pieces of ice that fell into the containers of the assistants who were on the dance floor.Ramos did not miss it. Guardiola and Messi They were absent from the revelry during the first hours because the Catalan technician came with a blackboard to explain to Leo again the advantage of playing as a false nine, since he premiered that day and with which he completely disbanded the white team. Luckily Pique, the author of the sixth goal, appeared in time to organize the conga. Sergio Ramos, in an act that honors him, also attended the event. “How can I miss a Barça party if I have been to all of them. From 0-3 on Ronaldinho until the goal of Malcolm in the Cup going through 5-0 and 2-6, “he claimed. The party ended prematurely because Undiano Mallenco, as happened that day when the discount was smoked and he even blew the end before reaching the 90th minute, he decided that there had been enough spree and sent everyone home. Except for Laporta, of course.last_img read more

Record-breakers rack up over $1.6m in scholarships

first_imgATHLETICS: Digicel Grand Prix Championships KINGSTON: Student-athletes broke 83 records, earning $1,660,000 in scholarships over the course of the six-meet 2016 Digicel Grand Prix Athletics Championship, which ended with the Grand Prix Finals at the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport last Saturday. Any athlete who broke a meet record, Grand Prix record, or national junior record, earned $20,000 in scholarships to offset school expenses, which will be paid directly to the school he or she will attend in September 2016. Kingston College’s Class Two athlete, Zico Campbell, was a big winner, earning $100,000 in scholarships, after breaking five records over the course of the six meets. Excelsior High’s Shanice Love, the girls Under-20 discus Grand Prix champion, earned $60,000 for breaking three records, including a new Grand Prix final record in the Class One discus, in which she threw 50.39 metres to win. Athletes who won $40,000 each for breaking two records were St. Elizabeth Technical High School’s (STETHS) Junelle Bromfield, Jamaica College’s Clayton Brown, Calabar High’s Kevroy Venson, Edwin Allen’s Shannon Kalawan, Fiona Richards (Edwin Allen), St. Jago’s Keenan Lawrence, STETHS’ Sahjay Stevens, Shevan Parks of Bellefield, Sanjae Lawrence of Petersfield, and Sanique Walker of Vere Technical, and Ashley Williams of St. Jago. The Digicel Grand Prix Athletics Championship began on February 6 with the Youngster Goldsmith National Classic and the Western Championships. The other meets in the series were the Central Athletics Championships, Anthrick Corporate Area Development Meet, Camperdown Classic, and the G.C. Foster Classics. Edwin Allen and St. Jago High Schools emerged champion girl and boy school, respectively. Edwin Allen earned 237.6 points to be the leading girls’ school, finishing ahead of Holmwood Technical with 153, Excelsior High137.3, St. Jago 114, and St. Elizabeth Technical 111, rounding out the top five. St. Jago boys earned 252 points to finish ahead of Calabar 184, St. Elizabeth Technical High 136, Kingston College 131, and Munro College 88, rounding out the top five.last_img read more

Agriculture Can Save Liberia, But How?

first_imgThe Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) released some grim statistics last week, showing a drastic rise in the country’s trade deficit.Our Business Correspondent, George Kennedy, quoting CBL’s figures for the first quarter of 2014, reported that Liberia’s trade deficit widened by a staggering 86.9 percent to US$77.0 million from US$41.2 million as at December, 2013.Total trade volume amounted to US$382.1 million with import receipts alone accounting for US$226.9 million. The CBL blames the widened trade deficit on a 4.2 percent decline in merchandise export earnings, couple with a 14.6 percent decline in merchandise import payments.Commodities export receipts declined by 25.1 percent to US$152.5 million in the review quarter, from US$159.1 million at the end ofDecember, 2013, which the CBL attributes largely on account of a 25.1 percent fall in rubber export earnings to US$30.2 million in March, 2014, from US$40.3 million in December, 2013.The CBL warned that weaker than expected growth prospects in the United States and struggling recovery in the Euro zone may perpetuate the decline in rubber prices in the near term.This drastic decline in earnings from the rubber sector was expected, as Liberia’s rubber planters, including the giants, Firestone, Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC), Salala Rubber Company (SRC) and Morris American Rubber (MAR),  recently reported huge losses due to sudden drop in world rubber demand.The iron ore sector also suffered heavy losses, owing to the corresponding decline in the demand for this commodity.  We recall that several months ago Sesa Goa, the Indian company which operates iron ore in Liberia’s Western Cluster, reported that it had reduced its operations by 80%, owing to drastic drop in demand for this commodity.What does all this tell us?  It tells us that we need to start focusing again on farming, which has consistently declined since the outbreak of the Liberian civil war, when there was massive destabilization and farmers found it impossible to work their farms.The situation has, most unfortunately, not improved over the past eight and a half years of the current government.  Why? Because President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has had bad luck with her Agriculture Ministers.  This is not because of the lack of money.  The international community, realizing how much devastation the war inflicted upon this country, including its farms, rallied enthusiastically to the rescue not only with food aid but with finances, too, to help revive Liberia’s agriculture.  Barely two months before he was let go by President Sirleaf, her first Agriculture Minister, Dr. Chris Toe, told the nation that a staggering US$100 million was available to boost Liberia’s agriculture.  That led the socio-political commentator, Mother Mary Brownell, to ask angrily in a letter to the Daily Observer Editor, “Where is the money?  We see no evidence of it anywhere.”  She was right.  At that point the nation was still importing most of its food.Under Ellen’s second Agriculture Minister, Dr. Florence Chenoweth, the situation has worsened, as Liberians continue to import  almost everything they eat, including bitterball!This newspaper has frequently pleaded with the Agriculture Ministry to flood the nation’s farms with agricultural extension agents, who would help the farmers utilize the benefits of research conducted at the Central Agricultural Research Institute CARI).  Nearly four years ago Minister Chenoweth said she was training extension agents to do just that.  Alas, the agents are nowhere to be found; andLiberia is still importing most of the rice it consumes, and meat and even vegetables!How shall agriculture SAVE Liberia?  By growing our own rice, meat and vegetables; and by investing heavily in tree crops, such as coffee, cocoa and rubber.  Ellen needs to find an Agriculture Minister who BELIEVES THAT LIBERIA CAN GROW HER OWN RICE, A MINISTER WHO POSSESSES THE KNOWLEDGE AND ENERGY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. This alone would save the US$300 million we spend importing rice, and almost erase our balance of payments deficit.Our people already know how to grow bitterball, peanuts, pepper and other veggies.  We could even start growing carrots in Foya, Lofa County, and cattle in the southeast, beginning in Grand Cess, Grand Kru County and Foya.But you need an Agriculture Minister with the ENTHUSIASM seriously to engage our farmers and put them back to work: THAT’S HOW!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Nigeria’s Fuel Crisis—Why?

first_imgHow is it possible for Africa’s leading producer of petroleum to run short of fuel to power its motor vehicles, airplanes and even to keep open hospitals and key businesses? In conventional thinking, this should not and could never happen.Yet it has happened all too often in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and one of its richest, thanks to its vast petroleum reserves.The primary reason for this, we strongly believe, is corruption and a seeming lack of love and respect for country on the part of many unscrupulous Nigerian businesspeople. It is these unprincipled and ruthless people who firmly believe that increasing their fat foreign bank accounts is more important than the welfare of the suffering Nigerian masses, the economic, industrial and financial success of the country, and its respectability among the comity of nations.Why do we say that? For these Nigerian fat cats, it is nothing short of an anathema (atrocity, disgrace) for Nigeria to have efficient and effective petroleum refining companies in which the country can refine its own oil and make it readily available to Nigerians and other peoples in the West African sub-region.The world knows that Nigerians are among Africa’s most intelligent, dynamic and progressive people. Nigerians are also aggressively entrepreneurial. That is why you find many Nigerian women with Bachelor and Master’s degrees selling market. These dynamic women ask themselves, “Why go stand in line looking for a job when I can make my own money and be my own boss by running my own business?”Most multinational corporations with branches in Nigeria are run not by pale faced foreigners, as we see everywhere in countries like Liberia. The offices of these multinationals are run by Nigerians—why? Nigerian Immigration, Labor and Commerce officials and institutions, unlike ours in Liberia, SERIOUSLY enforce the macroeconomic policies established by the Nigerian Federal and State governments. There is no fooling or joking around with this. If you want to do business in Nigeria—any business—it must be run by Nigerians and you must have Nigerian partners.This is why yes, you do find some rich foreigners in Nigeria, but you can be absolutely sure they are not alone. No. There are millions of rich Nigerians, too, who have a very serious stake—indeed the lion’s share—in their economy.But why are all these positive and real attributes not reflected in Nigeria’s prime industry, petroleum? Why have there not emerged serious minded Nigerian investors who can successfully run petroleum refineries? After all, following the collapse—due to persistent and unconscionable mismanagement of the national airline, Nigeria Airways—several Nigerian entrepreneurs have emerged to start successful regional airlines that effectively run the sub-region. Among these are Arik, MedView and Dana Air, all of which are wholly owned by Nigerians.So why are Nigerian entrepreneurs not manning the petroleum sector, too? Do they think they can make more money importing petroleum products? If so, then what about the fate of ordinary Nigerians—not only those whom the refineries would employ—but also those who must suffer the constant, outrageous and unexplainable indignity of standing in endless lines searching for petroleum that God has generously deposited beneath Nigerian soil and waters? We pray that the new Nigerian President—who history tells us has been in that office before—will make the efficient operations of ALL Nigerian refineries his number two priority. We say number two because we know that NUMBER ONE is defeating the country’s murderous menace—Boko Haram.And more besides, let President Mahammadu Buhari, when he takes office tomorrow, faithfully promise and swiftly fulfill that promise to the Nigerian people that NEVER AGAIN will they have to suffer and endure this monumental, embarrassing contradiction of being oil-rich, yet still enduring the indignity and agony of scrounging (begging) daily for oil.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

LNHA Ends 3-Day Workshop in Gbarnga City

first_imgSome of the student athletes at the seminarThe president of Liberia National Handball Association (LNHA), J. Mason Saweler, has called on athletes who underwent a three-day workshop for high school athletes in Gbarnga City, Bong County to put to use the knowledge they acquired from the training.Mr. Saweler told journalists that the training started was held January 16 thru 18, 2019 and was climaxed with few exhibition matches among athletes from the 10 schools that took part in the training.The association boss described the multitude of students that showed up for the game as surprising and that it showed how hungry those students are for the game. He called on them to take both their lessons and the game seriously.Terry Morgan headed the training aspect of the workshop and he described the performance of the 70 students from the 10 high schools as astounding. He urged them to take the training seriously if they wish to be counted among the best handball athletes nationally and internationally.Students from St. Martin’s Catholic, N. V. Massaquoi, St. Peter’s Episcopal, Muslim Youth Academy, and St. Mark’s Lutheran high schools were among the participants.Others were S. D. A, A. G. M, Dolokelen Gboveh, Alexander A. Andrew, and Bokalu Simi high schools.Morgan said physical education instructors from the 10 schools which students participated in the workshop were also trained by the rules governing handball so that they will continue to train students who have the passion for it.He said, “Because of the passion the students have for handball, we also trained PE instructors from each of the 10 schools that participated in the workshop about the rules of the sport and we call on the Ministry of Education to include the sport in its PE curriculum in their individual schools.”“Our reason for calling on PE instructors to include the sport in their individual school PE curriculum is because it would help to increase the athletes’ knowledge in the sport and promote the game in that part of the country,” he said.Morgan extended thanks to the National PTA Network which provided the sponsorship for the workshop.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Policeman in hot water for shooting Itaballi man

first_imgA Police constable is in hot water after he allegedly used excessive force on a man with whom he had an argument at Itaballi Check Point, Region Seven. The incident occurred at about 20:00h on Friday evening.According to reports, the constable was responding to a report of domestic violence in the area when he came into contact with the accused, resulting in an argument.During the heated argument, the Policeman was accused of hitting the man to the head with his service revolver, causing him to fall. The Constable then discharged a round, hitting the man to his upper chest.After the shooting, the constable took the man to the Bartica Regional Hospital where he was admitted, and is now in a stable but serious condition.The rank, according to reports, fled the area but was later arrested at the Tiperu Crossing.The Office of Professional Responsibility has launched a probe into the purported breaches of standard operating procedures in relation to the report of domestic violence.last_img read more

Lukaku on a brace as Belgium beat Panama

first_imgLukaku then converted assists from Kevin De Bruyne and captain Eden Hazard to secure victory in this Group G clash, with the Central Americans succumbing to a defeat in their first-ever match at the finals.Group rivals England will look to respond to Belgium’s win when they kick off their campaign against Tunisia but this was not entirely the statement of intent that Roberto Martinez’s side would have been hoping to make.A victory will do for a team who are, on paper at least, good enough to go far in Russia, especially after heavyweights Germany, Brazil and Argentina all slipped up over the weekend.-Unbeaten BelgiumBelgium are now unbeaten in 20 matches, although the nature of the first-half performance against weak opposition showed that Martinez’s men still have significant progress to make if they are to improve on quarter-final appearances at the last two major tournaments.To be fair to Martinez, the Spaniard had warned on the eve of this game that his side would not have it easy.Dries Mertens celebrates with Romelu Lukaku after putting Belgium in front against PanamaThe Central Americans lined up with a team of journeymen featuring five thirty-somethings. Jaime Penedo in goal is 36, while Blas Perez up front is 37. But while the Belgians had the younger, talented players, other factors played in Panama’s favour.The heat and humidity on Russia’s Black Sea coast was one, as was the fact their supporters greatly outnumbered those following the Belgians.The locals at the Fisht Stadium got behind the outsiders too, and they were given encouragement as Hernan Dario Gomez’s side competed well in the first period.Hazard pulled the strings when he could, although the Chelsea star was denied by Penedo in the 38th minute, having earlier found the side-netting when a slack back-pass from opposing captain Roman Torres gifted him the chance.At the other end, Panama tried to expose Belgium’s potential weaknesses at full-back. However, they struggled to score goals in qualifying and rarely looked capable of beating Thibaut Courtois.– Mertens strike –Belgium just needed a spark from somewhere, and they got it from Mertens in the 47th minute.The Napoli man’s cross looking for Lukaku was headed out by Torres and on by Fidel Escobar. But the ball dropped perfectly back to Mertens, whose volley from the right side of the box arced into the far corner.Romelu Lukaku celebrates after scoring against PanamaPanama sought to regroup and right-back Michael Murillo came surging forward to finally force a save from Courtois.But the gulf in class began to tell as Belgium doubled their lead midway through the second half. Hazard found De Bruyne, and his sumptuous cross with the outside of the right boot was headed in by Lukaku.With Panama forced to throw more bodies forward, they were punished on the break a quarter of an hour from the end.This time Hazard released Lukaku, and the Manchester United man beat Penedo to complete the scoring and take him to five goals at major tournaments, as Belgium get up and running. 0Shares0000Romelu Lukaku celebrates after scoring his first, and Belgium’s second, of the match in Sochi. Photograph: Patrick Smith – FIFA/FIFA via Getty ImagesSOCHI, Russia, Jun 18-  Romelu Lukaku netted a brace as a much-improved second-half performance gave Belgium an ultimately comfortable 3-0 victory over tournament debutants Panama in their World Cup opener in Sochi on Monday.A moment of inspiration from Dries Mertens set the Belgians on their way two minutes after the break, his volley breaking the deadlock after a rather flat first period. 0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


first_imgGAELTACHT Minister Joe McHugh has welcomed 125 Jobs to the Páirc Ghnó, Gaoth Dobhair by a UK Digital Marketing Company.“I am delighted at this announcement by SLM Connect and Údarás na Gaeltachta,” the minister told Donegal Daily.“This is most significant in terms of the number of jobs it will create in North West Donegal. It is great news for Gaoth Dobhair and the surrounding locality and will give a much needed boost to the area.” SLM Connect, the Manchester based digital marketing company, confirmed that it is to expand its operations and establish a new base on the Gaoth Dobhair Business Park, in Na Doirí Beaga.The expansion plan is supported by Údarás na Gaeltachta and will lead to the creation of 125 jobs.Said McHugh: “I have been in discussions with James Moran, Manager, and board members of SLM Connect since last year, and over recent months, where I attended meetings in both Manchester and Donegal, along with officials from Údarás na Gaeltachta, about SLM Connect establishing a branch of the company in the Gaoth Dobhair Business Park.“I am delighted they will begin operation here in Donegal in the coming weeks and months, where they plan to employ up to 125 people with skills and experience in customer care and contact services, as well as supervisory and management positions being available. “SLM Éire Teo plans to begin operating from its new base this summer and will soon begin recruiting. The company plans to employ 25 people initially and hopes to increase its employment numbers substantially in the following months.“I wish to commend SLM Connect and Údarás na Gaeltachta on their hard work and dedication to ensuring this project would be established here in Donegal. The move will be a major boost for the Gaeltacht area of Gaoth Dobhair and surrounding areas which have suffered unemployment and emigration in recent years and today’s news is a positive story for our County.” GAOTH DOBHAIR JOBS: McHUGH DELIGHTED WITH ANNOUNCEMENT was last modified: April 18th, 2016 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Gaoth DobhairjobsJoe McHughÚdarás na Gaeltachtalast_img read more

Donegal woman plans to cut off her ponytail for charity

first_imgCHARITY: A Donegal woman is planning to cut off her ponytail and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. Lauren M Mc Eleney, from Clonmany is parting with her luscious locks in an effort to raise further awareness on children’s cancer. The Little Princess Trust, is a charity organization which makes wigs for children suffering from cancer, and Lauren will donate her ponytail to the Little Princess Trust.Lauren has also set up a go-fund-me page online, as part of an upcoming nursing placement she is undertaking in Sri Lanka.Lauren wrote, ” So anyone who has known me within this last 10 years would know me with long hair, well that’s about to change.“I am planning to cut off my ponytail and donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust which is a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. “Along with this I plan to travel to Sri Lanka to undertake a  children’s nursing placement for 4 weeks as part of my nursing degree with projects abroad. All money raised will go towards funding this placement in Sri Lanka.“Any additional money raised will provide the local communities of Sri Lanka with some much needed life saving medical equipment.  My aim is to reach a target of £500 by the 1st of September so any donation no matter how little would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way towards my elective placement in Sri Lanka.”Donegal woman plans to cut off her ponytail for charity was last modified: August 23rd, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:charityclonmanydonegalLaurenLittle Princess TrustnewsPonytailSri Lankawomanlast_img read more


first_imgWhere did you come in the Gairmscoil Chú Uladh 5k?Cén ait a thainig tú sa rás 5k Gairmscoil Chú Uladh?Well done to the enthusiastic 235 runners that took part in the Gairmscoil Chú Uladh 5k earlier today. The race was a climax to the couch to 5k program which the students and staff have been following for the last 2 months. Dayle Gallachóir (17:26 pb) a fourth year pupil at Gairmscoil Chú Uladh & L.A .C took the honours at the inaugural 5k whilst Shane Mc Nulty (17:28) and Paul Kelly (18:19) took first and second in the Senior mens race. Jane Watson and Deirdre Friel were the first senior women home, whilst Amy Nic An Ultaigh won the Junior womans race. In the juvenile race Aaron mac Fhloinn and Karl Mac Fhloinn were the first two boys’ home whilst Orla ní Fhril and Niamh Dorrain were the first two girls’ home. Well done to all the participants.Bhí lá ar doigh ag an 235 luthcleasaí diograiseach a ghlac phairt in san rás 5k inniu thart f’an Béal an Átha Móir. Chuir an rás seo crioch leis an traenail chrua a a bhí déanta ag scolairi na scoile mar phairt den chlár ‘Tolg go 5k’ .Thainig Dayle ó Gallachóir dalta 4ú bliana, G.C.U. na bhaile in san am is gaiste (cur iarracht pearsanta) le Shane Mac an Ultaigh agus Paul Kelly ag glacadh an 2ú agus 3ú aiteanna. B’iad Jane Watson and Deirdre Friel na chead mná na bhaile, le Amy Nic An Ultaigh ag baint an teideal soisearach. In san ras míle b’iad Aaron mac Fhloinn agus Karl Mac Fhloinn an chéad bheirt na bhaile le Orla ní Fhril agus Niamh Dorrain an chéad bheirt girseach ar ais.Maith sibh uilig go leir!Torthaí Rás 5k – Gairmscoil Chú UladhAit uimhir rása AM Ainm Sloinne Catagoir Club 1 138 17.26 Dayle o Gallachóir 4ú nabla L.A.C2 259 17.28 Shane Mc Nulty SM Finn Valley3 230 18.19 Paul Kelly Sm Finn Valley College4 237 18.24 Paddy McDaid SM Finn Valley College5 256 19.03 Aaron Kelly SM Unattached 6 269 19.20 Padraig Mac Fhloinn SM Unattached7 67 19.55 Jason Ó Mearthaile 5ú meabh Unattached8 155 20.08 Aodhfin Mac Fhloinn 3ú Ailbhe Finn Valley9 207 20.15 Ciaran ó Giobuin 3ú Ailbhe Unattached 10 111 20.20 Darragh O’Mahoney 4ú nabla Unattached11 160 20.40 Ronan ó Gallachóir 5ú meabh Unattached12 156 20.48 Colm ó Cuinn 3ú Ailbhe Unattached13 74 21.22 Christopher Mac fhloinn 5ú manas Unattached14 131 21.32 Kyle ó Dochartaigh idirbliain Unattached15 213 21.55 Aaron Mac Fhloinn 1ú Cróna Finn Valley16 117 22.08 Shane Dunleavey 4ú nabla Unattached17 3 22.39 Padraig ó Baoill 4ú Naos Unattached18 144 22.54 Joe Ruck idirbliain Unattached19 105 22.55 Phil ó Dochartaigh 4ú Naos Unattached20 87 22.57 Conal Mac Gaoithin 4ú Neasa Unattached21 89 23.05 Paddy ó Dochartaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached22 157 23.06 Michael Mc Devitt 5ú meabh Unattached23 211 23.27 Ryan Mac Fhloinn 3ú Aodhan Unattached24 190 23.35 James ó Dochartaigh 5ú manas Unattached25 24 23.56 Paddy ó Dochartaigh 3ú Ailbhe Unattached26 106 24.15 Killian Mac an Tomais 5ú manas Unattached27 91 24.17 Lee Mc Daid 3ú Aodhan Unattached28 139 24.28 Amy Nic an Ultaigh idirbliain Unattached29 191 24.42 Gerard ó Dochartaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached30 150 24.47 Mickey Joe Mac Monagail 5ú manas Unattached31 260 24.57 Jane Watson SW Unattached32 29 24.57 Éanna Ó Manníon SM Unattached33 35 25.35 AnneMarie ní Luadhóg 5ú manas Unattached34 90 26.05 Paddy Mac Craith 3ú Aodhan Unattached35 214 26.07 Adam Callaghan Jm Finn Valley college36 225 26.17 Stephen Mc Elhinney Jm Finn Valley college37 19 26.43 Matthew Mac Fhionnghaile 2ú barra Unattached38 164 26.44 Evan ó Giobuin 3ú Ailbhe Unattached39 118 26.47 Shane ó Muighe 4ú nabla Unattached40 109 26.47 Paddy Mc Devitt 4ú nabla Unattached41 135 26.48 Liam O’Meara 4ú nabla Unattached42 200 27.09 Darragh o Donaill 3ú Ailbhe Unattached43 103 27.09 Matthew Doherty 3ú Aodhan Unattached44 265 27.19 Deirdre uí Fhríl SW Unattached45 133 27.33 Owen Mc Crudden 4ú nabla Unattached46 122 27.34 Kyle Blades 4ú Naos Unattached47 104 27.36 Paul ó Dochartaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached48 37 27.39 Kevin Glackin 5ú manas Unattached49 234 27.41 Jordan Tourish Jw Finn Valley50 162 27.43 Matthew Curran 5ú meabh Unattached51 254 27.49 Nick Ruck SM Unattached52 239 28.13 Leah MacAoidh SW Unattached53 107 28.29 Roisin nic Ceallabhuí 4ú nabla Unattached54 124 28.43 Conor ó Fril 4ú Neasa Unattached55 245 28.44 Adam Mc Bearty 3ú Ailbhe Unattached56 88 28.53 Phil Mac Gaoithin 5ú meabh Unattached57 255 29.29 Sean Ó Fearraigh SM Unattached58 253 29.32 Ryan James 4ú nabla Unattached59 127 29.43 Francis ó Murchú 4ú Neasa Unattached60 1 29.49 Dale Stewart 4ú Naos Unattached61 33 29.50 Liam Mc Devitt 4ú Neasa Unattached62 75 29.53 Rachel Nic a Bhaird 4ú Neasa Unattached63 108 29.54 Megan Ni ceallabhuí 5ú manas Unattached64 224 29.55 Michael Mc Colgan Jm Finn Valley65 98 29.59 Christopher O Donaill 3ú Aodhan Unattached66 70 30.03 Callum ó Dochartaigh 4ú Naos Unattached67 171 30.03 James O’Reilly idirbliain Unattached68 174 30.03 Caolan ó Fríl idirbliain Unattached69 65 30.08 An tathair Gerard SM Unattached70 80 30.26 Conor Mc Daid 4ú Naos Unattached71 258 30.26 Elaine Mac Phaidin SW Unattached72 72 30.34 Michaela Dunleavey 2ú barra Unattached73 23 30.35 Mairtín Doherty 2ú barra Unattached74 202 30.52 Christian Wooten 4ú Naos Unattached75 11 31.04 Paul Gallagher 3ú Aodhan Unattached76 241 31.05 Paddy ó Baoill 3ú Ailbhe Unattached77 60 31.14 Niamh Ní Dheoráin 1ú Cróna Unattached78 93 31.14 Darragh Mc Granaghan 1ú Cróna Unattached79 79 31.17 Nuala O’Donnell 4ú Neasa Unattached80 246 31.21 Conor Mc Hugh 3ú Ailbhe Unattached81 146 31.26 Tom O’Grady SM Unattached82 28 31.27 Freddie Cullen 2ú barra Unattached83 147 31.33 Ultan O’Grady Jm Unattached84 2 31.41 Jamie Friel 4ú Naos Unattached85 73 32.03 Ronan O’Donnell 2ú barra Unattached86 102 32.05 Emma Jayne Mitchell 3ú Aodhan Unattached87 114 32.15 Grace O’Donnell 4ú nabla Unattached88 9 32.19 Chloe Rose 2ú barra Unattached89 134 32.20 Conor Mc Crudden 4ú nabla Unattached90 27 32.21 Pollyanna Cullen 1ú Cróna Unattached91 41 32.22 David Walsh 5ú manas Unattached92 32 32.34 Emer Mc Devitt 5ú manas Unattached93 128 32.51 Jason Browne 4ú Neasa Unattached94 94 32.52 Sinead Mc Dermott 3ú Aodhan Unattached95 235 32.56 Ryan Walden Jm Finn Valley96 123 32.57 Aron O’Hare 4ú Neasa Unattached97 271 32.58 Regina Velly SW Unattached98 110 33.03 Shuan Mc Bearty 4ú nabla Unattached99 36 33.04 Emma Logue 5ú manas Unattached100 84 33.07 Michelle Bonner 4ú Neasa Unattached101 152 33.07 Cassie Long 5ú meabh Unattached102 130 33.14 Edel Eilis 4ú Naos Unattached103 38 33.15 Aishling Rieder 5ú manas Unattached104 82 33.43 Corina Gibbons 4ú Neasa Unattached105 136 33.54 Kelli Mc Grory SW Unattached106 95 34.06 Danielle Mulhern 3ú Aodhan Unattached107 167 34.27 Eilish Bradley 5ú meabh Unattached108 198 34.28 Denis Quinn 2ú beibhinn Unattached109 26 34.34 Francis Mc Devit 2ú barra Unattached110 194 34.34 Conor Doherty 2ú beibhinn Unattached111 69 34.36 Catherine Gillespie 1ú Cróna Unattached112 50 34.44 Keelan Mc A Ghoill 1ú Cróna Unattached113 49 34.45 Keelan Mc Mac Monagail 1ú Cróna Unattached114 25 34.46 Joe McDyer 2ú barra Unattached115 34 34.47 Oran Mc Devitt 2ú barra Unattached116 172 35.25 Daryl Thompson idirbliain Unattached117 51 36.34 Oisin Ó Laoghóg 1ú Cróna Unattached118 92 36.46 Aoife Mc Granaghan 3ú Aodhan Unattached119 68 37.00 Therese Gillespie 4ú Naos Unattached120 169 37.04 Catherine de Brún idirbliain Unattached121 154 37.30 Aine breathnach 5ú meabh Unattached122 209 37.32 Aaron ó Baoill 3ú Ailbhe Unattached123 212 37.33 Conor Mac Fhionntaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached124 206 37.36 Catherina Boyle 3ú Ailbhe Unattached125 195 37.52 Kaylem ó Murch u 3ú Ailbhe Unattached126 140 37.53 Dylan Gallagher idirbliain Unattached127 22 37.54 Tamara ní Cheallaigh 2ú barra Unattached128 13 37.55 Dearbhla ní Cheallaigh 2ú barra Unattached129 52 37.58 Joseph Mac Aoidh 1ú Cróna Unattached130 197 38.03 Karl Mac Fhloinn 2ú beibhinn Unattached131 242 38.05 Conal ó thiomanaigh 2ú beibhinn Unattached132 270 38.31 Kathleen Mc Devitt SW Unattached133 199 38.50 Ronan O’Donnell 2ú beibhinn Unattached134 166 39.01 Erin ní Earcain 1ú Cróna Finn Valley135 58 39.02 Leanne Nic Fhearail 1ú Cróna Unattached136 163 39.14 Gavin Stevenson idirbliain Unattached137 240 39.20 Michelle Carr SW Unattached138 204 40.25 Ríona Fegan 3ú Aodhan Unattached139 97 40.26 Emer McGlynn 3ú Aodhan Unattached140 18 40.42 Josh McConnell 2ú barra Unattached141 201 40.47 Luke Wooten 3ú Ailbhe Unattached142 218 40.50 Kyle Gallagher Jm Finn Valley143 83 40.54 Cloodagh breathnach 4ú Neasa Unattached144 45 40.57 Darán Dé Brún 1ú Cróna Unattached145 233 41.01 Calum Thompson Jm Finn Valley146 141 41.01 Hannah Timoney idirbliain Unattached147 170 41.04 Aine Mc Monagle idirbliain Unattached148 208 41.05 Mark Frize 3ú Ailbhe Unattached149 243 41.18 Kerri Mc Cool 3ú Aodhan Unattached150 252 41.26 Chloe Mc Carthy idirbliain Unattached151 14 41.27 Niamh Kelly idirbliain Unattached152 196 41.28 Ronan Campbell 2ú beibhinn Unattached153 99 41.41 Sarah ní Thiomanaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached154 55 41.56 John Furey 2ú beibhinn Unattached155 273 42.24 Bríd Coyle SW Unattached156 278 42.38 John dorrian SM Unattached157 279 42.38 ms dorrian SW Unattached158 165 42.42 Simona Gibbons 3ú Ailbhe Unattached159 100 42.47 Susan MAC Fhloinn 3ú Aodhan Unattached160 101 42.48 Aishling Breslin 3ú Aodhan Unattached161 66 42.49 Megan Marley 4ú Naos Unattached162 21 42.49 Aine Carberry 2ú barra Unattached163 57 43.17 Caoimhe Ní Mhánais 1ú Cróna Unattached164 244 43.18 Katie Nesbitt 3ú Ailbhe Unattached165 43 43.28 Kathy nic a Bhaird 2ú beibhinn Unattached166 186 43.29 Orla ní Fhríl 2ú beibhinn Unattached167 188 43.30 Marisa breathnach 2ú beibhinn Unattached168 210 43.32 Alyssa Rooney 4ú nabla Unattached169 76 43.33 Claire ní Ceallaigh 4ú Neasa Unattached170 275 44.18 Rosemary Ward SW Unattached171 261 44.19 Finola Wooton SW Unattached172 203 44.37 Leah Curran 3ú Ailbhe Unattached173 205 44.39 Maeve O’Rorke 3ú Ailbhe Unattached174 96 44.42 Alanna Mc Menamin 3ú Aodhan Unattached175 248 44.49 Brídgín kelly SW Unattached176 264 44.49 Noreen O’Donnell SW Unattached177 142 44.51 Shauna Marley idirbliain Unattached178 185 45.03 Rachel Mc Devitt 2ú beibhinn Unattached179 274 45.06 Micheal Moy SM Unattached180 10 45.07 Yvonne Gallagher 2ú barra Unattached181 187 45.17 Niamh Sweeney 2ú beibhinn Unattached182 168 45.20 Eimear Bradley 4ú Naos Unattached183 78 45.21 Sorcha Little idirbliain Unattached184 277 46.07 Gabriel Boyle SW Unattached185 268 46.08 Caroline given SW Unattached186 30 46.22 Nickela Martin 5ú manas Unattached187 257 47.03 Catherine O’Donnell SW Unattached188 17 47.04 Aoife Horan 4ú nabla Unattached189 63 47.04 Megan Nic Dhiarmada 1ú Cróna Unattached190 54 47.07 Aideen Furey 1ú Cróna Unattached191 238 47.15 Oliva nic Suibhne 2ú beibhinn Unattached192 192 47.19 Grainne Breathnach 2ú beibhinn Unattached193 143 47.23 Colette ní Chnaimhsí idirbliain Unattached194 175 47.42 Christina Armstrong 1ú Cróna Unattached195 64 47.42 Shania Ní Bhiartaigh 1ú Cróna Unattached196 226 47.49 Leanne nic Loingsigh Jw Finn Valley197 220 47.52 Aisling Grieve Jw Finn Valley198 81 47.53 Orla Mc Daid 2ú barra Unattached199 119 47.57 Aoife ní Muighe 1ú Cróna Unattached200 31 48.00 Erin O’Donnel 5ú manas Unattached201 263 48.26 Lisa O’Hagan SW Unattached202 262 48.41 Mary Sweeney SW Unattached203 251 48.41 Aisling Mc Devitt 4ú nabla Unattached204 4 48.49 Katie O’Donnell 4ú Naos Unattached205 153 48.49 Shannon Leaper 5ú meabh Unattached206 47 48.49 Marie Dé Brún SW Unattached207 276 49.10 Margret Mc Devitt SW Unattached208 46 49.11 Claire Dé Brún 5ú manas Unattached209 267 49.53 Fiona Bonar SW Unattached210 272 49.54 Aurelie Velly SW Unattached211 44 50.12 Petie Lafferty 5ú manas Unattached212 228 50.13 Nicole Mc Kenna Jw Finn Valley college213 215 50.25 Aisling Catterson Jw Finn Valley college214 216 50.25 Ryan Davis Jm Finn Valley college215 219 50.27 Luke Gillespie Jm Finn Valley college216 217 50.28 Conar Gallagher Jm Finn Valley coll217 229 50.29 Michael Mc Menamin Jm Finn Valley coll218 231 50.32 Kevin Patton Jm Finn Valley coll219 247 50.33 Rosaline Boyle SW Unattached220 159 50.35 Cora O Donaill 5ú meabh Unattached221 7 50.38 Aoife Dempsey 4ú Naos Unattached222 126 50.40 Annie nic giolla bhride 4ú Neasa Unattached223 77 51.03 Caoimhe Little 4ú Neasa Unattached224 115 51.23 Margret Anne Mc Carron 4ú nabla Unattached225 15 51.24 Serena McCarthy 2ú barra Unattached226 189 51.25 Fionnula Doherty 2ú beibhinn Unattached227 193 51.27 Eilish Mc Devitt 2ú beibhinn Unattached228 6 51.33 Evelyn nic Aoidh 4ú Naos Unattached229 148 51.35 Padraig O’Grady SM Unattached230 48 51.36 Ryan Ó Gallachóir 1ú Cróna Unattached231 236 51.40 Rory White SM Finn Valley232 221 51.42 John Paul Kelly Jm Finn Valley233 232 51.46 Sophie Quigley Jw Finn Valley234 223 51.47 Leigh Mc Cafferty Jw Finn Valley235 227 51.47 Naomi Mc Glynn Jw Finn ValleyTotal Runners: 235RESULTS: CÉN AIT A THAINIG TÚ SA RÁS 5K GAIRMSCOIL CHÚ ULADH? was last modified: February 9th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click 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