Crime Prevention Empowers Youth

first_imgCrime prevention starts with a positive direction, and that is what the Lighthouse Program provides for youth in communities across Nova Scotia. The program helps community groups provide recreational, educational and after school programs for young people. Justice Minister Ross Landry visited the Whitney Pier Youth Club today, April 16, where teens participate in after school programs. He praised the club and its members for offering positive options for youth. While at the club, Mr. Landry announced that community organizations involved in recreational activities will receive $240,000 under the program as part of the provincial budget for 2010-11. “The Lighthouse Program is a commitment made and a commitment kept by the government, and one that will make life better for families.” said Mr. Landry. “By offering positive alternatives to our youth, we are empowering them to make the right choices.” In the first year of the Lighthouse Program, a total of $180,000 was granted to organizations, including the Whitney Pier Youth Club, which received $12,000. Chester Borden, executive director of the Whitney Pier Youth Club, said the board members are trying to be proactive with their programming. “Youth don’t care what you know, until they know that you care,” said Mr. Borden. “This grant will assist us to continue the much- needed programs and services offered to the youth, their families and our community.” Organizations will be asked to apply for the 2010-11 grants this fall.last_img read more

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img KINGS COUNTY: Gladys Porter Bridge Gladys Porter Bridge in Port Williams is reduced to one lane for bridge rehabilitation until Monday, Nov. 28. Traffic lights are in place. Local Area Office: 902-542-6344 KINGS COUNTY: Grand Pre Bridge Grand Pre Bridge is reduced to one lane for repairs until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic lights are in place. Local Area Office: 902-542-6344 COLCHESTER COUNTY: Eagle Drive Eagle Drive, from Salmon River Road to its end, will be closed for paving and sidewalk repairs until Wednesday, Nov. 30. A detour is in place. Local Area Office: 902-893-5776 CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Allan Hill and South Branch Roads Allan Hill and South Branch roads in the Advocate area have a weight restriction of five tonnes until further notice. Local Area Office: 902-667-2972 INVERNESS COUNTY: Trunk 30 (Cabot Trail) Trunk 30 (Cabot Trail) from about a half a kilometre south of Brazile Road, for about 6.5 kilometres, is reduced to one lane for upgrading, planing and asphalt concrete patching until Sunday, Dec. 3. Pilot vehicles and traffic control on site. Work will take place from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-625-4771 HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Trunk 3 Traffic on sections of Trunk 3 from Boutiliers Point Road to the intersection of Route 333, will be reduced to one lane until Wednesday, Nov. 30, for repaving. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. A pilot vehicle will guide drivers safely through the construction area. Delays are possible. Local Area Office: 902-835-3935 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 125 Part of Exit 7 on Highway 125 will have a one-lane closure for construction of a new bridge until Aug. 31. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-563-2518 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Hillside Road Sections of Hillside Road will be reduced to one lane until Tuesday, Nov. 29, for repaving north from the intersection of Route 327. Drivers should take extra caution in the area. Local Office: 902-769-2192 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Leitches Creek Bridge Leitches Creek Bridge on Route 305 (Keltic Drive) will be closed for repairs until Friday, Dec. 2. Detour on Highway 125. Local Area Office: 902-563-2371 ANTIGONISH COUNTY: William’s Point Road William’s Point Road will be reduced to one lane for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic control is in place. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-863-7378 GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Route 316 Route 316, between Middle Country Harbour and Stormont, will have alternating lane closures for ditching, draining pipes, patching and paving until Thursday, Dec. 15. Traffic control and a pilot vehicle are on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-533-4350 ANTIGONISH COUNTY: Lower South River Bridge Lower South River Bridge will be reduced to one lane until Oct. 31, to construct a bailey bridge. A detour replaces the Lower South River bridge and approaches until Aug. 31, 2012. Traffic control on site. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Local Area Office: 902-863-7378 CONTINUING WORK ANNAPOLIS COUNTY: Trunk 10 Trunk 10, from Crisp Road intersection, south for 4.5 kilometres, and from West Dalhousie Road intersection, south for 9.3 kilometres, will be reduced to one lane for ditching, culvert replacement and paving until Friday, Dec. 2. Traffic control is on site. Work takes place from dawn until dusk. Local Area Office: 902- 825-4154 INVERNESS COUNTY: Trunk 19 Trunk 19, for 6.5 kilometres from Campbell’s Road, to south of Chishom Road, and River Deny’s Road for about two kilometres from Trunk 19, will be reduced to one lane for cold planing and asphalt repairs until Saturday, Nov. 26. A pilot vehicle and traffic control people will be on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-625-4200 RICHMOND COUNTY: Trunk 4 Trunk 4, from about 5.5 kilometres east of Lakeshore Drive, west at Campbell’s Brook Bridge, will be reduced to one lane for bridge repairs, upgrading and paving until Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-625-4200 YARMOUTH COUNTY: Hurlburt Falls Bridge Hurlburt Falls Bridge on Lake Vaughan Road will be closed for repairs. It is expected to reopen Wednesday, Nov. 30. A marked detour is available. Local Area Office: 902-742-2415 -30- ANNAPOLIS COUNTY: Mary Jane Riley Road Mary Jane Riley Road, over Highway 101, will be reduced to one lane for paving, pipe installation and guardrail work until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic control is on site. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Local Area Office: 902-825-4827 COLCHESTER/CUMBERLAND COUNTIES: Folly Mountain Baseline Road, eight kilometres south of the Cumberland/Colchester county line, will be reduced to one lane for paving, graveling and shouldering until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Local Area Office: 902-893-5776 VICTORIA COUNTY: MacLeod Angus Bridge Traffic on the MacLeod Angus Bridge in South Harbour, over the South Aspy River on the Cabot Trail, is reduced to one lane until further notice. Traffic signals are in place at the bridge. Local Area Office: 902-383-2232 CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Howard Bridge Howard Bridge on Fountain Road, 700 metres west from Route 307, will be closed for repairs until Friday, Dec. 9. Signed detour in place. Work takes place from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-893-6194 RICHMOND COUNTY: Trunk 4 Sections of Trunk 4, west from Lakeshore Drive, will be reduced to one lane until Thursday, Dec. 15. A pilot vehicle will be onsite. Travel with extra caution. Local Area Office: 902-625-4200 KINGS COUNTY: Bridge Closure Traffic on the Busby McMahon Bridge on Brooklyn Street, near Aylesford, is reduced to one lane until further notice. Traffic lights are in place. Local Area Office: 902-679-4979 INVERNESS COUNTY: Murrays Hill Bridge Murrays Hill Bridge, which crosses the Mabou River near Rankinville Road, is closed until further notice. Local Area Office: 902-625-4388 CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Mountain Bridge Mountain Bridge on the Mountain Road, near River Phillip, will be closed for repairs until further notice. Local Area Office: 902-477-7002 ANNAPOLIS COUNTY: Highway 101 Highway 101, from Exit 23A to Mary Jane Riley Road, will be reduced to one lane for reconstruction of ramps until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic control is on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-825-4827 GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Lane Closures, Canso Causeway Traffic on Highway 104 on the Canso Causeway will be reduced to one lane from sunset to sunrise for guardrail installation and shoulder improvements. Traffic control staff and a pilot vehicle will guide drivers safely through the construction zone. Work is scheduled for completion on Thursday, Dec. 15. Please drive with extra care during construction period. Local Area Office: 902-533-2771 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Route 216 Route 216, from Trunk 4, west for about seven kilometres, will be reduced to one lane for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Work takes place from dawn until dusk. Local Area Office: 902-794-5120 GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Melford Brook Bridge The Melford Brook Bridge on Route 344 at Middle Melford is closed. A two-lane detour bridge is in place until a permanent bridge is built. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 km/h and warning signs are in place. Local Area Office: 902-533-2771last_img read more

Traffic Advisory Halifax Regional Municipality

first_imgHALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 102 Ramp Closure The on-ramp to the Bicentennial Highway (Highway 102) from Joseph Howe Drive will be closed at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 25, until 7 a.m. Monday, Aug. 26, during ramp repairs. Vehicles can enter Highway 102 from Bayers Road or from the Dunbrack St./North West Arm Drive Interchange. -30-last_img

Funding Continues for After the Bell Program

first_img Young people in the Annapolis Valley are getting active through After the Bell programs in West Hants, Wolfville, New Minas, Canning, Berwick and Kentville. Today, Jan. 28, Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine visited a yoga program in Wolfville to announce more than $22,000 of continued funding for after-school activities in those six communities. The program provides funding for after-school activities such as yoga, snowshoeing, rock climbing and Zumba in rural communities across the province where busing and transportation can be a challenge. “I’ve had lots of fun and learned many new skills for surviving and having fun outdoors in the Berwick Bio-Venturers program,” said Allyson Gibson, a Grade 7 participant from Berwick. “From tracking animals to making nature crafts, every day is different and interesting. My confidence in the outdoors has really improved.” After the Bell aims to increase physical activity in 12-to-15- year-olds, the years of greatest decline in physical activity. The priority is to involve girls. Research shows just 21 per cent of girls meet the standard of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. Last year, 79 per cent of the 1,958 After the Bell participants were girls. “It’s important to help young people make physical activity a part of their daily routine,” said Mr. Glavine. “The After the Bell program gives students a chance to participate in activities close to home.” Groups that receive After the Bell funding can decide which activities they would like to run based on the needs of their community. Last year, about 250 students in these communities took part. Government is investing $282,000 in After the Bell projects in 67 communities across the province. A list of grants announced today in the Annapolis Valley follows this release.last_img read more

Conservation Officers Ask Nova Scotians to Help Protect Recreational Fishery

first_img To report a violation regarding overfishing in lakes, rivers and streams, call 1-800-565-2224 and provide as much information as possible. You can also complete an online form at Provincial conservation officers remind Nova Scotians there is a daily limit on the number of trout that can be caught in most regions. Naturally low productivity in much of the province’s waters limits the number of trout that can be harvested sustainably. Overfishing can reduce the number of spawning trout in the fall and the number of small trout the following year. “The regulations help protect the opportunity for anglers today and for future generations,” said Environment Minister Margaret Miller. “Our enforcement staff are very committed to protecting the sport fishery and will go the extra mile to make sure people follow the law.” Five people were convicted in June for poaching and exceeding the bag limit for trout after fishing in Hunting Lake in the Liscomb Game Sanctuary, Guysborough County, part of Alder Grounds Wilderness Area. They had caught 80 speckled trout in total, 55 over the limit and were fined $1,300 each. During last year’s fishing season, there were 364 charges for violations under the Maritime Provinces Fishery Regulations. Regulations regarding size, seasons, and bag and possession limits vary throughout the province. The 2016 Angler’s Handbook, that outlines the rules, is online at read more

Amendments to the Construction Projects LabourManagement Relations Act

first_img “Companies looking to invest a significant amount of money and resources in our province would like the reassurance that a settled agreement for the life of project can bring,” said Al Stapleton, president of the Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association. The act does not prevent a developer from working with a non-unionized contractor even when there is a project agreement in place. The amendments will take effect immediately after they are passed. repeal the current act and rename the new legislation as the Construction Projects Labour Relations Act give a developer of a $2 billion plus industrial construction project the option to seek a project-specific agreement for the life of the project amend the definition of construction project to include projects over $2 billion dollars, specifically liquefied natural gas projects in Guysborough and Richmond counties allow other economically significant industrial construction projects to be designated as construction projects by regulation following public consultation outline a process to notify multiple parties of a developer’s desire to negotiate a project agreement when a developer wants a project agreement, ensure construction does not start until there is one in place that covers the life of the project provide a mechanism, through the Labour Board, to resolve issues that may arise under the act Legislation introduced today, Nov. 2, will help create a stable labour relations climate for mega-industrial construction projects in Nova Scotia. The amendments to the Construction Projects Labour-Management Relations Act give developers of multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas projects in Richmond and Guysborough Counties the option to enter into a project-specific agreement to ensure no work stoppages during the life of the project. “Our government is committed to improving Nova Scotia’s competitiveness and positioning our province for growth,” said Labour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan. “This legislation helps create a stable labour relations climate that will encourage further investment and growth and bring economic benefits to our province and our people.” The department was asked by Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association and Mainland Nova Scotia Building Trades to update the 40-year old legislation with a modernized version. “The stability a project agreement brings is good for everyone, including workers, who will benefit by having settled work conditions over the life of a project,” said Brad Smith, executive director of Mainland Nova Scotia Building Trades. Specifically, the amendments will:last_img read more

Plan daction pour augmenter lactivité physique en NouvelleÉcosse

first_img Appuyer les lieux de travail pour permettre au personnel de faire plus d’activité physique afin d’augmenter la productivité et de réduire le taux d’absentéisme Lancer un projet pilote de prise en charge avant et après le programme de prématernelle Appuyer les municipalités et les communautés mi’kmaw pour répondre à leurs besoins uniques par du financement et de la formation supplémentaires Éliminer les obstacles et offrir de nouvelles possibilités en créant des environnements plus accueillants et plus inculsifs pour les groupes sous-représentés Le gouvernement a lancé un plan d’action quinquennal visant à faire bouger davantage les gens de la Nouvelle-Écosse et à les inciter à ne pas rester assis trop longtemps. Le plan « Soyons actifs en Nouvelle-Écosse » contribuera à une population plus active, plus inclusive et en meilleure santé à l’échelle de la province grâce à des programmes d’éducation, à un accès amélioré à du financement et à des partenariats avec les secteurs public et privé. Un fonds pour des collectivités actives sera également créé afin de faciliter le processus de demande de financement pour l’activité physique par l’intégration de certains programmes existants au fonds, par exemple le programme parascolaire « After the Bell » et le programme d’accès aux installations. Les demandes à ce nouveau programme de subventions seront acceptées à compter du printemps. « Nous marquons le début d’une ère nouvelle de vie active qui mettra l’accent sur l’augmentation de l’activité physique dans tous les aspects de la vie des Néo-Écossais de tous âges et de tous niveaux d’aptitude », affirme Leo Glavine, ministre des Communautés, de la Culture et du Patrimoine. « Pour permettre aux gens d’être plus actifs dans leur vie quotidienne, il faut leur offrir davantage de possibilités d’être actifs dans leur collectivité, au travail et à l’école. Nous reconnaissons les avantages d’une vie saine et active et les liens à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie, de la santé et du dynamisme de nos communautés. » Le plan d’action prévoit une approche coordonnée visant à joindre les gens là où ils passent la majorité de leur temps, soit où ils vivent, travaillent, apprennent et s’amusent.Le plan « Soyons actifs en Nouvelle-Écosse » abordera l’inactivité et la sédentarité en misant sur les réseaux, les partenaires, les initiatives et les installations qui appuient déjà l’activité physique. Le plan d’action abordera aussi les lacunes et améliorera les investissements actuels en appuyant les stratégies et les engagements qui sont déjà en place. Les mesures qui seront prises au cours de la première année incluent : « L’intégration de l’activité physique au quotidien est d’une importance fondamentale pour notre santé physique et mentale », souligne le Dr Robert Strang, médecin hygiéniste en chef. « En créant des environnements favorables à l’activité physique, ce plan d’action offrira aux Néo-Écossais plus d’occasions de bouger, de ne pas rester assis trop longtemps et d’être en meilleure santé. » Des partenariats seront établis avec la Commission des accidents du travail et la Commission de la fonction publique de la Nouvelle-Écosse pour promouvoir un lieu de travail plus actif afin d’améliorer la productivité, de mobiliser les employés et de réduire le taux d’absentéisme. « Nous sommes ravis d’appuyer cette initiative, affirme Stuart MacLean, directeur général de la Commission. Nous passons tous de nombreuses heures au travail, et il est important de demeurer actifs pendant ces heures afin d’assurer une bonne santé au travail. À la maison, au travail et ailleurs, si nous sommes actifs, nous sommes en bonne santé. Il s’agit de bonnes nouvelles pour tout le monde. » Le plan d’action s’aligne sur le document directeur du gouvernement fédéral lancé en mai 2018 intitulé « Une Vision commune pour favoriser l’activité physique et réduire la sédentarité au Canada : Soyons actifs ». La Nouvelle-Écosse est la première province à publier un plan d’action en réaction à la Vision commune. Des renseignements supplémentaires sur le plan d’action « Soyons actifs en Nouvelle-Écosse » se trouvent au read more

Madhya Pradesh 33 IAS 37 IPS officers transferred

first_imgBhopal: In a major administrative reshuffle, the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has transferred 33 IAS and 37 IPS officers, including collectors of 15 districts and Superintendent ofPolice (SP) of as many districts in the state. As per the order issued post-midnight on Saturday, Bhopal collector Sudam P Khade was transferred as additional secretary in the state secretariat, although nobody was appointed in his place, a state government official said. Also Read – Pak activated 20 terror camps & 20 launch pads along LoCThe collectors of Dhar, Khandwa, Dindori, Agar Malwa, Alijrajpur, Shajapur, Burhanpur, Niwari, Satna, Sehore, Damoh, Raisen, Katni, and Neemuch districts were also transferred. The state government also transferred 37 Indian Police Service (IPS) officers, including the SPs in 15 districts. As per the order, the SPs of Shahdol, Shivpuri, Katni, Anuppur, Seoni, Sidhi, Dhar, Jabalpur, Khandwa, Mandsaur, Shajapur, Barwani, Singrauli, Agar Malwa and Bhopal (North) were transferred. Also Read – Two squadrons which participated in Balakot airstrike awarded citationsBhopal Zone Inspector General (IG) Jaideep Prasad has also been transferred. He was replaced by Yogesh Deshmukh, who was posted so far as IG (Chambal Zone). Prasad was made IG (Rail). In the run up to the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief and now Union Home Minister Amit Shah had targeted the Kamal Nath-led government in the state, accusing it of running a “transfer-posting industry”.last_img read more

Expect players to implement learnings

first_imgBuriram (Thailand): Indian football team coach Igor Stimac on Monday hoped that his wards will implement their learnings from practice in the King’s Cup, commencing here on June 5. India will clash with Curacao, ranked 82 in the latest FIFA World Ranking, on June 5. “The boys are confident, and have understood that they can improve their game with hard work on a daily basis. “I appreciate the hard work put in by the players over the last 10 days in New Delhi. I expect them to implement their learnings from practice in the upcoming tournament,” Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach ArunStimac said after the team’s arrival here. The newly-appointed coach admitted “it will be tough” for his boys coming from an off-season to play here, but insisted they would put their best foot forward. “The weather conditions will be difficult. This being the off-season, the situation is tough. But at the same time, it is the same for everyone. We’re here to win, and do our best,” Stimac said. India are participating in the King’s Cup, one of Asia’s oldest International tournaments, after a gap of 38 years, and this is Stimac’s first international assignment after his appointment as the new coach. Central midfielder Pronoy Halder praised Stimac, saying that the coach has been constantly reminding them that they can bridge the gap with the top nations. “The coach keeps saying to us that if we listen to him, and execute it on the field, we can go a long way. The most significant part is that all the players have taken it in the right spirit,” Halder said. “We understand Curacao are a very strong team as most of their players are playing in premier divisions across Europe. That is providing us the extra motivation to prove a point. We will give our 100 percent.”last_img read more

Papua New Guinea volcano spews ash triggers eruption alert

first_imgKokopo: Papua New Guinea’s volatile Ulawun volcano — designated one of the world’s most hazardous — began spewing ash Wednesday, turning the sky dark, sending residents fleeing and prompting an eruption warning. The volcano on the remote Bismarck Archipelago chain is listed as one of 16 “Decade Volcanoes” targeted for research because they pose a significant risk of large, violent eruptions. “The volcanic activity at Mt Ulawun began at 7:00 am this morning after slight rumbling and light emission,” Leo Porikura, an official with the West New Britain Disaster Office, said. Also Read – Merkel warns UK Brexit deal ‘unlikely’ without compromise: London”The Rabaul Volcano Observatory has declared a stage one alert warning of a possible eruption.” Witnesses reported ash spewing out of the 2,334 metre (7,657 foot) summit, sending trails spanning high overhead. “The sky has turned black,” said Kingsly Quou, manager of the nearby Mavo Estates palm plantation. Quou said that villagers living at the base of the volcano had already been evacuated and he and his colleagues were gathering their belongings. Japanese satellite imagery and sources on the ground had shown sulphur dioxide and now volcanic ash drifting from the crater.last_img read more

Catching up on diplomacy

first_imgThe Osaka edition of G-20 turned out to be a great success in the eyes of the global leaders that had gathered in the Japanese city. The 14th meeting of the group of 20 led to discussions of a flurry of topics ranging across global concerns such as trade, terrorism, defence et al. The most sought-after interaction was between the leaders of US and China who sealed a trade war truce at the meeting where Trump curtailed further tariffs on Chinese goods while granting relief to Chinese technological giant Huawei. Trump’s conciliatory tone was a drastic change in his stance from his earlier unilateralism that dragged the Sino-US trade war while locking horns with Iran. While he assured Xi of a softer stance, he allayed Indian Prime Minister’s concern over Gulf tension. Trump also extended a handshake initiative with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the demilitarised zone between North Korea and South Korea highlighting his personal agenda to extend the diplomatic dialogue with Kim after a failed Hanoi summit. Prime Minister Modi had a rather successful overseas dialogue with Trump, Xi, Putin amongst others. In fact, the last day of the Osaka meet saw Modi hold bilaterals with leaders of Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, and Chile discussing popular issues such as trade, counter-terrorism, defence, etc. Cooperation over trade and investment as well as security and counter-terrorism was the main theme in all of Modi’s bilateral meetings. The key was to deepen the cooperation in order to bring together global forces in the fray pacing towards a mutual goal. The trilateral association between Russia, India, and China (RIC) added depth to the already-initiated talks at Bishkek, earlier during the SCO meet. Xi pressed for increased cooperation in the 5G network, high technology, connectivity as well as energy and security between the three nations urging that they “advocate a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concept”. Xi’s assertion involved the mention of concerted efforts of the three countries to combat terrorism in all forms, Climate Change, as well as cybersecurity. Xi’s attitude also suggests a rise in cooperation between India and China even as India was in line to register unprecedented success in the bilateral relationship with the US. Russia, India, and China are set to meet again in Vladivostok during the Easter Economic Forum where Modi has been invited as the chief guest. While there is no iota of doubt that the increased cooperation between RIC can be highly beneficial for the countries, summits such as G20 ought to be in the past once tensions are on the rise. However, Xi’s composure hinted towards greater cooperation purely because of the trade war truce registered by Trump and him which is a matter of relief for China given the heightened tensions the two countries were engrossed in due to the tariff war. Also Read – A compounding difficultyGlobal issues are mainly the cause of such meets but the scope of bilaterals is what makes such meetings more eventful. Counterterrorism efforts needed unanimous feedback and to this end, global leaders discussed the rise in terrorism given the recent attacks such as the New Zealand live-streamed church attack, Easter Sunday bombings, as well as the Pulwama carnage that resulted in many casualties and gave a jolt to respective nations. These unfortunate incidents have definitely risen the bar for global leaders and induced a sense of urgency towards countering terrorism. The unanimous G20 resolve to safeguard the internet as a medium to fund and facilitate terrorism and extremism is gravely required. UN resolutions earmark steps to be pursued by countries in adhering by drafted legislation to ensure misuse of the internet. Osaka summit provided the platform for global leaders to assess and share their concerns and together pledge to resolve it through cooperation in different areas. Bilateral and trilateral dialogues only contribute to the grand effect of global cooperation and as far as the major economies are concerned, it was a sublime effort to reach out to each other and deliver warm regards with a prospect to develop and prosper while combating issues. All that is required is true adherence to the projected commitments and increased effort in tackling rising global concerns. A summit is only as successful as its participants and their efforts.last_img read more

Bodies of woman daughter found floating in Mirik lake

first_imgDarjeeling: Bodies of a woman and her daughter were found floating in the Mirik lake on Thursday morning. The duo were residents of Kalimpong.Morning walkers of this lake town saw the two bodies in the lake on Monday morning and informed the police. The bodies were seen floating near the boat house. The police fished out the bodies from the lake. The two women were identified as Sushala Gurung (63) and her daughter Sushma Gurung (32). Their wrists were tied together with a dupatta. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersThe daughter had a bag in which contained their EPIC cards and a Transfer Certificate of the Girl’s High School in Kalimpong where Sushma had done her schooling from. “Prima facie it looks like a case of suicide. The bodies were bloated hence they could have committed suicide on Wednesday night. We have started an investigation. We are trying to ascertain if it is a case of suicide or murder. The bodies are being sent to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital for post mortem,” stated Sudip Pradhan, Officer in Charge, Mirik Police station. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaIncidentally, Sushala Gurung is originally from Mirik. She had been married to Madhukar Gurung of Kalimpong. Madhukar was in the army and had died. Sushala’s daughter Sushma had completed her M.Sc and was working in a private firm in Sikkim. Sushala’s relatives live in Mirik. However, they claimed that the mother daughter had not met any of their relatives in Mirik. The relatives were not aware of their visit to Mirik. In another incident, Junita Rai Chettri was sent to judicial custody by the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court on Thursday. Chettri allegedly stabbed her husband Rupon Chettri during a scuffle. Thirty-two-year-old Rupon Chettri used to live in Dapaipani Bustee near Darjeeling town with his wife Junita (36) Rupon was a habitual drunkard and used to have regular scuffles with his wife. On Tuesday night his wife had a heated exchange of words with her brother-in-law Madan Chettri, who lives in the neighborhood. Later, at night Rupon in an inebriated state had a scuffle with his wife telling her not to behave badly with his brother. In a fit of rage he throttled her and pushed her on the kitchen wall. Junita caught hold of a kitchen knife and stabbed Rupon in “self defence.” Not realising the gravity of the situation she had helped him to bed and even tried to help him. Later, when she realised that he had died, she left the house and hid in the jungles. “On Wednesday afternoon she surrendered at the Jorebungalow police station. The brother of the deceased on Wednesday morning visited the house to find Rupon dead and Junita missing. He then informed the police. We recovered the body and later arrested Junita,” stated TS Nath, Inspector in charge, Darjeeling police station.last_img read more

Security situation is better infiltration down after Balakot strike Govt to LS

first_imgNew Delhi: The Security situation in Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed an improvement and the net infiltration from across the border has reduced by 43 per cent after a surgical strike was carried out on terror camps in Pakistan, Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai said in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.Rai’s remarks came in response to a written question on whether cross-border infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir has abated after the Indian Air Force carried out surgical strike on terror camps in Balakot in Pakistan in February this year. Also Read – IAF Day: Tributes paid to soldiers killed in line of duty in Jammu”Due to concerted and synergised efforts of security forces, the security situation in the state has witnessed an improvement in the first half of this year over the corresponding period of 2018. Net infiltration has reduced by 43 per cent,” he said. The minister said the central government has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards cross-border infiltration. Rai said the government of India in tandem with the state government has adopted a multi-pronged approach to contain cross-border infiltration, which includes multi-tiered deployment along the International Border and the Line of Control (LoC), border fencing, improved intelligence and operational coordination, equipping security forces with improved technological weapons and taking pro-active action against infiltrators. Replying another question, the minister said the electric fence namely the Anti Infiltration Obstacle System (AIOS) on LoC along Indo-Pak border has proved to be a potent tool to guard against infiltration.last_img read more

No blanket crypto trading ban yet in India

first_imgNew Delhi: Despite banking restrictions put in place by the Reserve Bank of India, the country has not put any blanket ban on trading in cryptocurrencies yet, the government has clarified. Responding to questions in the Rajya Sabha on whether the government has prohibited cryptocurrency in the country, Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs Anurag Thakur this week said the answer was no. “Presently, there is no separate law for dealing with issues relating to cryptocurrencies. Hence, all concerned departments and law enforcement agencies, such as RBI, Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax authorities, etc. take action as per the relevant existing laws,” the Minister said. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”Similarly, police/courts take action on IPC (Indian Penal Code) offences. Further, in view of the risks and dangers associated with cryptocurrencies, (the) government and RBI have been issuing advisories, press releases and circulars to the public,” he added. Earlier the Reserve Bank of India issued a circular banning regulated entities from providing services to crypto businesses. The ban went into effect on July 6 last year, reported on Friday. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostBut a draft bill for banning cryptocurrency has been in the works for some time with Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg leading the exercise. According to the draft “Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019”, holding, selling or dealing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could soon land you in jail for 10 years. The draft has proposed a 10-year prison sentence for persons who “mine, generate, hold, sell, transfer, dispose, issue or deal in cryptocurrencies. Besides making it completely illegal, the bill makes holding of cryptos a non-bailable offence. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and is generally based on Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.last_img read more

Its mounds of mud everywhere in two Kerala villages ravaged by landslides

first_imgKavalappara/Puthumala (Kerala): Mounds of mud and uprooted rubber and aeracanut trees are the remains of two scenic green spots of Kavalappara and Puthumala villages in Kerala which have almost been wiped out in massive landslides that buried several people alive four days ago.The villages, in nearby districts of Malappuram and Wayanad, two of the badly hit in the heavy rains, now have no signs of any habitation as the houses have been buried under the huge mounds of earth and roads have gone missing. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’Those lucky to have escaped from the disaster are looking for missing kin and neighbours as rescue operations by multi-disciplinary personnel were stepped up on Sunday following some respite in rains. Kavalappara, was a bustling 10 acre settlement near Nilambur in Malappuram district until four days ago but now been covered by mud and slush, which had got deposited in the area to a depth of about 12 feet. Local people said there were 35 houses with around 65 people at Kavalappara which always resonated with the happy sounds of children laughing and playing. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KOn the fateful day – on August 8 night, when the landslide occurred, some of the lucky ones managed to run to safety, but around 60 people were feared buied alive. A woman who rushed home to fetch her sleeping child was among those who could not make it, a man said. An army official, who had come home a day before the incident, is among those missing with his family, they said. Nine bodies were recovered on Saturday and two so far on Sunday morning from the area. The heavy rains, which lashed the area on August 8, had triggered a massive landslide between two mountain valleys bringing down boulders and huge mounds of earth. Relatives of people missing are also helping in the search operations. The cries of a child was heard four days ago. The entire areas is a “graveyard” now, a local man said adding “we hope their remains are recovered as early as possible”. Sunil, who lost eight members of his family, said: ” I heard a loud sound… only my daughter and me could make it to safety… I have lost 8 family members. There was a massive sound as the landslide occurred.” Eight earth movers would be brought to the area on Sunday to remove the loose soil, officials said. Puthumala, located about 20 kms from district headquarters of Kalpetta in Wayanad, was a scenic plantation village with number of houses, buildings, a temple and a mosque until it was struck by series of landslides when a hill came tumbling down on August 8 night. According to revenue officials, search operations with around 250 people from the Army, NDRF and fireforce personnel have begun in the area on Sunday morning. Eight people from Puthmala are confirmed missing, the revenue official said.last_img read more

Delhiites celebrate Eid

first_imgNew Delhi: People dressed in traditional finery flocked to mosques here on an overcast Monday morning to offer ‘namaz’ on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. Scores of people, including former vice-president Hamid Ansari, offered prayers at the historic Jama Masjid on Parliament Street. Many also visited the Feroz Shah Kotla mosque. Soon after the ‘namaz’, people hugged each other and the mosques reverberated with greetings of “Eid Mubarak”. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder The celebrations were held amid tight security. Security in the national capital has been beefed up in view of Eid al-Adha, upcoming Independence Day and abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370. Political leaders took to Twitter to extend greetings to people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he hoped that the festival will further the spirit of peace and happiness in the society. “My best wishes on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. I hope it furthers the spirit of peace and happiness in our society. Eid Mubarak!” he said. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also wished everyone on Twitter. Eid al-Adha, also known as Bakrid or Id-ul-Zuha, marks Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice of a lamb after God spared his son, Prophet Ismail. It is also known as the festival of sacrifice.last_img read more

Chandrayaan2 to reach moons orbit on Aug 20

first_imgAhmedabad: India’s second moon mission ‘Chandrayaan-2’ is expected to reach the moon’s orbit on August 20 and land on the lunar surface on September 7, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman Dr K Sivan said on Monday. The spacecraft is all set to leave the earth’s orbit after two days, he told reporters here. The 3,850-kg Chandrayaan-2, a three-module spacecraft comprising orbiter, lander and rover, which was launched on July 22, would make a landing on the moon on September 7, the ISRO chief said. “After launching Chandrayaan-2 on July 22, we did five manoeuvres. The Chandrayaan-2 composite body is now revolving around the earth,” he said. “At around 3.30 am on August 14, we are going to have a manoeuvre called trans-lunar injection. By this manoeuvre, the Chandrayaan-2 will leave the earth and move towards the moon. On August 20, we will be reaching the moon,” he said.last_img read more

25 injured after buses collide at Mayo Road

first_imgKolkata: At least 25 persons were injured after a collision took place between two buses at Mayo Road on Sunday afternoon. Within five minutes of the accident, police started rescuing the injured passengers and rushed them to SSKM Hospital.According to sources, on Sunday at around 2:30 pm, a minibus of the Anandapur-Howrah route was going towards Park Street. When the minibus reached Mayo Road in front of Calcutta Sports Journalist Club, a bus from route 52 suddenly applied brake. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaIt has been alleged that a taxi had stopped in front of the route 52 bus without giving any signal, in order to pick up a passenger. However, the minibus driver managed to stop the bus by applying emergency brake. But within a few seconds, another bus from route 212 rammed into the back of the minibus, injuring several persons. Due to the impact, the minibus which had managed to stop, also collided with the bus from route 52. Due to the collision, passengers of the minibus and the bus from route 212 sustained serious injuries. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwaySeveral passengers fell down inside the bus, while the heads of some of them rammed into the iron rods of the seats, leading to serious head injuries. Immediate after the accident, some pedestrians informed police, who soon arrived at the spot with ambulances. Within a few minutes, police recovered the injured passengers who were sitting or lying on the roadside and sent them to SSKM Hospital. Several injured persons were treated and discharged from the hospital. However, approximately four persons with serious injuries have been admitted. According to the passengers, the bus from route 212 was moving at a high speed. It is suspected that the driver of the bus from route 212 might have been trying to overtake the minibus in order to compete with it. Till Bijan Setu, both the buses availed the same route. The drivers and conductors of both the buses fled soon after the incident. The bus from route 52, which was also damaged partially, left the spot. Police are checking CCTV camera footages to find out what exactly had happened. The owners of the buses will be contacted as well.last_img read more

Defence minister in Halifax to talk spending on Royal Canadian Navy

first_imgHALIFAX – Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan will roll out more details today about Ottawa’s spending plans for the Royal Canadian Navy.Sajjan is expected to highlight investments in capabilities and support for the navy in Halifax, as part of the Liberals’ new defence policy.He has been holding events across the country to promote the Liberals’ proposed increase in defence spending.The Trudeau government announced last week that it will spend $62 billion more over the next two decades for a major expansion of the Canadian Armed Forces.But much of the money won’t flow until after the next election, and it’s not clear whether the spending spike would mean bigger federal deficits or spending cuts in other areas.Sajjan will also likely be asked about a recent meeting he had with the head of the American defence giant producing the controversial F-35 stealth fighter, which the governing Liberals had vowed not to purchase.last_img read more

Seventh North Atlantic right whale found dead in Gulf of St Lawrence

first_imgHALIFAX – More research is needed in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to determine if it has become an emerging habitat for endangered North Atlantic right whales, experts said Friday after the badly decomposed remains of a seventh whale were found floating in roughly the same area as six others.The overturned male was seen bobbing on the surface of the water north of the Magdalen Islands late Wednesday, but it was not yet clear what may have caused this latest death.It follows the deaths of two female and four male North Atlantic right whales found last month.Tonya Wimmer of the Marine Animal Response Society said scientists need to intensify efforts to find out if the lumbering giants are making the Gulf one of their primary feeding grounds in a shift away from their traditional habitats in the Bay of Fundy and Roseway Basin.“All of that together is saying there needs to be a very strong focus on the Gulf to really look at what’s going on and potentially try to figure out where they are and then what can be done to protect them,” she said.“It’s a really important animal to look at in the realm of this larger picture of incidents that have been happening in that southern Gulf of St. Lawrence area.”Wimmer is hoping Fisheries officials will arrange to do necropsies, or animal autopsies, on the latest dead whale as well as a right whale named Panama that has washed ashore on the Magdalen Islands to determine what killed them.Fisheries spokeswoman Krista Petersen said she didn’t know if a decision had been made about the examinations.Three of the other six North Atlantic right whales were necropsied after being hauled on shore in P.E.I. late last month. Scientists say inspections suggest two suffered blunt trauma injuries consistent with ship strikes — one of the deadliest threats to the animals.The third died from a chronic entanglement in fishing gear that was wrapped around a fin and inside its mouth.The deaths are a devastating blow to the whale’s fragile population and the scientists who have been working for decades to rebuild a species that was once hunted to the brink of extinction and now numbers about 525.Robert Michaud of the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals in Quebec said he was stunned to hear of such a high number of casualties in one season, when they would normally see about two cases involving whales being hit by ships or getting entangled in fishing gear.He added that an eighth right whale was freed from a snarl of fishing line on Wednesday by a team on board a research vessel in the same area.“It raises our concerns — when will this ever stop,” he said from Tadoussac. “It is a problem. We don’t know exactly what’s going on.”The losses also come after a low calving season, with the deaths now outpacing the number of babies born this year.Moira Brown, a right whale expert with the Canadian Whale Institute, said she had begun shifting her research attention to the Gulf region several years ago when she and her team noticed there were fewer North Atlantic right whales in their traditional haunts in the Bay of Fundy.In 2015, they found 35 of the whales in the area where the most recent carcasses were spotted. In a survey last year, they found 17 of the whales in the area.The challenge, she said, is determining that this is a whale habitat and then working with the fishing and shipping industries to come up with ways to protect the animals as has been done in other parts of the Maritimes by rerouting shipping lanes, alerting fishermen to whales’ presence and setting speed limits for vessels.“I think they’re shifting based on lack of sightings in the Gulf of Maine and less sightings in the Bay of Fundy,” she said.“The fishing industry and the shipping industry are aware of right whales elsewhere, but they’re not aware of them there because it’s really early days in us figuring out whether the whales are using this habitat.”last_img read more