“Y” Your Inner Ear Hears So Well

first_imgA new paper about the inner ear shows an additional level of organization and architecture that increases sensitivity and frequency discrimination.The “organ of Corti” is not a keyboard instrument in a European cathedral, but it might as well be. It’s a keyboard of sorts, composed of rows of ‘hair cells” inside that tiny snail-like coil in the inner ear, the cochlea. Physiologists have known for a long time that hair cells along its coiled-up track, called the basilar membrane, respond to different frequencies. There are two rows of hair cells, inner and outer. According to Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, “the ‘outer hair cells’ act as micromotors that amplify incoming sound, and the ‘inner hair cells’ act to sense and transmit information about the sound to the brain.” The hair cells, therefore, play the starring roles in hearing. But do they work alone or in concert? (Pun intended.)The field of cochlear mechanics has been undergoing a revolution due to recent findings made possible by advancements in measurement techniques. While it has long been assumed that basilar-membrane (BM) motion is the most important determinant of sound transduction by the inner hair cells (IHCs), it turns out that other parts of the sensory epithelium closer to the IHCs, such as the reticular lamina (RL), move with significantly greater amplitude for weaker sounds. It has not been established how these findings are related to the complex cytoarchitecture of the organ of Corti between the BM and RL, which is composed of a lattice of asymmetric Y-shaped elements, each consisting of a basally slanted outer hair cell (OHC), an apically slanted phalangeal process (PhP), and a supporting Deiters’ cell (DC). Here, a computational model of the mouse cochlea supports the hypothesis that the OHC micromotors require this Y-shaped geometry for their contribution to the exquisite sensitivity and frequency selectivity of the mammalian cochlea.In a piano, it’s not just the keys and hammers that make sound. The whole instrument is involved: the sounding board, the pedals, the dampers, and everything else. The keys and action are tied into this vibrating framework. In a similar way, the hair cell bundles do not act in isolation. A new paper in PNAS (quoted above) explains that “Cochlear amplification and tuning depend on the cellular arrangement within the organ of Corti.” In short, the whole inner architecture is involved in hearing, not just the hair cells.Credit: PNAS, Massachusetts Eye & EarWhile the near-crystalline structure of the organ-of-Corti cytoarchitecture in the mammalian cochlea has been known for some time, its functional consequences on hearing remain to be established. The present computational-modeling studies show that individual outer hair cells (OHCs) can work together to produce high hearing sensitivity and frequency selectivity because of the overlapping asymmetrical Y-shaped structures that they form with the Deiters’ cells (DCs) and phalangeal processes (PhPs). Altering the geometry and material properties of these structures reveals that all three components have a profound effect on basilar-membrane and reticular-lamina amplification and tuning. One implication is that the DCs and PhPs are not just supporting structures, but that they must also be properly restored in emerging therapies to regenerate OHCs.An illustration in the press release shows a diagram of the model of this Y-shaped structure, looking like a row of “Y” letters arranged along their sides. Physiologists had hoped that techniques to regenerate just the hair cells might restore hearing. Now, however, this team has demonstrated that the “sounding board” needs to be restored as well. Animations within the PNAS paper show waves traveling along this architecture, looking like waves along a series of closely-spaced power poles. Alterations to this structure compromise the sensitivity of hearing.In addition, there are two domains of fluid inside the organ of Corti that play critical roles in hearing. Their viscous properties and pressures must be finely tuned to the architecture. The organization extends all the way down to individual proteins within the hair cells: “Prestin proteins in the OHC plasma membrane provide a piezoelectric effect, such that depolarization causes axial contraction and hyperpolarization causes axial expansion,” they write. The senior author says, “Our work suggests that, in order for humans to hear well, the outer hair cells in the cochlea not only need to be in good working order, but also need to be connected to other nearby cochlear structures in a very particular way.”The inner ear demonstrates a remarkable example of irreducible complexity. As masterfully organized as the cochlea is, it’s part of another irreducibly complex system in the ear, starting with the outer ear, the ear canal, the eardrum, the bones of the middle ear, the cochlea, and the auditory nerve. Even then, signals to the brain signify nothing unless the brain has the “software” to interpret the sounds.The authors never mentioned “evolution” in the paper or in the press release. The closest word was “revolution,” as in “The field of cochlear mechanics has been undergoing a revolution” in understanding the remarkable architecture by which we hear pressure waves emanating in the world around us. 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Darwinists Use Fossils as Props for Propaganda

first_imgWith one-party rule in any institution, everything supports the party line. Open debate would be healthy for paleontology.In the heyday of communist Russia, the “mainstream media” of the day (Pravda, Izvestia), towed the party line as it presented the “news” to the people. It wasn’t news, of course; it was party propaganda, sanitized of any serious investigative reporting. Lenin had destroyed the free press and replaced it with instruments of his own messaging. Consequently, every news development could be framed in terms of Marxist-Leninist doctrine: dialectical materialism, the class struggle, the revolution of the oppressed proletarians against the bourgeoisie, and the triumphal progress of world communism [for more on Marx, see Prager U]. This was absolutely necessary to the dictators, because a free press would undermine their regimes. If starving North Koreans could see how prosperous Americans are, they might begin to doubt what Kim’s state-controlled press tells them, that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the most successful and free society in history.Darwin and Marx: partners in totalitarianism.A similar situation exists within Big Science (BS), which has not only embraced the Darwinian Revolution unquestioningly, but has rejected anything that does not promote scientific materialism and Darwinian evolution. Obviously, creation and intelligent design never get a hearing, as one could imagine under Darwin Party control, but neither do criticisms of Darwin—the Dear Leader of BS. He must be presented to the public continually like the huge posters of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Kim have been used in totalitarian dictatorships of the past and present, staring down in every public venue to keep the populace aware of who is in charge. BS uses BM (Big Media) as its propaganda arm: it is the Pravda of BS, and even more powerful than its communist predecessor, because it has truly achieved global revolution. The Darwin Party Comintern punishes reporters in Turkey [17 Sept 2018 commentary], Louisiana or Uganda—wherever dissidents might emerge. BS uses BM to achieve BB (Big Brother).Ideology Before Interpretation, and EnforcementReaders of secular science media need to realize that every fossil bone, every tooth, and every footprint is being interpreted in terms of millions of years of death and struggle in the upward march of progress from bacteria to man. Free-thinking reporters never stray, because they would quickly be shamed out of their jobs. Readers of BM, whether at Science Daily or at national park signs, never hear that there are other ways to interpret fossils. Even when Dr Mary Schweitzer found soft, stretchy tissues in dinosaur bones, eliciting gasps from hosts on 60 Minutes, nobody was permitted to question the 80-million-year age of the fossils or the reality of dinosaur evolution. Only creationists pointed to the obvious contradiction with the party line, but they have to operate in the gulags of BS, or outside the institutions of power, as did members of unregistered churches or dissident groups in communist countries. The situation is so bad that even anti-creationist scientists who have doubts about Darwin’s mechanism have to meet in semi-secret groups and publish with caution (example: The Third Way of Evolution). They feel obligated to make it clear up front that they are not one of “them” (the creationist counter-revolutionaries).Plagiarism for the Good of the PartyLenin and Mao tolerated limited capitalism in times of crisis, when communism was failing, as it inevitably did. In a similar way, BS tolerates some forms of intelligent design: e.g., SETI. But as Richard Dawkins asserted in the movie Expelled, if space aliens were to send an intelligent message to us (the I in SETI), the aliens would have had to initially evolve by Darwinian evolution. As with communism, Party doctrine serves as a covering model that handles all apparent exceptions. Undoubtedly Pravda reported many actual facts that were uncontroversial. The point is that its raison d’être was to advance world communism. Facts, half truths and big lies were all acceptable as long as they served that over-arching goal.Note: As we read BS paleontology news, keep your eye on the ball: the Darwin Party Line is naturalistic origin of species by means of natural selection resulting in molecules-to-man common ancestry over millions of years. Don’t be distracted by ancillary details or jargon; they don’t matter. Creationists might agree on many facts in BM articles, such as classification and scientific names. They might find the writing polished and engaging. The only non-negotiable aspect of secular BS and BM is to advance the Party line in some way, even if to just appear scholarly and nice.Using scenarios to manage objections.The Party Play and the Fossil PropsWhat can you tell from a bone? You dig up a fossil. There’s no date on it. All you really know is that a creature once alive has died some time in the past. You can tell some things from experiments on living animals. If a dinosaur has its neck arched back (the common “dinosaur death pose”, 23 Nov 2011), it must have suffocated in water, because drowning chickens look like that. If it is intact (i.e., articulated), it might have been buried quickly without being transported. Such details are OK to state, as long as you reassure the Party that it happened over 65 million years ago, and probably happened in a localized flood, not a global flood like creationists teach. A secular scientist or reporter can even express shock and surprise at an anomalous fossil, like a “living fossil” or out-of-place fossil. The Party supplies BM with ready-made explanatory strategies, such as “this species must have evolved 60 million years earlier than thought” (thought by whom, you ask? by the Party loyalists, the only ones holding the imprimatur). The important thing is never to violate the party line: millions of years and Darwinian evolution. Let’s watch how BS and BM treat fossils as props for their propaganda.Newly discovered dinosaurs fill in evolutionary gap spanning 70 million years (Phys.org). The top illustration looks like drawings of ducks and chickens covered in gaudy feathers, but the writer insists these are dinosaurs. Writer Katie Willis (U of Alberta) tells her comrades that these are missing links that had been reported in Current Biology. Were any feathers found on them, as the picture implies? No; just imaginary feathers. Looks like a Big Lie just came to Darwin’s rescue. (For more problems with these fossils, see the 28 Aug 2018 entry.)Mammal forerunner that reproduced like a reptile sheds light on brain evolution (University of Texas at Austin). We are told by these Darwin loyalists that a Jurassic fossil represents a “mammal ancestor” even though there were mammals before the Jurassic, and this animal “probably had hair.” The only observational evidence presented is an adult with the bones of 38 babies, assumed to be its clutch or litter. From that, an evolutionary tale is woven: “The discovery that Kayentatherium had a tiny brain and many babies, despite otherwise having much in common with mammals, suggests that a critical step in the evolution of mammals was trading big litters for big brains, and that this step happened later in mammalian evolution.”Note: The paper in Nature on which this press release is based says very little about evolution. Authors Hoffman and Rowe only mention it twice, and never explain why a mammal with a smaller litter should be considered more fit than this animal with a large litter (if that is what the fossil cache represents). Mammals exhibit a lot of variation in litter sizes and brain sizes. So what? The authors speculate that the animal “may reflect a transitional phase” in limb sizes, but they don’t say what about brain sizes require smaller litters. They say the fossil is “consistent with a scenario” (a just-so story) where larger brains “drove later changes to mammalian reproduction,” but the connection is foggy, and association does not prove causation anyway. Did this animal somehow “want” to evolve a bigger brain? Did Darwin tell it, “The only way I can give you a larger brain is for you to give up large litters”? If this were a law of nature, large families would have no geniuses, and pandas would be the brainiest, fittest animals on the planet, instead of being on the verge of extinction. None of this makes any Darwinian sense. It reinforces the observation that the Darwin Party can use any fossil as a prop, just like the editors of Pravda could twist any news item into support for communism. In dictatorships without free and open debate about evidence, ideology drives the interpretation, and nobody gets to hear hard questions asked by dissidents.Tiny fossils reveal how shrinking was essential for successful evolution (University of Birmingham). The previous story argued that evolution makes things bigger. Here comes a story that evolution makes things smaller. “A new study published today in Nature shows that getting smaller was a key factor contributing to the exceptional evolution of mammals over the last 200 million years.” What a convenient theory! It simultaneously explains why “exceptional evolution” in dinosaurs made them gigantic, but the same force made mammals smaller. They even say this openly:The origin of modern mammals can be traced back more than 200 million years to the age of dinosaurs. But while dinosaurs evolved to become some of the largest land animals, for the following 150 million years, the ancestors of all modern mammals pursued an entirely different strategy: getting very small.Did the mammals “pursue” this “strategy” by design, or did the Stuff Happens Law direct it? Such a theory could explain anything, even opposites (as here), depending on what “scenario” a BM reporter wants to tell about that day. In this scenario, the authors use a jawbone as their divination tool. As expected, whatever happens always requires “millions of years” that are never open to observation.Fossil teeth show how reptiles adapted to change (University of Ediburgh). This story, emerging from Darwin’s alma mater, quotes Darwin Party fossil commissar Steve Brusatte using teeth as divination tools to glorify Darwin:Teeth are humble fossils, but they reveal a grand story of how sea reptiles evolved over millions of years as their environments changed. Changes in these Jurassic reptiles parallel changes in dolphins and other marine species that are occurring today as sea-levels rise, which speaks to how important fossils are for understanding our modern world.Notice that all they had in their hands were a few teeth. Can a yarn about climate, ecology and evolution really support the bite put on it? Such language parallels what a Pravda editor might say to affirm Party loyalty when reporting that an election in America demonstrates the class struggle against the bourgeousie.Are the Paleozoic era’s giant dragonflies still among us? (The Conversation). A fun mystery story can sometimes entertain the peasants so they don’t revolt. In this tale, Romain Garrouste and André Nel tease that the large dragonflies found in Permian rocks might still live today! Actually, they don’t – but it’s fun to imagine. Remember to ask what this has to do with Darwinism. Shouldn’t today’s smaller relatives of dragonflies indicate de-evolution has occurred? But lest we spoil the play, we sit and listen quietly to the actors:Don’t worry. This isn’t an announcement of a new invasion from elsewhere, but a leap into the past in the Paleozoic: the time of giant insects, 100 million years before the dinosaurs, during which insects also had their T-Rex: Carboniferous and Permian giant dragonflies that terrorised the skies of those times, sometimes call “griffenflies”). A short trip back in time to a kind of another Earth in search of insects that were already major actors of the ecosystems.Holding their props, they sing praise to Darwin: “This observation complements our vision of the ecosystems of this period during which the conquest of airspace allowed important evolutionary lineages to be established.” Dissidents in the audience might be wondering how the Party could explain the origin of powered flight in the first place, using only the Stuff Happens Law.These Tiny Burrows Might Be Some of the Oldest Fossils on Earth (Live Science). Might doesn’t make right, but Darwinist reporters love to speculate whenever a fossil “might” make a good offering to lay at the Dear Leader’s feet. Faithful BM reporter Catie Keck looks at some tiny openings in Australian rocks, and says they “might” be fossils. They are “suggesting that these 3.4-billion-year-old rock samples once housed some of Earth’s earliest life.” To add tension to the story (and thus not appear too doctrinaire), she mentions some Party scientists who are not convinced they are fossils at all. But they might be! Mission accomplished. Dear Leader BBBB* has been honored. (*Big Brother Bearded Buddha.)End-Permian extinction, which wiped out most of Earth’s species, was instantaneous in geological time (Phys.org). Danger ahead! Here’s a story that creationists might use to support a global Flood in the recent past. This must not happen! In totalitarian regimes, Party strategists sometimes allow risky stories to be published, because it can pre-empt the enemy’s line. This story supports de-evolution (extinction), not Darwinian evolution, and it risks sudden, catastrophic scenarios. Not to worry; BM can handle this. By “instantaneous” they still mean a lot of time. “From their analysis, they were able to determine that the end-Permian extinction occurred suddenly, around 252 million years ago, give or take 31,000 years.” Why, it could have taken a few centuries! But it was so long ago—252 million Darwin years, BBBB will not object. Besides, think of how so many new “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful” would be able to evolve in the cleared habitats after the slate was cleaned!Note: Did anyone point them to another recent news item that asked, “Does the fossil record tell the true story about mass extinctions?” (Astrobiology Magazine). Actually, the answer to that question was “Not necessarily” (see “Fossils Can Mislead Big Time,” 15 Sept 2018).Finally, don’t forget one of the biggest whoppers of all. We just reported it a few days ago: scientists found soft tissue (original fat molecules) in an Ediacaran fossil (22 Sept 2018). Did BS and BM repent of their big lies and fake ages? Never! Without blinking, they immediately twisted it into support for Darwinism, claiming it is an ancestor of all the animals. And they cheered the Big Lie that this organism’s original fat molecules survived for 558 million years, something they could never test or prove without first pledging allegiance to Darwin. Not only that, they announced that future soft tissue discoveries—rather than falsifying their belief—actually will help them find more evidence for evolution! That’s not just holding up props for propaganda. That’s parading them like batons before a marching band.Scientists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but blind chance. You have a designed world to win. Join the Revolution!Soviet communism fell rapidly. Why? It became increasingly obvious to the subjects that it wasn’t working. The people got more access to news from non-Party sources. They could see how prosperous free societies were. They fell in love with American music and western dress. Remember how the Party bosses, with trembling fingers, read a statement that the regime was still in control? Boris Yeltsin was standing on a tank assuring the people that a new day was dawning. Gorbachev could not stop the trend, and said he would no longer support East Germany’s prevention of passage from east to west. The Berlin Wall fell. It was over in a flash! How long can North Korea hold out?This is why Darwin skeptics should not be discouraged at the totalitarian dictatorship of Darwinism. The old guard is trembling. The journals are having to accommodate Open Science initiatives, where scientists with the best ideas and evidence can get a hearing without the stranglehold of traditional peer review, which often serves as a means of suppression of dissidents. Scientists do not have to imbibe Darwin Pravda like they had to decades ago; creation and ID material is out there. Darwin Party comrades sometimes read it, like Gunter Bechly did, and find it convincing. When a critical mass decides it is safe to revolt against King Charles, and when being pro-Darwin is no longer ‘cool,’ the mass exodus to freedom could be swift and beautiful to see. Transparency is the best weapon against totalitarianism. (Of course, subsequent history with Vladimir Putin taking power shows that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.)A revolution against evolution is coming. Sources like CEH need your help to get the word out and keep the pressure on. The Soviets tried to jam frequencies broadcasting Radio Free Europe, but that’s harder now with the internet. Help spread our news and commentary on social media, and don’t let the tech giants engage in censorship. When Open Science comes, with transparency and freedom to debate the evidence, new interpretations of the evidence will get a hearing. If creationists can finally get a hearing without Party censorship, science will flourish; why? Because only Judeo-Christians in science have a moral foundation that science desperately needs: a worldview that values honesty and has a high regard for the truth (here’s evidence). Like Soviets importing American grain to keep their people from starving, Darwinians have plagiarized Biblical values to deal with rampant corruption and fraud, because they cannot grow integrity in their own soil. Darwinists hate Christians but need their goods. It’s an unstable standoff that the Darwin Party, like Gorbachev, cannot maintain forever. When the Darwin idol is toppled, the sufferings of those who were persecuted for doubting Darwin will not have been in vain.(Visited 457 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SS Mendi tragedy on stage at the Soweto Theatre

first_img11 November 2014 Warona Seane on stage in the play Ukutshona ko Mendi (The Sinking of the Mendi). (Image: Mark Wessels, Goethe-Institut )The poem Ukutshona Kukamendi (The Sinking of the Mendi) by SEK Mqhayi sums the 1917 tragedy of the sinking of SS Mendi just off the Isle of Wight in the English Channel quite succinctly.A reader may assume that the overall tone of the poem would be total indignation and hatred directed at the powers that be that sent 600 men, mostly from South Africa’s rural Pondoland in the Eastern Cape, to fight a war that was alien to them.The men set sail from Cape Town on 16 January 1917 on their way to support the British Army in France during the First World War. Unfortunately, they were never to see their native country again.Mqhayi’s poem is a praise piece. It reveals the deep sorrow of a nation that has lost some of its brave sons, swallowed by the deep blue sea on their way to fight for a worthy cause. It describes the last acts of 600 men, bravely accepting their fate as the ship sank on a foggy morning of 21 February.The brave acts of the doomed South African men did not escape attention. Years later to recognise and honour the valour of the soldiers, any South African citizen who performs an act of bravery is awarded the Order of the Mendi.Ukutshona ko Mendi . Did We DanceAlmost 100 years later, the sinking of SS Mendi and the last moments of the brave men on board has been brought to life in a play written by Lara Foot and directed by Mandla Mbothwe. Ukutshona ko Mendi . Did We Dance recounts the sinking of SS Mendi vividly. The title of the play describes the last dance of the barefoot “death dance’ performed by the Members of the South African Native Labour Corps (SANLC) on the deck of the SS Mendi as the ship took water and sank to bottom of the sea.With support from the Goethe-Institut, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the British Council, Foot and Mbothwe are taking the play to the Soweto Theatre from 25 to 30 November, after a stint at the Baxter and Market theatres earlier this year.A statement from the organisers says the play has been met with great acclaim. “[The play] has been hailed as magical realism storytelling at its finest, conveying a uniquely South African story set against the backdrop of World War One,’ says the statement.The staging of the play is part of a series of lectures, films and panel discussions organised by the Goethe-Institut to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and the 20th commemoration of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.“We want to shed light not only on the European experience of the First World War, but also on the many South African stories linked to it – such as the tragedy of the SS Mendi, which is being told in this exceptional theatre production,’ says Norbert Spitz, Director of the Goethe-Institut South Africa.The SS MendiOn 16 January 1917, the SS Mendi troopship sailed from Cape Town to La Havre in France, carrying the 5th battalion of the South African Native Labour Contingent. About 805 black privates, 22 white officers and 33 crewmembers were on board.On the morning of 21 February 1917, just south of the Isle of Wight, the 4 000-ton steamship was rammed and almost cut in half by an 11 000-ton liner, the SS Darro. It sank in 20 minutes, killing 607 black troops, nine white officers and all 33 crewmembers.Stories of the troops’ bravery is legend. It is said Reverend Isaac Wauchope Dyobha calmed the dying men by saying: “Be quiet and calm my countrymen, for what is taking place now is what you came here to do. We are all going to die, and that is what we came for.“Brothers we are drilling the death drill. I say here and now that you are all my brothers. Xhosas, Swazis, Pondos, Basotho and all others, let us die like warriors. We are the sons of Africa. Raise your war cries my brothers, for though they made us leave our assegais in our kraals, our voices are left with our bodies.”Today the SS Mendi is honoured by the South African Navy, which has among its fleet the SAS Isaac Dyobha, a warrior-class fast attack craft, and the SAS Mendi, a valour-class frigate. In 1995, Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a Mendi memorial at Avalon Cemetery in Soweto to commemorate the disaster. Another plaque was also unveiled at the Delville Wood Museum in France.The castUkutshona ko Mendi . Did We Dance stars Warona Seane, Apollo Ntshoko, Bongile Mantsai, Lulamile Nikani, Mongenzi Ncwadi, Owen Manamela and Thando Doni.The Soweto Theatre season is primarily aimed at high school learners, hence there will be matinee performances at 3pm on 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 November. There will also be 8pm performances on 25, 26 and 28 November 2014. However, the general public is welcome to attend any of the matinee or evening shows.To ensure as many learners get to watch the play at the Soweto Theatre, the British Council is giving away free tickets to schools. Interested schools can contact Ncebakazi at the Soweto Theatre on 011 930 7463.To book tickets to Ukutshona ko Mendi . Did We Dance log on to the Soweto Theatre website or call 011 930 7463. Discounts are available for block bookings and schoolsAs a follow up to staging of Ukutshona ko Mendi . Did We Dance, a free teachers’ workshop organised by the South African History Archive (SAHA), will take place at the Constitution Hill on Saturday, 29 November. To book a place please contact SAHA on 011 718 2560 or email info@saha.org.za.SAinfo reporter and Joburg.orglast_img read more

The Power of an Indomitable Mindset

first_imgImpossible to beat. Impossible to subdue.What does an indomitable mindset mean for salespeople? Why is it important? How do you develop one?The foundation of an indomitable mindset is an indomitable belief structure. As you go through life, you pick up dozens and dozens of infections. You don’t even know you’re picking them up, but these infections determine what kind of results you produce and what level of success you achieve.Maybe you were infected with the belief that the obstacles to better performance are external. It’s not you, it’s the economy. It’s not you, it’s your sales manager. It’s not you, it’s your competitors’ willingness to sell on price alone. These are very common infections, and they weaken your mindset.The wonderful thing about beliefs is that they are infections you can choose for yourself. You can choose to believe that the obstacles to better performance are all internal. You can believe that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. It’s not the economy, it’s the fact that you haven’t adjusted your approach to take advantage of new economic realities. It’s not your sales manager, it’s the fact that you aren’t selling him or her like you sell to your prospective clients. It’s not your competitor’s willingness to sell on price that causes you to lose opportunities, it’s your inability to justify the delta between your price and theirs.Your beliefs drive your behaviors and your behaviors determine your results. Without a powerful underlying belief system, you cannot have an indomitable mindset.In my first book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, I identified nine attributes that make for a powerful mindset. Those attributes include self-discipline, optimism, caring, competitiveness, resourcefulness, initiative, persistence, communication, and accountability. These attributes are all part of what makes up an indomitable mindset.If you want to create an indomitable mindset of your own, study people that already have one. Adopt their beliefs as your own, especially the beliefs that make you uncomfortable. In short order, you’ll find yourself taking new actions, and producing new results. You’ll also find yourself with an indomitable mindset.last_img read more

U.P. puts Azam Khan’s name on list of land mafia

first_imgSamajwadi Party MP Azam Khan’s name has been put on an online list of land mafia by the district administration here following FIRs registered against him, drawing strong protest from his party. The SP raised the issue in the Legislative Council alleging that he is being framed in “fake” cases.The State government dismissed the allegations, saying that it was treating everyone the same and the action was not driven by any political vendetta.Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath alleged that Rampur was an example of “land-grabbing” culture under the previous SP government. “The name of the Rampur MP has been put on the list of anti-land mafia portal of the State government on Thursday after FIRs were lodged against him on land-grabbing charges,” Additional District Magistrate (Administration) J.P. Gupta said. “The listing was done by the SDM Sadar,” he said. The former State Minister was named in the FIRs lodged in connection with alleged forcible acquisition of land for Mohammad Ali Jauhar University, of which he is the founder and Chancellor. District Magistrate A.K. Singh said the “farmers had claimed that Azam Khan had acquired their land for University through coercion”. “The name of those who have acquired someone’s land with alleged criminal acts and continue to have possession over it are included in the list,” the DM added. The SP, however, alleged that the move was a conspiracy by the Rampur DM to defame Mr. Khan and the university.21-member panelSP president Akhilesh Yadav has constituted a 21-member committee, led by the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Ahmad Hasan, to “probe fake cases” against Mr. Khan.Proceedings in the Legislative Council were disrupted on Friday as the SP members protested against the issue. As soon as the House assembled at 11 a.m., Mr. Hasan raised the issue, saying, “The most painful thing is that Khan has taken land for building a university and not for any personal gains. In which direction is the government going? Azam Khan is part of the land mafia?” Leader of the House and Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma termed the SP’s allegations “baseless”. “The government is treating everyone in the same manner, and it is not an act of vengeance.” “The allegations are baseless, and do not have any link with the policy and intention of the government,” he said. He added that since Mr. Khan is not a member of the House, the matter cannot be raised. Following this, Mr. Hasan requested the Chair that an all-party committee be formed, but Mr. Sharma opposed it. Amid unruly scenes, the Deputy CM sought cooperation of the Opposition to run the House. But the agitated SP members trooped into the Well, prompting Chairman Ramesh Yadav to adjourn the House till 12 noon. When the House re-assembled, Mr. Hasan raised the matter and SP members came into the Well of the House. Later, the Chairman adjourned the House till Monday.last_img read more

13 killed in Maharashtra chemical factory explosion

first_imgThirteen workers, including six women were killed and 64 others injured in explosions of nitrogen gas cylinders at a chemical factory in North Maharashtra’s Dhule district on Saturday morning, police said.Preliminary probe revealed that a chemical leak caused a fire which led to serial explosions at the factory of Rumit Chemsynth Private Limited located at Waghadi village in Shirpur tehsil, around 9.45 am, a senior police officer told PTI.The fire was doused by evening and search was on for more bodies, if any, in the debris, the officer said.“At least 100 workers were present in the factory at the time of the incident,” the officer said adding that the presence of several nitrogen gas cylinders and barrels of chemicals in one place increased the severity of the tragedy.Teams of fire brigade, police and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) conducted the rescue operations.The deafening sound of explosions caused panic in the vicinity, prompting people to rush out of houses. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis expressed grief over the incident and announced ₹5 lakh compensation to the kin of the deceased.last_img read more

Hollywood wrap: Scarlett Johansson rocks a new pixie cut

first_imgScarlett Johansson rocks a new pixie cutScarlett Johansson is looking very different these days. She’s got a growing baby bump, and a new, very short hairstyle. We spotted Scarlett out in New York City with her fiance Romain Dauriac sporting a fresh new do and some comfortable overalls.Scarlett Johansson is looking very different these days.Beyonce responds to divorce rumoursBeyonce responds to all those divorce rumors by posting the perfect picture to her Instagram account.Kim Kardashian stands up for brother RobKim Kardashian takes her role as a big sister seriously. Despite rumors the brunette beauty had fallen out with brother Rob she still has his back. Blasting Adrienne Bailon who spoke out about her regrets of appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.Selena Gomez gets close to Nat WolffSelena Gomez wasn’t afraid to get close to her co-star Nat Wolff for the Hollywood premiere of her latest film Behaving Badly. After the star studded event the beauty posted a snap on her Instagram account to declare her admiration for her fellow actor.last_img read more