Alcohol misuse leads to ER

first_imgAt least 10 ambulances have responded to alcohol-related incidents on Notre Dame’s campus so far this semester, according to Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP). NDSP Director Phil Johnson said extreme intoxication should not be taken lightly. “Sometimes a student sees another student drink too much,” Johnson said. “Putting them to bed can be a very dangerous idea … You can’t simply put someone to bed who is intoxicated who might aspirate and stop breathing.” In 2010-2011, Johnson said ambulances transported individuals to the hospital for alcohol poisoning on 78 occasions. The prior school year, NDSP reported 76 alcohol-related dispatches for ambulances, and from 2008-2009, 71. At one of two local hospitals, students can receive treatment ranging from rehydration to stomach pumping for alcohol poisoning. Johnson said these statistics include both Notre Dame students and visitors to campus. Football weekends increase the risk of excessive intoxication on campus, Johnson said, and more alcohol-related trips to the hospital occur during the fall semester. “During the fall we often see an uptick, definitely an uptick on Saturdays [for football weekends],” Johnson said. Emergency medical responders need to evaluate a number of factors when they deal with a student who is extremely intoxicated. Johnson said an EMT will evaluate a patient’s level of responsiveness, general medical history, ability to speak and stand, blood alcohol content (BAC) and other factors. “From a first response standpoint, we make sure we get appropriate medical care to someone who needs it,” he said. In over 20 years with NDSP, Johnson said both law enforcement and campus officials have become more proactive about alcohol education. “I think now that we are more keenly aware of the perils of alcohol with an overdose, we are operating with more caution,” Johnson said. Some students are reluctant to call an ambulance for an underage friend in danger because they are afraid of disciplinary consequences for that person or for themselves, Johnson said. But he said discipline is far from the minds of emergency responders. “We’re trying to make sure people are safe and are getting the best care when presented with a potentially life-threatening situation,” he said. “Call 9-1-1, and take care of the person. Life safety comes first.” Kathleen O’Leary, director of Residence Life for the Office of Student Affairs, agreed with Johnson. “When a friend has consumed alcohol and you are concerned about their well-being, always contact hall staff or NDSP at 9-1-1 for medical assistance,” O’Leary said. “Leaving a friend to ‘sleep it off’ is extremely dangerous … While the University does not currently have a medical amnesty policy, the surrounding circumstances of an alleged violation of University policy are always taken into consideration.” O’Leary’s office handles discipline cases for students who are taken to the hospital for excessive drinking. “When addressing instances of severe intoxication, our office’s primary concern is for that student’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being,” O’Leary said. “Students will meet with us to go through the disciplinary process, which we intend to be an educational one.” The disciplinary process is a chance to have “an educational conversation” about decision-making, as well as the University’s expectations and policies regarding alcohol possession and consumption. O’Leary said students could also receive alcohol assessment and education through the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education. “If the Office of Residence Life determines that a student is responsible for a violation of University policy, the nature of the offense and the circumstances surrounding it, the student’s prior disciplinary violations — if any — the impact of the misconduct on the community and prior similar cases will be among the factors considered in determining a sanction,” O’Leary said. According to du Lac, this sanction could include alcohol counseling, loss of on-campus parking and driving privileges, community service and disciplinary probation, among other punishments. Christine Nowak, director of the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education, said her office exists to educate students about the consequences of alcohol abuse. “We are student-friendly, student-driven and educational,” Nowak said. “We’re not a part of discipline, not a counseling office and not the police. We are giving students the power to make better decisions.” Excessive drinking is a problem on most college campuses, Nowak said. “There’s a progression, and at the far end of that progression is alcohol poisoning, sexual assault and property damage,” Nowak said. “The biggest change has to happen at the student level with students positively confronting other students … This is a safety concern and a health concern.” While some students might shy away from these conversations, Nowak said expressing concern about dangerous drinking habits to a friend is important. “For some folks, that’s all they need to hear from a friend,” Nowak said. “I have great faith that students can change the culture if they want to and make it safe and healthy for everyone … A lot of people have a social life without alcohol.”last_img read more

Lessons of the Week! Darren Criss, Lupita Nyong’o & More

first_img View Comments Darren Criss Happy Friday! The Emmy Awards are this weekend, so before you go home to watch Cicely Tyson’s guest performance on How to Get Away With Murder on loop, we want to make sure you’re up to speed on all things Broadway. From misguided cell phone companies to a gorilla singing JRB, some crazy things happened this week. Take it all in with the Lessons of the Week!There’s a Curly-Haired TveitertotWhen Darren Criss and Paul Wontorek went on a field trip to the site of next week’s Elsie Fest, the Audience Choice Award winner made a taxicab confession: he’s “absolutely” an Aaron Tveit fan boy, and he freaked out when meeting him at a pre-Oscars party for Les Miserables. You could call us Tveitertots as well. We wouldn’t go to jail for him or anything, but…AT&T Is Sending Mixed SignalsWhen AT&T released an ad encouraging anti-Patti behavior, virtually everyone who’s worked on Broadway, has seen a Broadway show or at some point heard the term “Broadway” had something to say. But then the company backpedaled and said the ad existed in an alternate universe (or something), then they applauded our facetious retort. Stop making ads right now. Who do you think you are?! Melchior Is a Leading Lady at HeartFresh face Austin McKenzie gives a heartfelt performance (in two languages!) as Melchior in the Spring Awakening revival, but when he saw the show 10 years ago, he connected to another character: Wendla. We’re not sure that role is in the cards for him, but hey, it’s 2015. You never know. At least he gets to be (very) up close and personal with her now.Lupita’s Her Own AgentOscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, at long last, is making her New York stage debut this fall in the Public’s Eclipsed. We have two people to thank: Emma Thompson, who encouraged her to do more stage work, and Lupita, who chose the play herself. Would that it were always so simple! We’ve been trying to stage a one-woman Jersey Boys in our office for over a year!Alex Sharp’s Talking to AliensHe talked to rats on stage, but now that he’s left Curious Incident, he’s talking to another, perhaps otherworldly, species on screen. The Tony winner has boarded the film How to Talk to Girls at Parties, appearing opposite Nicole Kidman. It’s billed as a Romeo and Juliet-esque tale between punks and aliens, so let’s hope Sharp can trade Christopher’s math talents for some astronomy skills.There’s a Gravity-Defying Diva at the MetThe Metropolitan Opera’s lineup features an assortment of classic characters, including Musetta, Figaro, Cio-Cio San and, uh, Elphaba? Sort of. Stay with us. In Maria Stuarda, Mary Queen of Scots, after asserting her innocence and lamenting those she’s indirectly harmed, accepts her martyrdom and marches to her beheading. It’s just like “No Good Deed” in Wicked. But, you know, with less belting.Truffles Are Big at the BrooksWhen Andy Mientus hosted a snack taste test backstage with four new potato chip flavors, the West Coast Truffle variety was far and away the victor. On the other hand, it was a quartet of weak contenders. Oh, well. By the way, if anyone wants us to taste snacks, please send them our way. Are there West Coast Truffle-flavored peanut butter cups? We will try any flavor of peanut butter cups.The Key to Success Is a F*cking GloveThe Gentleman’s Guide cast is quite talented, especially when it come to high notes and quick changes. But the most dedicated performer is one who you don’t see: glove wrangler Andrew Sliwinski, who has an extremely involved prep for his bit in the show. This includes the mantra, “It’s a f*cking glove, it’s a f*cking glove, it’s a f*cking glove.” We’re petitioning to have glove wranglers recognized at the Tonys. #TonyCanYouFeelMe?King Kong’s Not Fading AwayThe classic gorilla monster-meets-girl story is still planning to stomp on the Great White Way. Boarding the project are the two writers behind The Bridges of Madison County: Jason Robert Brown and Marsha Norman. We can’t wait to see Broadway sweetheart Kelli O’Hara win her second Tony Award for her daring performance as the titular misunderstood creature. We have chills already picturing her performance of “Falling Into You (The Empire State Building).”Lesli Won’t Stop VloggingIt’s a good thing we let her keep that camera. After a successful 17-year stint of Looks Not Books, the Dames At Sea queen Lesli Margherita is back for more vlogging (OH. MAH. GAW.) Think of it as a spinoff, not unlike Kyle Dean Massey’s Normal Life and Fresh Prince. Ship Happens will still have crotch punches (we hope!), just at a different theater.center_img Star Fileslast_img read more