Oblak sits at Messi’s table

first_imgAs decisive as a nine. Or more, according to the seen. Oblak yesterday received the Koke captain’s armband that was reluctant in inheritance and the Slovenian showed that the Vallecano’s order is not great for him. The hug in the bowels of King Abdullah with Simeone was eloquent. Almost as much as the congratulations he received from the players of Barcelona, ​​Messi, among them. And it is that the Slovenian goalkeeper was the buoy that Atlético embraced and then starred in an act of faith registered trademark of the Simeone team.But first it was Oblak who looked Messi and company in the eye. It fit, yes, but his anthological aggrantation not only kept Atlético in the semifinal race but also collaborated to unsettle Barcelona. Bardhi’s two hands a few days ago were still fresh before the Slovenian began his recital. And that Suarez left a little money with his hip at a quarter of an hour. It had to be taken care of. In the 22 ’he shone before Messi, who finished off at close range. He pulled out his leg to avoid the first. Oblak, the most profitable player.At Atlético they are celebrated like any Morata or Correa goal. And it maintains its status as a more regular player of the team during the last seasons. In addition, there is little doubt that it will be the most profitable signing in the history of the club. It barely cost 16 million and its market value is already at 100 million. Together with the games and the points that have allowed to win. As in Arabia. Griezmann got off an Atletico that Oblak has been defending on fire without giving importance. He almost prefers to talk about the confidence he has in a player who has not yet participated as Saponjic and who arrived like him without making any noise, than the pools of the prizes that are denied. Of course, leaving behind a recital of heritage stops and humanity. Solvent, as always, picking up centers, in 39’ he showed his knowledge of Griezmann. He denied the goal in a very quick exit to leave him with no time or space to locate the shot or to attempt dribbling. In a row, he rightly covered a top shot from Suarez. In the second half he kept the guy, after Messi’s tie. By then Barcelona was already a gale. The Argentine tested him in 55 ‘, with a focused shot and Oblak did not flinch. He pulled placement. Then he closed the Griezmann door again, guessing the petroleum jelly he was trying. They were minutes of suffering and the onslaught of one of the most scoring strikers in the world was slowed in the hands of the Slovenian. JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FOOTBALL 19 / 20Oblak took this hand by hand from Griezmann.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA (DIARIO AS) Even fitting conveyed fight will to Barcelona. Griezmann managed to overcome him in 62 ’, by picking up the rebound in the small area after the poster that Oblak made to Suarez in a powerful header. In 66 ‘he repeated to the Uruguayan with a very good hand down. The charrúa seemed to identify the last focus of resistance and maintained two more encounters with the goalkeeper, coming to fear for his physical condition. Something that relieved Simeone himself who claimed protection for his goalkeeper. Oblak and Atlético came from giving in to Barcelona in the Metrolitano for a genius of Messi, but this time it was the goal that sat at his table to tip the duel in favor of rojiblanco. In case there are doubts, it was his game with more stops in the current season.last_img read more

Sevilla arrives on guard

first_imgThe Mirandés Try to write a new copera deed. The set of Iraola will look faces in Anduva before the almighty Seville, who traveled with all his artillery ready. Hispanics do not trust a lower-ranking rival in one of their favorite competitions (follow the match live on As.com).The reddish fief will wear his best galas to take his team on wings in search of the quarterfinals. The small details will be key in an appointment in which the local squad wants to show its best version of the game. The Canary goalkeeper Raul Lizoain, last incorporation, could debut under sticks; while less common players in the lineups like González, Kijera, Peña and Matheus They have all the ballots to jump from start to the grass. With everything. Lopetegui It is clear: do not reserve anyone. The only ones left in Andalusian lands are the injured. From Jong is on a roll, has scored in the last two games of League and against him I raised in Cup. From the signing of In Nesyri, the Dutch striker has put the batteries in attack and is performing at a higher level.The central Diego Carlos it seems fixed in the defense since it is sanctioned for the next league commitment. Other names like Escudero, Navas, Banega, Munir or Vázquez They are in the call which clearly demonstrates that Sevilla is taking the KO tournament very seriously since the first qualifier.last_img read more

Raúl de Tomás, the goal that escaped Lopetegui

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 13, 2020 Not surprisingly, that football that sometimes grants second chances could have brought together in January the reunion between the two, when the Hispanics were looking forward and had 20 million, just what Benfica asked for RdT. But Espanyol had anticipated, convincing him and the Lisbon club since mid-December, so those of Lopetegui ended up opting for Youssef En Nesyri for that same amount. Lopetegui numbers are not right. Not now, not last season. Until the dismissal of the coach at the head of Real Madrid, after the tenth day, only Karim Benzema had more goals (four) than the three of Thomas He had already harvested in the Rayo, where he would end up with 14 goals, the same ones that all the white team wore when the club turned to Santiago Solari to relieve him.“Benzema is Benzema and I am Raúl de Tomás, we are completely different“, the last season the perico striker resolved, fleeing (rather, showing his tiredness) from comparisons. Until August 24, 2018, very close to the end of the summer market, no Raúl de Tomás left Real Madrid’s discipline. His nth transfer, but not any one. And not because it would be the last one before being transferred a year later to Benfica, since he did not know it. But because the white coach did count on him. It was Julen Lopetegui.“I could have been there, Lopetegui wanted me to stay“, revealed the striker in January 2019. And added:”But I didn’t want my function to be just sitting all year“And hence he agreed to return to Rayo Vallecano, with which unlike Real Madrid he did make his debut in Primera. Now the player and coach faces will be seen, but with the equipment changed. Tomás, counting goals for matches at Espanyol. And Lopetegui, surfing a crisis of results in Seville.center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 13, 2020 And this season, with the great caveat that there are still 15 games left to play, time is also proving RdT. He has four goals in as many days, as many as the ‘pichichi’ of his country, Luuk de Jong, throughout the season. For its part, In Nesyri has a loner both in Seville, yes, last day against Celta. And without forgetting that even in Leganés he stabbed Espanyol on December 22, with the 2-0 that meant the dismissal of Pablo Machín, a Sevilla coach a year ago.last_img read more

Valdano, winner of the XIV International Vázquez Montalbán Award

first_imgMy story started on the feet. I have only premeditated being a soccer player. And I established there challenges that gave me confidence for a lifetime. My relationship with the ball was the first love. And with the first love came the first challenges. The first, give a hundred touches without the ball falling. That set me apart from the other players in my town and my age. That trust still feeds me. My only relationship with professional football was the radio or The Graphic, a sports bible in which football was told in a wonderful way. Since then, football without the word is very little and I have cultivated it as much as I could. Then, I turned everything I had done during my life into a message. ““I arrived in Vitoria two months before Franco died. In unforgettable winters I read Argentine and Spanish authors. And universal authors, in a disorderly way. If you want to look at a self-taught, look at me”he concluded. Jorge Valdano received the XIV International Journalism Award Manuel Vázquez Montalbán which was delivered in the Auditori 1899. Valdano succeeds the Italian Emanuela Audisio in the medal winners. “I want to thank Col. Legi de Periodistas de Catalunya and Barça because this transcends sports. If Vázquez Montalbán taught us something, it was to integrate emotions into literature. I have said many times, and this is the occasion to repeat it, that I read Vázquez Montalbán when he arrived in Spain. Since then, playing football meant something else, another sense of representativeness. He built bridges with society, with politics. And through that door we enter players, coaches and writers. Vázquez Montalbán unraveled that distrustful look of intellectuals to football. “last_img read more

“I grew up not knowing that being a professional footballer was an option”

first_imgVero Boquete is one of the most media players of the moment. Reasons for this are not lacking: the only Spanish woman who has lifted a Champions League, the first active member of the team of FIFA legends … In the midst of this health crisis, the Galician woman answers the call from AS from her home in Utah (USA) ) with the great desire to play again soon in Spain.First, how about everything?All right. The players have to attend to various protocols of both the team and the League and we are serving more confinement than the rest of the population. Utah is still allowed to go outside for walks and sports.Do you take advantage that you can go out to do sports outside?We have work to do at home and other days we go running. I try to go out for the minimum, two days to run and at 7:30 to avoid meeting anyone.They were in preseason, how do you manage the delay of the competition?I am motivated by the fact that there is a date set for training again (May 11) and for the League to start (mid or late June).Leaving the health crisis aside, what stands out the most when you look back?My beginnings, which were not easy. Until I was fifteen I played with children and had to put up with comments that my classmates did not have to put up with. I grew up without female references and without knowing that being a professional footballer was an option. This is what I think of when I look back at my past, though then I think of all that I have accomplished and am truly satisfied.He had no female references, but what about male ones?I started being central and I paid a lot of attention to Ronald Koeman. During my career I have also been inspired by Xavi Hernández or Iniesta, among others.From central to attacking midfielder. What a change … Yes (laughs). I started to play free, then I went to central and to midfield. I have also played on the wing or at the tip, although the position I adapt best to is the attacking midfielder.You’ve been to about 15 clubs (PSG, Bayern …), haven’t you found your place?The reason rather is that women’s football had no stability until recently. To play at the highest level you had to move. The one that was the best league in the world the following year did not come out or what was a team that fought for titles in the following season ran out of sponsors and you had to find your life. My sporting ambition also influenced.Now that the Spanish League is among the best, are you considering your return?With this growth I see it closer. Most of my career I have been abroad and I would like to return to Spain and find the conditions I have had to look for abroad.All the rumors place him close to Real Madrid …They have told me many times, but the one who has to have an interest in signing me is the club and that has not happened.What do you think is missing for Spanish women’s football to be professional?You have to be patient. We cannot pretend to change from 0 to 10 in one day. The signing of an agreement is the first step, but to make the League the best it is necessary to give it stability, time and a great commitment from all the parties involved.Finally, what do you think about the great success of the Women’s Depor this year?I’m delighted. I am very happy that my land finally has a benchmark club in women’s football and above all that they are doing this season so well. Nobody was expecting the newly promoted Depor to get the good results he has signed. I believe that success can only help women’s football in Galicialast_img read more

Laporta returns in style

first_imgFlorentino and San Mamés. He played the Madrid in San Mamés in match corresponding to day 34 of the League. The result was the least, what stood out above all was the ember that the president of Madrid gave to his counterpart in the Athletic throughout the match. “He has been praising the countryside all the time, but he has made me see that, in his opinion, he is getting old and that he needs a comprehensive reform. That he knows people who, if I say that I am on their side, make me a price” he explained Aitor Elizegi.Javier Aguirre, in his sauce. Decisive match in Cornellà in which Spanish and Leganes A good part of your stay options will be at stake. At this time it is not known if it will be able to start on time because the ‘Basque’ Aguirre, with past parakeet, continues giving his press conference prior to the meeting. He started remembering his time at Espanyol, followed with Mexican jokes, the recipe for a good michelada, and they also inform us that right now he was about to sing the great successes of the celebrated Chavela Vargas. Laporta party. Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of the historic 2-6 of Barca of Guardiola to the Real Madrid at Bernabéu and Joan Laporta he thought it was a good opportunity, never to spare, to organize a celebration party for the anniversary. “It is a round figure, remember that we went out with 11 players.” The former president did not save on expenses. Obviously, the stage was the well-known Barcelona ‘Luz de Gas’ room, which was chaired by a giant reproduction of the captain’s armband that he kissed Puyol after scoring the second goal of the match. Xavi, another of the star guests of the party, stood behind the bar and remembering the passes he gave that day, he dedicated himself to accurately inserting ice cubes into the glasses of the guests with his magical touch. The novelty is that he did it from the bar, shooting pieces of ice that fell into the containers of the assistants who were on the dance floor.Ramos did not miss it. Guardiola and Messi They were absent from the revelry during the first hours because the Catalan technician came with a blackboard to explain to Leo again the advantage of playing as a false nine, since he premiered that day and with which he completely disbanded the white team. Luckily Pique, the author of the sixth goal, appeared in time to organize the conga. Sergio Ramos, in an act that honors him, also attended the event. “How can I miss a Barça party if I have been to all of them. From 0-3 on Ronaldinho until the goal of Malcolm in the Cup going through 5-0 and 2-6, “he claimed. The party ended prematurely because Undiano Mallenco, as happened that day when the discount was smoked and he even blew the end before reaching the 90th minute, he decided that there had been enough spree and sent everyone home. Except for Laporta, of course.last_img read more