7 Places to Find Free Light Leaks

first_img4. Projector FilmsProjector Films is a great resource for filmmakers. Not only do they have a blog talking about experiences in the film industry, they even have a podcast dedicated to scriptwriters. Their 25 free light leaks include quick previews so you can choose the right clip before you drop it in your timeline. The pack includes light leaks for wipes to flares and burn effects.DOWNLOAD 25 FREE HD LIGHT LEAKS 7. Gabrielle MarieGabrielle Marie is offering free light leaks from their YouTube channel. Check the video description for the download links. These are very colorful and allow some solid transitions.DOWNLOAD 11 FREE LIGHT LEAKS Want to learn more about using light leaks in video projects? Check out a few of the following resources:Compositing Light Leaks – RocketStockLight Leaks, Film Burns, Color Flares (Video Editing Tip) – RadRider33How To Use Composite Modes to Enhance Light Leak Effects – LightLeakLoveKnow of any other great places to find light leaks? Share in the comments below. 5. VFX FOOTAGEVFX Footage offers free footage for compositing, motion design, and post-production. Their Vimeo page offers everything from free light leaks to dust particles and horizontal shutter flicker. To download, just simply hit the download link below each video on Vimeo.DOWNLOAD 7 FREE HD LIGHT LEAKS 3. Creative DojoCreative Dojo offers great motion graphics and visual effects training and tutorials for designers and editors. These 15 amber light leaks are great to use in your projects. You can also change the hue of the light leaks in your NLE of choice.DOWNLOAD 15 FREE 1080p LIGHT LEAKS Light leaks can add a vintage charm to your videos or allow you to cover up rough edits. Here are some great places to get free light leaks.Light leaks have quickly become a staple in the video editing community. However, it can be a real pain to go around the web looking for decent free light leaks. So to make things easier, we’ve created this awesome list of free light leak assets from around the web.1. RocketStockRocketStock is a fantastic resource for video editors. More specifically they have an entire section of their blog dedicated to giving away free stuff. From digital distortion to circle bursts, they have a lot of really cool free stuff to download. They also just so happen to have an amazing pack of 13 free 4K light leaks that can be integrated into your video editing projects.The cool thing about RocketStock’s light leak pack is that they are all different — you’ll find more than simply blurred out orbs in their pack. Their corresponding blog post also has a great tutorial about how to use the light leaks in FCPX, Premiere, and After Effects.DOWNLOAD 13 FREE 4K LIGHT LEAKS 2. VegasaurVegasaur is another really great resource for free light leaks.  These 1080p light leaks are more traditional in their look, but they composite extremely well over most footage. Simply layer the light leaks on top of your footage and set the blending mode to screen.DOWNLOAD FREE HD LIGHT LEAKS 6. Light Leak LoveLight Leak Love is giving out free samples from three of their different light leak packages. You can test the looks of their Light Organic, Crystal Collection, and Star Trek bundles. They also have a blog with tons of great tutorials.DOWNLOAD FREE 720p LIGHT LEAKSlast_img

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